Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Sistahs, I know I have been caught up in my personal affairs and have not blogged in a while...sorry AND I am back! I have been a part of some phenomenal Sistah Circles in the last four months and the power of these women working together on prosperity and personal growth has rocketed me!

I asked Spirit to take the taste of lack, mediocrity and fear out of my life and replace it with the unyielding, uncompromising zest for life. NO LONGER am I attracted to less than what I desire or deserve AND this takes a certain boldness. I use to be a "good gurl" one who didn't want to rock the boat, one who went with the flow when the flow was not going my way. I feel now like I have a chance (once again) at a NEW LIFE. Sistahs sit back and think about the last time you felt that way.

I say to imagine the scenario without failure - imagine all the YES of life reaching up and flowering in your abundance. This can happen.

I got an email today that in short said "Don't Give Up!" I have to tell you before I reached my most recent goal I was crying the day before-ready to just throw in the towel and it was when I released my own understanding over to Spirit that I was released from my own lack consciousness - it was like a "click". Suddenly events fell into place and I saw I had always been blessed - kinda like when Dorothy was told she had the shoes on that would take her home the whole time.

Mama Yaa said to me one time, "I want to hear the stories about the victories!" Yes, we need to come forth gushing when we have (wo)manifested our goals and our dreams - cause it is contagious! When you succeed and share someone around you is zapped with that same energy to do the same. They see the possibility of a new life too!

So Sistahs (and Brothas), be in your fullness. Wear the CROWN -don't be afraid to shine.

Sistah C