Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Sistahs, it is a full moon in Libra today and Libra is about balance. Is there balance in your life? Is there equal attention going to your dreams and the dreams of others? I think of it as the scales of justice as the place where everyone can be happy not just a few folks. Everything in the universe is always moving towards balance.

As we go deeper into Spring everything is transitioning to the light. We no longer need the heavy foods of winter and our bodies might be calling out for a few days of rest. I have been juice/green smoothie cleansing for the last three days. My body is releasing mucus and toxins. I also had allowed my sugar cravings to get the best of me and this cleanse has helped me get back on track. It is funny but had a dream last night that I was being chased by zombies but instead of it being a nightmare, I was fighting them - kicking them off. It was like one of those impossible action films. I was like Foxy Brown, lol. I think it was symbolizing my successful process in healing. The zombies or the illusions of life were not going to eat at me. I am strong now and I love my life. I woke this morning feeling energized!

Sistahs, I sense clearly that I am walking onto a new path. The Goddess/God had really blessed me and I am grateful. I recently got a Powerful Vulva reading (yes you heard correctly) from SistahGoddess Liaya. Here is a little more about her:

I’ve been practicing yoga for over 23 years, 10 of which have been as a Tantra and Taoist yoga teacher. My love of the stars lead me to become an astrologer over 25 years ago. I work with Tantric astrology as well as Western sidereal and seasonal, Kemetic, and Mayan astrological systems. My own personal journey also guided me to reclaim ancient Mother worship where I first heard of Tantra, Kama Sutra, Nubian Kemetic spiritual culture, and sacred sexuality. Learning to build sacred relationship is part of my mission. I’ve allowed myself to become a channel for healing energies using my gift of intuition and oracular abilities as well as my training with yoga traditions and direct lineage aboriginal healers. I’ve also worked as a rape crisis counselor and chemical dependency counselor. I’m a licensed minister and currently hold shrines for Bast, Sekhmet, Nit, Het Heru and Tripursundari. Lastly, my creative energies are currently focused on finishing my book “ Living Sacredly The Yogini Way, A Guide To Healing, Peace, Prosperity & Sacred Sexuality”, also an initiation workbook for young women and a CD “Restoring Feminine Balance.”

I have to let you all know that I got some serious insights from this reading - the Goddesses that are working with me and my vulva bliss path. Liaya said something so important to me while we were discussing my reading, "...the truth for women is in our vulva". She explained to me that so much focus is placed on the heart however it is the vulva that relays the truth to the heart. I was BLOWN AWAY! I am happy to say that she has agreed to do my first SistahGoddess BlogTalk radio interview and provide a few readings. So, I will be announcing the date of the premiere show. Sistah Liaya really uplifted me with her knowledge and I can tell she has lots of wisdom to share with us - so please join us!

In the meantime, if you wish to consult with Sistah Liaya Aneb Nua please contact her at bluestar131@hotmail.com or visit her blog www.shaktifire.blogspot.com

Peace and Hugs,
Sis. Camara

Sunday, March 28, 2010

DAY 28: LoVe FeSt - NAKED!

Sistahs, do you ever have one of those days where when you hear the birds singing and just by their tone you know it is going to be a bright, sunny and light day? A day that folks where I live say - I think I want to go to the beach - be by the ocean, feel the sun on my face.

Sistahs, who came up with the idea of perfection? Who decided what was defined as perfect? Do you ever get up and look in the mirror and just LOVE who you are? When was the last time you walked around naked like the day you were born - being free to be who you are? Some folks haven't been naked in a while - they always seem to be rushing to 'put something on...'

Ever look at Sistahs in indigenous communities who can walk around without clothing? I always think to myself, "wow, this Sistahs's world is so safe and accepting...nothing and no one is telling her she needs to be ashamed or covered..." It is funny that those closest to nature - to the natural way they were born are labeled 'primitive' and one of the dictionary meanings of the word is "...pertaining to the beginning or origin." I am currently reading a book by Mama Zogbe' called Sibyls: The First Prophetess of Mami Wata. One of the first lines says, "African women are the only women in the world who Ancient Mothers were not born under the yoke of patriarchy. During ancient times, for the first 6,000 years, Africa was ruled by a powerful order of matriarchs." Just sit with that information and its implications...

We already know that Africa was the cradle of civilization, meaning all human being started there and migrated out...The oldest found remains of a humanoid being 4.4 million years old are of a female named Ardi, an Afar name meaning "ground floor" and the "root". Breath and sit with this... By the way Ardi is older than "Lucy" or her proper name Dinkenesh,” meaning “You are beautiful” or "you are wonderful" in Amharic, who lived some 3.2 million years ago... Both found in Africa... Just take this in...Lastly, inside each human being on this planet is a portion of the DNA inside these Ancient Mothers...

Sistahs, I say all this so you know that our history or better yet our Herstory is untold and suppressed. As we unfold and get to know and LOVE ourselves the encoded messages of our Ancient Mother SistahGoddesses will be revealed. We will be drawn towards the truth of who were are and from there I only see GREAT, POWERFUL things happening. Balance will be restored. Until that time we continue to uplift each other and chip away at the illusions.

Today, if just for a moment, be naked - look at yourself and see the truth of who you are - beautiful, Ancient, powerful and worthy.

Sis. Soraya posted this on facebook and I had to re-post...Erykah Badu's new video "Window Seat"

Peace and Hugs,
Sis. Camara

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Day 26 & 27 : Lets Talk About Healing, Radio Show Today!

I am soooo glad that Sis. Marilyn introduced me to Sis. Ayida. Both are just wonderful souls. Sis. Ayida of Native Style already had me on the show talking about this blog and now she has re-invited me as a guest to speak about healing from abuse. She wants this to be a kitchen table discussion with us all. You know abusive relationships exist in many women's lives unfortunately...I have know women who where the picture of success who had do deal with this issue. It is time for us to lift the veil and share our stories...if just for our daughters and sons...

Hey Sistahs,
I am in for the weekend. I just need to chill and relax with some comfy clothes that don't match, some music and a good green smoothie. I have decided to take a break from "doing" and I am just going to BE. That being said, I am in the process of making some new dolls. I have some dolls that I am making for some Sistahs and a few for the little Sistahs & little Brothas I know.

I been thinking about LOVE lately - that relationship kinda LOVE and I feel like I have grown in the last couple of years into a different (I would like to think) and better person. I see clearly where I made some choices in men that really taught me some tough lessons about how I see myself. The healing path is so much about SELF REFLECTION. I am now in a place where I am beginning to think about exploring the option of being in a relationship again. This is BIG for me because I really can't foretell how that is going to look. Sistahs, I lurk conversations on the internet, on tv and radio where folks are talking about relationships AND I feel like I am from another planet- I just don't feel the LOVE.

I keep asking myself - can I find what I am 'looking' for or is it unrealistic? Maybe the type of relationship I desire with a man rarely exists?? I have all kinds of doubts AND then it is like I am hit over the head with the realization that I am a POWERFUL SISTAHGODDESS and that I can 'bring' into my space what ever type of union I desire. With that I leave the realm of LACK which I notice is a lot of problem with love conversations today - a lack of women who do this or a lack of men who do that...We can conjure up who ever we desire under the conditions we desire AND yes, what we think up is what we get. If I desire a man who's very tongue would not allow him to disrespect a woman then he is here. If I desire a man who is self aware, strong and comfortable with me being a self proclaimed SistahGoddess, then he is here.

Sistahs, I am going to say it - IF WE WANT IT, THEN WE CAN MAKE IT HAPPEN. Now some people don't want you to know that but I do. I dare add you can have it under the conditions you desire it as well...We are Co-Creators with the ONE GOD/GODDESS CREATOR and the reality is that we (human beings) are the makers of our world. Everything you see around us is the result of someone's thought pattern - the sofa you sit on to laws you obey, to tragedies that could have been avoided...This is why when we heal the Heart we are starting the process of Co-Creating the World in LOVE and SAFETY - fear no longer drives people to be unloving. The POWER is within us...

I am soooo glad that Sis. Marilyn introduced me to Sis. Ayida. Both are just wonderful souls. Sis. Ayida already had me on the show talking about this blog and now she has re-invited me as a guest to speak about healing from abuse. She wants this to be a kitchen table discussion with us all. You know abusive relationships exist in many women's lives unfortunately...I have know women who where the picture of success who had do deal with this issue. It is time for us to lift the veil and share our stories...if just for our daughters and sons...

Lets keep growin', lets keep lovin'

Sis. Camara

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Days 24 & 25: ROYAL LOVE FEST!!!

Sistahs, we are a little bit more than half way through our LOVE FEST and I am feelin' good - really quite fine. This inward focus has been so healing for me - I feel balanced and cool. Last night I instead of sleeping with rose quartz and amethyst - I tried sleeping with rose quartz and smoky quartz under my pillow and wow, did I wake up from the most beautiful and interesting dream...In the dream I was in a crowd of people and I was organizing everyone for something special. I was asking people about themselves and they were asking me about myself. A couple of Sistahs walk into the group and said they were here to tell a story to the children. From there all of these beautiful Afrikan children started coming in down the path. I was telling folks we were going to break into small groups on the grass and tell our stories...my alarm went off...

I thought about this dream and what stuck with me was the importance of each one of our stories AND how it is the way in which the next generation learns. Perhaps the feeling of disconnection older people sometimes think they are experiencing with younger people is the loss of 'story time'. Do we still pass down our stories to children or do we just let them walk into life feeling their way around until they get it right. When is it ok to own-up to your past and tell the story of how you learned and how you healed? There is a certain love in telling the truth...

This Saturday, March 27 at 5pm Sis. Ayida Honor is going to host a special conversation on her Native Trade/Soul Visions radio show about healing from abuse. She has asked me to be in on the conversation AND really wants us ALL to be in on the conversation. So many of us Sistahs have healed from an abusive past and some of us are need of hearing the stories of healing...either way, we hope to just share let the time flow. You can access her show on www.blogtalk.com at Soul Vision's Radio.

I also want to mention that I am thinking of a concept for a SistahGoddess blogtalk radio show. I do have a guest lined up and I think she is going to blow some minds!!! I am just working out a few details and then I will let you all know when it will take place.

Sistahs now that yall are so on the LOVING PATH don't forget to share the LOVE. Sometimes it is those random acts of kindness that let others know that folks out there STILL CARE...Try it out...LOVE IT FORWARD -meaning pass that LOVE FORWARD to someone who doesn't even expect it. Brighten someone's day!

Here is a little music...

Sis. Camara

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


artist, Clifford Phillips

artist, Clifford Phillips

I started taking walks the other day. The sun is shining and the air is warm and I really appreciate how nature guides us in these cycles. Just when I thought could not deal with anymore rain the Spring Equinox happens and the sun appears! I can feel how the mood of everyone shifts.

Being in this LoVe FeSt - I have this moment where I stop and really appreciate what IS. I realize I have a Beautiful and Caring Son who really likes being around me. Yes, we have our moments but our household is peaceful and loving. I live in a very quiet neighborhood which is surprising because so many people live in my complex. My little hood has wild turkeys and Canadian geese (who are just too funny with their territorial ways...). When I was walking the other day I saw a turkey hawk fly over me with dinner for her little babies. I am sooo thankful that the Creator led me to this place.

I say all of this to express how much Gratitude I am cultivating in this process. The rose quartz is really helping me to see how I can be more compassionate. I still see people's stuff and my own stuff - but the tongue is softer, the eyes are more gentle - it's like I see that we all go through stuff - its just the way it is AND eventually we heal or we don't...

I am GRATEFUL FOR ALL YOU SISTAHS! You all are a healing light!
I appreciate you and thank the Goddess/Mother/Father/God for you!

Sistah Camara

This video is to SHOW YOU that IT IS ALL IN THE MIND...We can do and be who ever we WANT to be. We all have a unique, beautiful talent and service to bring to humanity...

Sunday, March 21, 2010

DAYS 20 &21: LoVe of FREEDOM!

I had a recent experience that unfortunately confirms that our work still is in front of us. When I feel overwhelmed or feel a bit down - which is ALWAYS temporary - I look to women all over the world who are doing so much with less. These women are paving a new way where there is none. They are stopping wars, building new communities, ending the needless suffering of our little ones.

My own personal work is calling me more and more...I am motivated by the LOVE of Freedom and the LOVE us ALL. We all have a divine right to live life to the fullest. Lets keep moving forward to break the chains of illusion.

First clip:
This is the trailer for a documentary called Pray the Devil Back to Hell. I have not seen it yet but plan to soon. Please see the second interview that inspired me very deeply....


video clip, "fighting for peace..."

Sis. Camara

Saturday, March 20, 2010

DAY 19: Planting the SEED of LOVE

Happy Spring SiSTARS! How have you been? I have made it a point to be completely present in my household this weekend. Sis. Talibah has shown me some beautiful pictures of her favorite places and her home inspires me the most with all the colors and tea cups. I decided that I was going to welcome in spring by creating a patio get-a-way...So, today I went to the store and got some planter boxes and even one of those upside down tomato planters. There is a very nice nursery in a nearby city that carries some higher end plants but they also have some items that are very affordable. Today they had all kinds of organic seedlings and I fell for a small cluster of gourmet salad greens. I also go some non-gmo seeds - bell pepper, cherry tomato, and purple onion. I went to my mailbox later and wouldn't you know - Sis. Talibah sent me some beautiful sweet pea flower seeds! Talk about synchronicity!

So Sistahs, this time in our LoVe FeSt is about 'planting the seeds' of our love. Everyone has a reason or two for participating in this heart healing process. It is a good time to think about what steps you can take to achieve your heart goals. At day 19 I feel myself getting to the root of my desire...I have visualized some things I wish to accomplish and the kind of life I really wish to live. It feels good to feel open to possibility.

Here is a nice Spring Seed ritual to focus your desires...

You will need:
1 smallish soup bowl
1 cup or less of sesame seeds
a white piece of paper
a pen (choose an ink color that speaks to you)

In a quiet place take a moment to sit quietly and reflect on the passing of winter and the lessons you have learned. Give thanks. Section your white piece of paper into smaller 2" by 2" pieces. On the small pieces of paper write down your goals or desires.

Now sit in prayer and call in the Creator, your Venerated Ancestors and Venerated Spirit Guides. Give thanks to them all for guiding you and seeing you through to this time. Speak with them about your desires, your goals and ask them to help you achieve your dreams.

Take your empty bowl in your hands and visualize it as a container for possibilities.

Take your sesame seeds and pour them into the bowl - visualize them as the seeds of possibility - vast and unlimited.

Now read each dream/desire/goal aloud. Take each one and fold it small and bury them into the bowl of seeds. Tuck your desires/dreams/goals into your vessel of infinite possibilities...

You can keep adding to the bowl as the days go by or pick out one and re-read it...it is ALL up to you...keep the bowl in an undisturbed place where you see it each day...

Here is a little Ursula Rucker LOVE...

Sis. Camara

Friday, March 19, 2010


artist, Kanayo Ede

artist, Kanayo Ede

Hey Sistahs,
Did you know that the 20th is the Spring Equinox? This is the time of year that signals the winter is over and that it is time for the sun to start warming the earth underneath our feet! Spiritually, I think of this time as a transitional time - the dark, winter months are the times of a slower pace...I go inward and sit with what IS and find peace in my solitude. During the 'winter' of my soul I allow what needs to die to go and as 'spring' emerges I think about what it is that I wish to grow in my life. I contemplate the seeds of new beginnings and emerge from my solitude to see what my SistahGoddesses are doing in their world!

The Spring Equinox is a perfect time to WRITE A NEW STORY in your life. Take that first step towards a new dream. I sometimes take a new class - anything that moves me in the direction of my goals. Dreams have a 'dream account' - when you make a deposit you add value to the dream manifesting.

In some cultures Spring was actually the beginning of a new year! I for one like that idea a lot. I am thinking of doing a special ceremony in my home - I will decorate, buy some flowers, plant some flowers, make a special meal for my patron Goddess of Spring and my Venerated Ancestors.

How do you celebrate the change of the seasons? Share with us your practices.

A little poetry...Sekou Sundiata

Sis. Camara

Thursday, March 18, 2010


Whew!!! Sistahs, I have been traveling and doing some needs assessments this week for my job. I realize that for some people the passion of life is gone - they are just waiting. Perhaps deep inside they want something to change but the action of taking a step towards that change is not happening.

I know that sometimes you have to sit with what IS - just be in the emotion and figure things out AND my SiStahs there is a time when you let out a deep breath, GET UP and continue on. One of my Buddhist teachers told a class one time that the practice of meditation is not in-action - you don't just watch the world go by while you pray and meditate. Being in that oneness with the God/Goddess Creator is the fuel to ignite your passion. The insight developed in those quiet moments gives me the will to say no to all of the 'man-made' reality. I can easily see that no person, no place or condition has power over me. In fact that is the mantra for the days as we continue on in our LOVE FEST:


If someone offends you, inside say this affirmation. If you are in an environment that makes you feel passionless, say this affirmation. If a condition arises that you feel stressed over, say this affirmation. If practiced sincerely, you will begin to see the light of opportunity in front of you that can help you change anything that needs to be changed. The Creator/God/Goddess/Mother/Father/God is the ONLY POWER in your life. Nothing from without can change that fact. Once this truth is embodied fully, you can walk through life full of passion - fearless - faithful and highly favored!

I give thanks to all those BEAUTIFUL SiSTARS who have commented on this LOVE FEST. I find your words so soothing and uplifting AND so full of LOVE!!!

On Healing Abuse...

Soraya said...
ashe. thanks so much for sharing. i to have an abusive past..so many sistah's do and we first need to acknowledge those ugly truism's before we can start the healing process. how we do that is personal and should be at our pace..should be done with love and gentleness. i know i'm not alone and that is a great comfort to me!

haiku #11

sistah my sistah
you are not alone today
learn to love yourself

Misspretty* said...
Thank you so much for that post. I am a work in progress!! I am so blad I ran across this site!!! I find the music healing and your posts stimulating! So keep it up Sistah!

creativehealinggoddess said...
thank you for your honesty and bravery you are a shinning beacon. Yes I have seen a lot of dysfunction in my life which was projected onto my own choice of partner. However in the process of healing I realise how important it is to stand and speak our truth, silence is a disease that we have adopted. It is important to be transparent clear and seen, to be witnessed so I dearly send you gratitude that you both cared to share with us.

Lotus of Wadi Arts said...
Thank you for sharing. Healing from abuse is a difficult process but it makes you so much stronger! I experienced a relationship that was emotionally and verbally abusive and healing from that has been my focus for the past couple of years.

Anonymous (SistahWarriorGoddess)said...
Your site has been a blessing to me my sista introduce me to your site (thanks KP)and I have already felt a change in me. This message really hits home and I'm working on me right now and this Love fest is really helping. I am seeing myself for the first time and not someone else's perception of me. I also experience verbal abuse and the healing is a very long process but worth it.

Thanks for your insight you are truly a blessing.

SistahGoddess Camara said...
It is beautiful to see how the balm of LOVE keeps healing us all and making us stronger. I share all of who I am so that we don't ever have to feel ashamed of the journey we walked. I find life to be one big lesson and am doing my best to be the student. Thank you all for sharing your wisdom with me!

Lastly, SistahGoddess Ayida Honor of Native Trade and Soul Visions blog talk radio has invited me to do a special show with her and some other Sistahs on healing from abuse. The show will be on Saturday, March 27, 5pm (pst) to 7pm (pst) on blog talk radio - search Soul Visions. We are looking for you to call in and share your stories and healing victories!!! The more we talk about our healing the more others feel it is ok for them to heal themselves. Hope you all will join us.

Here is a little Minnie...

Well, time to press forward.

Big HUGS!!!
Sis. Camara

Monday, March 15, 2010

DAY 15: LOVE FEST -Healing From Abuse

artist, Rochelle Carr
artist, Rochell Carr

Sistahs, how have you been on this LOVE FEST? Are you still continuing on? Around this time we settle down from the excitement and fullness of LOVE. It is right around this time in a 40 Day process that you bump up against something that doesn't feel so loving. It could be a trigger from something someone recently done or said to you. It sets off a series of feelings and thoughts about WHY you don't always feel a love for yourself.

For me healing is like that - the honeymoon of feeling good then the reminder of why I was needing the healing in the beginning! So, SiSTARS I am going to put it all out there...I often wonder about what was inside of me that made it acceptable to have less than respectful relationships in my life AND I realize that it was something that was modeled for me. My abuse with my ex-husband was not the first abuse I had experienced - in fact I also experienced childhood abuse.

The funny thing about abuse is that people spend a tremendous amount of energy and time making sure that it is hidden. They don't want air the family's "dirty laundry" or admit that the family is experiencing serious issues - not only to people outside the family but to people WITHIN the family. I have experienced families where everyone has nice degrees, fancy houses, cars, high level jobs, etc...yet everyone is 'crazy' from abuse. It is easy to believe that someone who is crack addicted has problems that link to abuse but what about an angry, vindictive Sistah who sits by you at work with the PhD? Often times, victims of abuse use the outward signs of high functioning to disguise an abusive past...So, we have to put aside the judgment of who has experienced abuse.

I am a dangerous type of Sistah cause I will talk about abuse - I will put it ALL out there cause I want to be FREE! I may take some time to process my experience because part of my recovery is learning to trust my intuition and judgment but I tell you - I am done with abusive people and abusive situations. I LOVE myself just that much that I don't feel obligated to take any person's abusive or disrespectful behavior. The only 'person' I answer to is God/Goddess. I don't care if someone is a family member, a co-worker, a priestess/priest, a high ranking official - I am not going to take abuse. So, this is where we stop the cycle. We first don't allow it to take place and we don't allow it to hide.

Sistahs, so many of us are dealing with abuse or have dealt with it in the past. So many of us have people who should have been trusted to care for us when we were small who just couldn't and wouldn't do it. Abuse is a terrible cycle that continues if left un-checked. It is not only physical - it can be mental and Spiritual, too.

Healing from an abusive past is challenging AND it CAN BE DONE. First you have to see that you are worthy of Divine Happiness and Divine Freedom. Second, you work to eliminate toxic relationships from your life. It is ok to choose who will be in your life. From there just work on Self Love and Self Forgiveness. I ask the Spirit World to help me heal. I focus on peace within and without and after a while I can see "a mess" coming from a far distance. I do my best to give people the respect I require them to give me AND I don't take less than what I deserve. Lastly, I am patient with myself - healing can happen quickly but often it take some time.

This LOVE FEST is about cultivating a Self Love that will uplift us to heal all matters of the heart.

Hope this is helpful.

Peace and Light,
Sis. Camara

Sunday, March 14, 2010


Greetings Sistahs,

I have been a little tired from traveling and working so I have decided to spend a day in rest. I thought it would be a great time to keep up my education - listen to some lectures and learn about our GREATNESS! Sistahs, I don't just say we are Goddesses because I just want to make us feel good, although it does make us feel uplifted. I say we are Goddesses because WE ARE. The knowledge of our Ancient Royal past is unfolding and it is being revealed that our Ancient Mothers - the Goddesses WALKED the Earth - LIVING SHRINES.

It pains me to see many of us suffering because we believe we are nothing. We may have some cultural pride but are still think that women are servants of patriarchy. I KNOW Sistahs from my oldest Venerated Ancestors that our role - our destiny is not 'less than'. This does not mean that our men do not have a role, nor does it mean that they are absent of greatness. Men in our Ancient times were also great within the Matriarchal societies. Men did understand and worshiped (unapologetic worship) the Divine Feminine. When the Divine Mother was attacked - her temples destroyed and her teachings sent underground the world became unbalanced.

It is important that we understand the Ancient HerStory...We can't just have a surface "feel good" knowledge of our Divine Feminine past, we must RE-REMEMBER who we are through the knowledge of who we were/are. Within us is the key - the Ancient Memory and when we tap into this part of ourselves we will become FREE.

I found on youtube.com the Goddess Networks, http://www.youtube.com/user/TheGoddessNetworks. This SistahGoddess has some great lectures and interviews with many POWERFUL SISTAHS. Checkout her series Anthropology From a Black Women's Perspective: an interview with SistahGoddess Nubia Wardford.

I went to Nubia's website and she is currently in Sudan researching our Ancient Goddess Past.

Sis. Nubia Wardford - (Nubian Archaeological Project)
Sis. Nubia Wardford lives in Detroit , Michigan , when not touring for the Nubian Archaeological Project giving talks on archaeological findings. Sis. Wardford has a B.A. in Anthropology and was invited by the University of Khartoum in the Sudan , Africa to continue her studies in their Archaeology Department. Sis. Wardford is also interested in Native American archaeology, and the cultural connections shared between Native Americans and descendants of Africa in the U.S.

"We should make sure that Black women know and understand that we are the mothers of creation. All civilization emerged from our wombs. Cosmic energy emerged from the earth as well as our wombs. The Dawn of human civilization started in Olduvai Gorge in Tanzania , in a totally tropical area, approximately 6 million years ago. This area is known as the Cradle of Civilization. This was fertile ground for human development. Many human-like beings lived along Lake Turkana . This is near where the oldest fossil remains of an African woman, Dagnesh or Dinkinesh , was found. Dagnesh means “beautiful woman” in the Amharic language of Ethiopia . All of the human family descended from her lineage. Each human being on earth has the genetic code of at least five African women."

Please checkout more of the Goddess Networks. I posted to the right interview with Mama Zogbe' of the Mami Wata Vodun Tradition. When I lived in Georgia I had a chance to meet Mama Zogbe'. I will never forget that experience and I know it opened me up to seek out the truth of our Divine Feminine past.

Give thanks for this BEAUTIFUL DAY!
Sis. Camara

Saturday, March 13, 2010

LOVE FEST: Day 12 & 13 LOVE's Essences...

Hey Sistahs,
How are you on this healing journey so far? I am feeling a difference. Working with the Rose quartz, praying, meditating and affirming the 42 Laws of Maat have already demonstrated a shift in me. I am more aware of myself and others. I can step back from challenging situations and see underneath them...I can also see those places where I have work to do...I can see with my mind's eye that many people act from a hurt place - or a wounded place. It helps me to de-personalize situations that previously had me in knots. A great deal of heart healing has to do with keeping the heart as light as a feather - supple and tender even after tremendous pain.

I was reorganizing some of my purses and I found a flower essence I had purchased and never used. I looked up the healing properties and realized that it was no coincidence that I had found this essence during the heart healing process.

Star Tulip (also called Cat's Ear):

Cat's Ears is a mystical plant. It represents the unfolding of the mystical path, presenting the picture of one who turns away from the world to listen to the voice of a higher world. When taken as a flower essence, it facilitates the development of inner awareness and the quickening of the spiritual life (no living being lacks a spiritual life). Cat's Ears often allows one to integrate past life experience in ways that facilitate a lessening of fear and trauma so that the soul can move forward in the current life time unencumbered. It allows for a distancing from the more negative aspects of group soul or life stream consciousness as well, so that one is less likely to to be swept away in group panic or hysterical states.

Cat's Ears is helpful with those who seem to retreat into another world as a result of abuse, neglect or abandonment. It is helpful for human beings and animals on the threshold of death. It assists the soul in making the decision to stay or to leave and often alleviates a prolonged and uncomfortable death. Cat's Ears is the most effective when taken as an essence in homeopathic dilution. Combining it with other essences seems to lessen the effect. Cat's Ear is a lonely plant, that treats conditions of loneliness, and prefers to be taken alone.

another sources says...
Star TulipPositive qualities:
Sensitive and receptive attunement; serene, inner listening to others and to higher worlds, especially in dreams and meditation..
Patterns of imbalance:
Feelings of being hardened or cut-off, inability to feel quiet inner presence or attunement, unable to meditate or pray.

Star Tulip flower essence is an exquisite remedy for gently opening and expanding the life of the soul. It can be characterized as a “listening” remedy, helping the soul to become more aware of subtle influences, or of guidance from higher realms. This remedy is very beneficial for those who feel unable to contact their Higher Self, or who feel they cannot meditate or pray effectively.

another sources says...
Star Tulip flower essence has a strong relationship to the “anima” or inner feminine. It is an excellent remedy for men who have denied their softer, more receptive side, or for women who may have built a shell of protection around themselves. Star Tulip opens and sensitizes the soul, making it more aware of its connection to higher worlds. It enhances dreaming, prayer, meditation, and all intuitive capacities. It is an important flower essence for the beginning stages of the therapeutic process, helping to open and “soften” the emotional life, enabling the individual to recognize and retrieve important information about the healing process.

At its deepest expression, Star Tulip builds a chalice-like vessel in the human soul, creating the capacity to receive and contain higher thought and inspiration.

- from the 'Flower Essence Repertory', by Patricia Kaminsky and Richard Katz.

Flower essences are a homeopathic therapy. You can find them at your local natural food store or Whole Foods. A well known brand is Bach Flower Essences. You can also purchase online from Flower Essence Service.
If you have never heard of flower essences you can read more about them here.

If you have flowers in your own garden, then give it a try...Make sure you id your plants accurately before making your own essence. Sistahs, we ARE our first HEALERS!

Here is a how to video...

If you already use flower essences...share with us one's you know that could benefit us on this heart healing journey...

Sis. Camara

Thursday, March 11, 2010



There is nothing like the present moment...the world is whizzing by - whirling and twirling...I got to do this, I haven't done that...I am late with this...Did I turn of the iron??!!! Suddenly, the dance of chaos slows into a rhythm and a calm inner voice says, "allow me to take over...just let go and let me take over..." In this moment you realize that life is more than the "to do" list, it is now...

I notice that when I am runnin the days feel shorter. I go to bed late - I wake up tired - I drink some caffeine and eat more sweets cause my body is sending messages that it needs energy...Without a thought I am back on the sugar ups and downs -which could lead to mood up and downs...Its a terrible cycle that so many people find themselves in...

A big part of this LOVE FEST for me is finding a balance. I am constantly finding a way to integrate my whole life so that I can create a healthy pace that works for me...Over the last couple of years, I have been sluggish, not working out as much - going through fitness ups and downs. I realize LOVING myself is a critical component of wanting to stay healthy -feeling I am worthy of feeling my best.

Sistahs, the Spring Equinox is coming up and I want to make changes physically - I want to MOVE!!! I fasted the beginning of the year and now it is time to make a move toward MOVEMENT! I even feel like I need to find a way to blog so that I am not sitting around tapping keys - blogging on a bike, LoL!!! Ok, I am thinking it all through but the Spring Equinox I am going to 'spring into action'! I am going to do some juicing and raw foods again - just to put a little zing in my step!

Sistahs, share with me what you do. How do you MOVE?

Now a little Earth, Wind & Fire...Imagination

wow, I want a picture like that with my SistahGoddess Friends!!!

Sis. Camara

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


artist unknown to me...

Sistahs, I have a morning ritual that goes along with my meditation, prayer and anointment - reading what is on the minds of my Facebook Friends. Some people may laugh at this but my Friends have some DEEP stuff on their minds at 6am in the morning. It is so uplifting to know there is a world out there of people thinking about wholeness and an occasional song from the seventies, lol. SistahGoddess Opal Palmer Adisa gave me permission to post her quote:

Opal Palmer Adisa
If you want the truth known about you, you must become the storyteller and director. Don't hide behind a false sense of modesty. Just image if Joseph Gayetty, the inventor of modern toilet-paper, kept that knowledge all to himself. Stop allowing others to tell your story.

This rang so true to me...Yesterday, Sistah Talibah said on Marilyn's blog, "Most people create hellish lives for themselves but, I understood early in my life that I had the power to create a heavenly life right here on earth." So, true!!!

You know Sistahs, I started to write a completely different post yesterday - it was going to be about the Zen of LOVE. Spirit keeps reminding me that we are Co-Creators of our lives. We have the power to wake up and declare the Greatness of the day. Years ago I went to see Les Brown speak and he said something that always stuck with me, "You can re-write the story of your life! If you don't like the way something is looking then re-write it!"

Oh, I am about to get old school church on you but I believe someone reading this blog is suffering... You think that this person has control over your life but it isn't true...You have the power to change any situation you are in for the better. Yes, some discomfort may take place but believe me, FREEDOM is like Oshun's Honey - no one can resist it! With the first step doors of opportunity will fly open to assist you!

Don't let other people tell your story - you are the Creatrix - the Alchemist of your life. You are constantly tapping into that Ancient code that informs all of your actions and all of your purpose. There was a time when I had very little self esteem and I would believe anyone who said I was not good enough or that I just didn't have what it took to do this or that...I can't tell you how many times I gave up on small dreams because I believed someone's story of me...I remember someone told me I should stop writing this blog...For a moment I thought they could be right...what do I have to say...but a SiSTAR wrote me a note and said thank you for this blog...I re-remembered the why of what I do...to uplift us. There is no place else for us to go except to the STARS cause we are all BEAUTIFUL, POWERFUL GODDESSES with the Galaxies at our feet!

a little music...remember the Young Disciples??

Sistahs, in your journal take a moment and rewrite a part of your life that you want to see different...If you are up for it...share with us what this process felt like...

Sis. Camara

Monday, March 8, 2010

DAY 9: International Women's Day 2010, LOVE of Sistahood!


Today, people around the world honored women for International Women's Day. It is funny how in the US this is not that big of holiday - in fact few people know of it and it has taken place since 1911. In other countries there are huge celebrations and people even have the day off. I think of all the women past and present who have influenced me and give them recognition for forging a path where there was none...

Harriet Tubman

Fannie Lou Hammer

Wangari Maathai (part 2)

part 3

part 4

SiSTARS, please email me with your tributes to SistahGoddesses that have uplifted you...you can include video links, audio links, photos, etc...

Our LOVE is in honoring our Sistahood!

Sis. Camara

Sunday, March 7, 2010

DAY 8: Rose Quartz "the stone of gentle LOVE"

Greetings SiStars!!! I had a beautiful and restful day with my son. We went to the crystal fair and got a nice sampling of crystals for me to begin to work with on my healing journey. If you get a chance, go to a near by crystal fair or gemstone fair. There are such a beautiful selection of crystals and real knowledgeable people who love to share their wisdom. I am continuing my day of rest but wanted to check-in and let you all know that the UNIVERSE LOVES YOU!! You are perfect the way you are - a brilliant light of the Creator!

I am attaching a youtube video of rose quartz and its healing properties. Enjoy!

Sis. Camara

Saturday, March 6, 2010


For seven straight days we have been in the realm of LOVE!!! If you are feeling like me, you are FULL, overflowing...I notice that as the days go on it is easier, even effortless to be kind and loving to everyone I encounter - even folks who aren't trying to be so loving - it is like I don't even skip a beat. I really give thanks for the practice of Maat - those 42 Laws seem to reach the inner core and ask the deep questions around loving honesty.

I have had a long work week and I am ready for some much needed rest. I will turn in early tonite with the hopes of working creatively for the rest of the weekend. I encourage you Sistahs to take loving time for yourselves...sleep in, take rest or take a day of silence. I sometimes drive to the bay, sit at the park and draw pictures. Working with the heart chakra is work. Yes, we have good feeling but there are also the aspect of heart healing that can be heavy - so, take it easy. Be patient with yourself as you heal.

Be Well.
Sis. Camara

IN BETWEEN POST: Responses to LOVE in the Bones

SiSTARS, the moment I finished yesterday's post I had all these things I wanted to mention about crystals but you know - it would take some time. Lucky, some of our Sistahs stepped up and added to the information.

Lotus of Wadi Arts said...

Wonderful and informative post, crystal nets are also powerful. This is when you lay on your back and place the same type of stone on your chakra points and around your body and visualize what you want to manifest.

Soraya said...

i love this post..so much amazing information. i have used precious stones in my doula work..wonderful natural healers.

haiku #5

earth mother bless me
my body is precious love
i am a goddess

Shelly said...

I LOVE this post. Read it this morning, then ran to the library to check out The Crystal Bible (will purchase later). There's healing power in the stones!!! Thanks for sharing. Let the healing continue!!!!!

Thank you for sharing, Beautiful Sistahs!

This LOVE FEST is about cultivating our LOVE, sharing our LOVE and healing our LOVE...

Friday, March 5, 2010

DAY 6: LOVE in the BONES...

I was taught that rocks, stones and crystals are the "bones" of the earth. I think this is because within them are the stories, the memory, the remedy. Since the ancient times we know that gemstones/crystals carry in Spiritual and healing qualities. Our Ancient Kemetic Ancestors used a variety of precious gemstones in their jewelry, such as turquoise,amethyst, beryl, feldspar, garnet, lapis, opal, amethyst, garnet and more...Crystals are thought to be natural conductors of energy. We can use these gifts from mama earth to transmit healing power to different parts of our body.

Our bodies have 7 major chakras or energy centers. These chakras are run from the base of your spine all the way to the top or what is called the 'crown' of your head. Chakra translated means wheel or circle in Sanskrit. The seven centers are pictured as wheels of light -they have their own color, crystal, element and function. We are at our best when all these centers are functioning well and balanced. Some of us can't imagine that we have energy centers in our bodies but we humans do conduct energy- haven't you ever shocked yourself or someone else? A person with a significant amount of Melanin (the element that makes a person 'black') is said to be a powerful conductor of energy. Think for a moment, many things that contain high levels of energy are most like to be contained in a black wrapper - like electric cords, power lines, tires on a car...for some reason black manages energy well.

The seven chakra centers are the root chakra (located around the tailbone area); the sacral chakra located about 2" below your navel; the solar plexus which is located at the top of your stomach; the heart chakra (located in that lovely place); the throat chakra; the third eye (located between your two visual eyes); and the crown chakra (located at the top of your head). Knowing everything about chakras may take some time. There are some good books and websites that explain in depth how to heal each energy center, however just knowing where they are located and being able to send healing light to those places can keep you feeling balanced and whole.

The heart chakra is the fourth chakra and is said to be the seat of balance within the body- it moves the energy in an even flow upward and downward. The color associated with the heart chakra is pink or green. The element associated with this energy center is air. The heart chakra is the dwelling place of unconditional love - it is from this place that we can extend loving kindness to others and cultivate peace within. When the heart chakra is out of balance we tend to commit unloving acts -love becomes conditional, the heart hardens and the arteries begin to close leaving us vulnerable to heart disease. This center is also about the way we nurture ourselves-self love...the left breast is located over the heart.

Some gemstones that help the heart are:

rose quartz
- stimulates unconditional love; draws love into your life & helps you to communicate love to others

- opens the heart to all forms of love; its gentle energy helps to release blocks in matters of the heart and allows one to move to a more receptive state.

pink & green toumaline
- is a super activator of the heart chakra, linking it to the higher self and fostering love, tenderness and friendship.

emerald-the stone of 'successful love', enhances unity and unconditional love.

-a powerful heart opener and attunes all the chakras to a higher level of functioning, teaches that ultimately pain and difficulty in a relationship is a mirroring of an inner separation from the self.

- represents selfless love and compassion; especially good for those who feel unloved; great for healing sexual abuse; encourages a positive attitude.

green aventurine
- is a comforter and heart healer; protects the heart; brings things back into control; great abundance stone

-crystalizes feelings of unconditional love & acceptance; great for stimulating the heart chakra; helps with creativity; useful for forgiveness and compassion

- (use with caution, a polished form is preferred; external only)this is a very strong stone so research before using. This stone is about transformation; draws out deep feelings; breaks unwanted ties and outworn patterns, teaches how to take responsibility for ones actions; helps develop empathy

***This information is from a great book I got years ago called the Crystal Bible by Judy Hall. I like this book a lot because it has color pictures of the crystals, the Spiritual qualities and the healing properties. If you are going to work with crystal, it is best to do some research and have a good reference.

One of my Sistah pen pals has shared some beautiful wisdom about crystal to me. She suggested placing a gemstone underneath your pillow at night to see how the stone works with you. Ever since she told me about this I have been trying various stone...Rose quartz makes my sleep so peaceful.

This weekend in the bay area there is a crystal fair! I love the idea of a crystal marketplace!!! I will see what I discover and share it with you all on Sunday.

Now, you can do more than sleep with your crystals, check out Sis. Marilyn's Living Through the Looking Glass blog to see how she made a crystal elixir. You can also place crystal on your body to facilitate healing. I carry some in my pocket - if I really need to use their power throughout the day. Tonite, I added rose quartz to my bath water and it was beautiful.

Here is a nice website with some pictures of gemstones:
You can also find some on ebay.com


Sis. Camara

Thursday, March 4, 2010


artist, Kristie Stephenson
artist, Kristie Stephenson

It is day 5 and we have an idea who has gathered at this LOVE FEST CIRCLE...It is a Beautiful Circle and a PoWerFul Circle...

In my mind's eye I see us all in our wisdom. As we sit around a bright fire following the dance of the flames, an Elder leads us in prayer - the prayer calls in the Creator, then it calls in Our Venerated Ancestors, then Our Venerated Spirit Guides, the element of the earth, the element of water, the element of fire, the element of wind, the Animal Spirits are also called in...The Elder offers gratitude for this moment and ask that our time together be guided by the SpiritWorld...We affirm the gift of this prayer with Ashe'!, Amen!, Awombyn!, And So It Is!

We each bring out our offerings - some bring feathers, some bring seed, some bring crystals, some bring holy water, some bring herbs, some bring incense - the offerings are abundant...We affirm the prosperity of the Circle by saying Ashe'!, Amen!, Awombyn!, And So It Is!

A Circle member begins to sing, the song is about the heart. The tones of the song come from deep within her body shakes the total being of others in the Circle -someone shouts,"Sing It!!!". Another person gets up and dances with no shame - soon others join...The songs ends with clapping, laughing, hugs and we affirm the upliftment of the moment by saying Ashe'!, Amen!, Awombyn!, And So It Is!

Sitting again in silence we notice the flames dance begins to slow and the Griot begins to speak. This is the story that is told about LOVE:

The Skeleton Woman, an Eskimo legend:

Once upon a time --- She had done something of which her father disapproved, although no one any longer remembered what it was. But her father had dragged her to the cliffs and threw her over and into the sea. There, the fish ate her flesh away and plucked out her eyes. As she lay under the sea, her skeleton turned over and over in the currents.

One day a fisherman came fishing, well in truth, many came to this bay once. But this fisherman had drifted far from his home place,and did not know that the local fisherman stayed away, saying this inlet was haunted. The fisherman's hook drifted down through the water and caught, of all places, in the bones of Skeleton Woman's rib cage. The fisherman thought, "Oh, now I've really got a big one! Now I really have one!" In his mind, he was thinking of how many people this great fish would feed, how long it would last, how long he might be free from the chore of hunting.

And as he struggled with this great weight on the end of the hook, the sea was stirred to a thrashing froth, and his kayak bucked and shook, for she who was beneath struggled to disentangle herself. And the more she struggled, the more she tangled in the line. No matter what she did, she was inexorably dragged upward, tugged up by the bones of her own ribs. The hunter had turned to scoop up his net, so he did not see her bald head rise above the waves, he did not see the little coral creatures glinting in the orbs of her skull, he did not see the crustaceans on her old ivory teeth. When he turned back with his net, her entire body, such as it was, had come to the surface and was hanging from the tip of his kayak by her long front teeth. "Agh!" cried the man, and his heart fell into his knees, his eyes hid in terror on the back of his head, and his ears blazed bright red.

"Agh!" he screamed, and knocked her off the prow with his oar and began paddling like a demon toward the shoreline. And not realizing she was tangled in his line, he was frightened all the more for she appeared to stand upon her toes while chasing him all the way to to shore. No matter which way he zigged his kayak, she stayed right behind, and her breath rolled over the water in clouds of steam, and her arms flailed out as though to snatch him down into the depths. "Aggggggghhhh!" he wailed as he ran aground.

In one leap he was out of his kayak, clutching his fishing stick and running, and the coral-white corpse of Skeleton Woman, still snagged in the fishing line, bumpety-bumped behind right after him. Over the rocks he ran,and she followed. Over the frozen tundra he ran and she kept right up. Over the meat laid out to dry he ran, cracking it to pieces as his mukluks bore down. Throughout it all she kept right up, in fact grabbed some of the frozen fish as she was dragged behind. This she began to eat, for she had not eaten in a long, long time.

Finally, the man reached his snow house and dove right into the tunnel, and on hands and knees scrambled his way into the interior. Panting and sobbing he lay there in the dark, his heart, a drum, a mighty drum. Safe at last, oh so safe, yes safe, thank the Gods, Raven, yes thank Raven, yes and all-bountiful Sedna, safe ... at ... last.

Imagine when he lit his whale oil lamp, there she/it lay in a tumble upon his snow floor, one heel over her shoulder, one knee inside her rib cage, one foot over her elbow. He could not say later what it was, perhaps the firelight softened her features, or the fact that he was a lonely man. But a feeling of some kindness came into his breathing, and slowly he reached out his grimy hands and using words softly like mother to child, he began to untangle her from the fishing line. "Oh, na, na, na." First he untangled the toes, then the ankles. "Oh,na, na, na."

On and on he worked into the night, until dressing her in furs to keep her warm, Skelton Woman's bones were all in the proper order that a human's bones should be. He felt into his leather cuffs for his flint, and used some of his hair to light a little more fire. He gazed at her from time to time as he oiled the precious wood of his fishing stick and rewound the gut line. And she in the furs uttered not a word- she did not dare-lest this hunter take her out and throw her down to the rocks and break her bones to pieces completely.

The man became drowsy, slid under his sleeping skins, and soon was dreaming. And sometimes as humans sleep, you know, a tear escapes from the dreamer's eye; we never know what sort of dream causes this, but we know it is either a dream of sadness or longing. And this is what happened to the man.

The Skeleton Woman saw the tear glisten in the firelight, and she became suddenly soooo thirsty. She tinkled and clanked and crawled over to the sleeping man and put her mouth to his tear. The single tear was like a river and she drank and drank and drank until her many-years-long thirst was satisfied. While lying beside him, she reached inside the sleeping man and took out his heart, the mighty drum. She sat and banged on both sides of it: *Bom, Bomm! ... Bom, Bomm!* As she drummed, she began to sing out "Flesh, flesh, flesh! Flesh,flesh, flesh!" And the more she sang, the more her body filled out with flesh. She sang for hair and good eyes and nice hands. She sang the divide between her legs, and breasts long enough to wrap for warmth, and all the things a woman needs.

And when she was all done, she also sang the sleeping man's clothes off and crept into his bed with him, skin against skin. She returned the great drum, his heart, to his body, and that is how they awakened, wrapped one around the other, tangled from their night, in another way now, a good and lasting way. The people who cannot remember how she came to her first ill-fortune say she and the fisherman went away and were consistently well-fed by the creatures she had known in her life under the water.

The people say that it is true and that is all they know.

(The story is from 'Women Who Run With the Wolves', by Clarissa Estes)

The Griot's tale ends and we are left to ponder the lessons of the story...

Peace and Light,
Sis. Camara


Sistahs, I feel like my dream is coming true...to connect with SistahGoddesses like yourselves has been my dream. Love is contagious - when you are infected by it others feel relaxed around you - they want to be in your realm. I noticed at work this whole week I am noticing 'love' in its subtle form...wow, the security guards were passing out chocolates today...

Imagine for a moment that the work we are doing is creating a shift...a ripple effect...a butterfly effect...a heart effect...wonderful...

Sis.Amaris replied to the subscription email. My eyes were not dry hearing this beautiful story:

"Greetings, Hotep, Peace Sistah Goddesses!

I decided to check in to say that I have been absolutely blessed in so many ways being a part of this blog and network. Before Sis.Camara started the Love Fest, I had been meditating and resting in a Love space. It has been becoming a stronger force day after day. And what can I say...all things are in divine order. I am so grateful for Sistah Goddesses in my life.

So I'd like to share a love experience that I recently had. Not too long ago I was on a plane traveling back home. I was pretty tired and had planned to sleep most of the flight. Everyone was in their seats, bags put away and waiting for this passenger who hadn't shown up yet. Finally he comes and sits right beside me. He seemed to be a little out of breath but very warm. We began to talk and he shared with me why he was going to Utah. He had a son that he was going to court to be able to see more. I could feel the love that he had for his son when he spoke. He told me his son's mother was very vindictive and didn't want him to be in his son's life so he was somewhat nervous about the court hearing the next day. He shared with me pictures of his son and daughter and his wife. This man was a total stranger but I could feel his heart. I could feel the love he had for his family. I told him that I would pray for him, his son and the situation. And so as the plane took off, I closed my eyes and began to pray for this man. As I did, I began to feel such a fullness within myself. It was as if something (love) was filling up in me like you fill a glass with water. I became so full that I started to cry. I could not stop the tears from flowing. I was not sad. I was just so full with love that I felt I could touch someone and transform them. I never spoke to or saw that man again but I know he won his case because LoVe paved the way. Love is infectious, contagious, and most of all transformative. It is powerful, we are more powerful when we let love in, let it fill us. Love full and start with self.

I give thanks for Sistah Goddess Camara and all the other Sistah Goddess here that I am so blessed to learn from and share with. Asante sana (thank you very much)

May Love fill us all!!"

Sis. La'Tanya, checked-in!!!! Saying:
"Just a note to say I am loving the knowledge and I am growing in leaps and bounds!"

Sis. Shelly said...

"Sending Love and Light from Louisiana to all my SiSTARS!!!! Let's show the world what love and healing are all about! WE GOT THIS!!! Peace, love, protection and healing to you all."

Sis. Creativehealinggoddess said...

"Love this and love the person oil recipes. I make a lot of oils and this gives me something new to do. A great show well done so much great information.... I need to listen again as it was late so I am gonna put it on my mp3."

Sis.Soraya said...

"Ashe, Ashe, Ashe,

beautiful images and awesome guidance/instructions. i think i'm going to play with some oil bases and essential oils i already have.

i have to say that i feel something amazing brewing and growing..besides my expanding prego belly. it might be a sense of calm and peace i feel or a combination of things that i sense ( water babies have a heightened sense of self and their environment..not to mention the connection/s we feel to our ancestor's. this does not mean that non-water babies don't have the same connectedness. today i had a strong desire to commune with nature and give praise ..a simple walk or sitting on my stoop will suffice..it's a beautiful day. i wish you all love and an open heart!"

haiku #3

sweet goddess's love
love is the fuel of my soul
my heart is open

Don't you LUV those haikus???!!!

Other SistahGoddesses bloggers are joining in on the LOVE FEST!!!
Check out:

Lotus of Wadi

Living through the Looking Glass

If you are joining us through your blog, please let me know...I have been a little pulled this week AND I want to catch up with other blogs to hear the word. Again, thanks for SHOWING A GODDESS SOME LOVE!!!

Sis. Camara

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Eritrean Warrior Goddesses


Sistahs!!! This LOVE FEST time is auspicious - I was reminded that this month is Wombyn's Her-story Month! What better time to honor our Goddess within! We ALL came from a woman so we can all honor that powerful energy of the feminine. The Earth, the womb in which we live, IS our MOTHER,too! When you think of her that way, you are less apt to create waste, you desire to re-cycle and re-use...We have an urge to be in her arms - walking in nature, appreciating her children. Sistahs, I just LOVE being a wombyn - I love being a the WOMAN I AM! I give thanks for image from which I am made - from which we are all made...

How are you all doing on this LOVE FEST? I got to say again - I AM OVERFLOWING!!! I am so in the moment of healing vibration - that I am full! Yesterday, the contribution of Sistahs giving, nourishing us with their words, their art, their thoughts...I feel lucky to have found you all...I am grateful that the Goddess/God united us...So, lets continue on - moving forward strong! If you have not shared, join us - send us your hello - you know what???!!! I am going to do an OLD SCHOOL ROLL CALL!!! HaHa!!! At the end of this post - if you are feelin' the vibe - just say your here. If you want to comment on more, please do - otherwise just send a "hug" or send a "XOXO". You will see that you will be hit back with a LOVE FLASH!!!

Ok SiSTARS, we got us some HOMEwork- a morning bath ritual. Now I want to talk a bit about anointment. You have heard as some Spiritual figures as being "anointed" meaning purified and sanctified. Anointment is a sacred practice of cleansing just like a bath...You can use water (holy water), essential oils, oil, salves, etc... I remember going to a workshop and a woman explained how she made a personal oil that helped her to stay balanced and feel protected when traveling from environment to environment. I remembered this and decided that I was going to make an personal oil for the purposes of anointment during my meditation and prayer. I must tell you that it has added to my practice - something about scent that stimulates our senses and sets the tone for our intention.

Since I am a Water SistahGoddess, I made an oil that is balancing for the water element - a blend of Ylang Ylang, Jasmine and Palmrosa. You can use any resource and just find the Spiritual attribute of various essential oils then figure out what oils blend well together. Email me if you have any questions, Sistahgoddess@gmail.com

To personalize an oil you will need:
a small piece of parchment or brown paper bag paper
a pen
optional, herbs

To make the personalized oil:

Take a small piece of paper (small enough to fold to put into the bottle). On one side of the paper write:
Your full birth name and any other name you are currently using
Your birth date, time and where you were born
The name of your parents
Your address
and any other information that identifies you uniquely.
on the other side write an affirmation, ie. "I AM, THAT I AM!" You can put what ever fits and you desire - that fits for you! This is YOUR personal oil.

Once you are finished with the paper, roll it or fold it small. Place it in your small glass bottle. Add any herbs that you feel could strengthen the vibration of the oil. You can also research the Spiritual attributes of herbs. Be aware that some herbs have cautions because of their strength so just do the research.

Next, add your oil(s). You can use olive oil, almond oil, jojoba oil as a base and just add a few drops of the essential oil(s). Most essential oils are very strong so you should not use them directly on the skin, it is best to dilute.

Now, you have a personal anointing oil, that can be used on the chakra points before prayer and meditation. You can also wear this oil during the day to keep you balanced and protected. Pray over this oil, infuse it with your energy so that its scent is known as you. Mark your 'territory' with it - scent can communicate that this area is sacred.

If you are looking for some nice blended essential oils, I just purchased some from ebay at the www.Essential Trading Post.com. Their oils seem to be good quality and very affordable. There are more expensive oils at Whole Foods but for this purpose I feel the ebay source is just fine.

If you don't want to use oils you can make your own Holy Wata. You can do this a few ways...
1. Collect some rain water or some river water. Filter it if you want. Bless it and use it to anointed yourself and places deem sacred by you...
2. You can use any water source. Sage it. Pray over it.

by Earth Angel by Alix Beaujour

The source of POWER IS YOU(a vessel for Goddess/God). I will discuss this in upcoming features as we go over hands on healing - you have all the power needed to heal yourself and anything. When you lay your hand on anything in a consciously prayerful, faithful way then it IS healed, it IS cleansed. Part of claiming your Ancient Goddess past is the declaration of your power. You can practice any religion you want to - I know powerful Christian healers, powerful Buddhist healers, powerful Kemetic Healers, powerful Muslim healers, powerful Traditionalists...what they all have in common is unwavering faith. Healing the Heart takes unwavering faith - a strong belief that LOVE WILL SAVE US ALL. There is so much in the world to try to convince you that LOVE is gone - don't believe it.

Let's Pray...

Giving thanks and calling in the Creator/God/Goddess/Father/Mother
Giving thanks and calling in the Venerated Ancestors who sit at the feet of the Creator
Giving thanks and calling in the Venerated Spirit Guides who work directly with the Creator for our best and most high benefit
We are Grateful for this day...
this day has shown us how strong we are...
how powerful we are...
for we are made your image Spirit...
we accept our divinity,
we accept our prosperous inheritance as walking, living Shrines to your Greatness!!!
We are on this path of healing because we know there is no other work...
We know that it is the agreement we made not only with you dear Creator but between ourselves before we were born into this world to be of SERVICE - to be the HEALERS -the anointed ones who will bring forth the balm of LOVE...
use us as your vessel,
use us as the force for change...
we are not afraid to walk this blessed path...
Ashe', Ashe', Ashe'O

Some musical inquiry...

HUGS SISTARS!!! Day 4 and Day 5 the body, the mind and body realize we ARE doing this thang! Keep sharing your stories here and in your journals. Each day I am like an onion with my layers peeling back to reveal the fruit.

We continue to journal,anoint, meditate, pray and bathe...patiently, kindly, full of LOVE...

Peace and Light,
Sis. Camara