Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Next Level Thinking...


I have been working up a sweat lately...I think it is because the planets are truly aligned and now is the time to get things done! Being a single parent, I know what it is like to be tired and have a lot to do AND there is that part of you that wants to move upward and onward. The other day I thought to myself, "I appreciate where I am -what I have come through but I am ready to go to the next level!"

I realized a year ago that great deal of my time was spent trying to manage and solve problems for others when really my life needed some managing and problem solving. The golden rule then became that people will resolve their own issues when they are good and ready. The perfect way to assist is to be the model of peace, harmony, success and prosperity. If I wanted to be a money coach then I would first want to make sure that I have my prosperity in alignment with my consciousness AND make sure that I am successful myself in all areas of abundance. The truth of this can be said for anything.

I know there are many people out there that poo-poo those who choose to live their lives in wholeness - who choose happiness over mental slavery. I think folks get it backwards sometimes - you don't need to devote grueling hours of sweat to a job that you have no passion for in order to pay bills for over-priced things you buy to impress people you don't like. The stress of this passionless cycle could leave you depressed or ill. For many of us however, this is the only way of life we know...many of us have never really thought about doing something with our lives that would bring us joy and happiness...

Sistahs, I am about living my heaven here on earth not in the after-life. My Creator never told me that I needed to suffer and worry for my divinity. I now know that every time I have ended up suffering was because I made some choice at some point that I could not have what I truly desired. I chose lack instead of my divine birth rite of prosperity. Now when I desire the best for myself I go and visualize it AND I take an action towards that visualization. One year I had a big goal - to be financially stable and pay off all my debts. I visualized myself doing it and one day I said to myself, "I want to pay all my bills on time - no late fees." I then visualized all the $$ I would save because I was not paying $20 here and there for fees. I took ACTION and sat down with all my bills and looked at the due dates, wrote the checks or scheduled the payments online and then I was done. I got myself a little file box and started to file away my bills and developed a "one-touch" system - open the bill, write the check & stamp and file! Before I knew it I was on time each month with bills. I started to notice that I have a few extra dollars a month to buy a book or save. I also noticed when I paid on time - folks offered me better rates or no deposit. In the long run it worked for me not against me. Every time I opened a bill I affirmed that I was grateful to be able to pay this bill and pay it on time.

In the man-made world nothing changes, people are forced to suffer with things as they are...In the Spirit world things are changeable - new paths open before your very eyes-miracles take ask AND you receive...Try it! I knew one person who was always slammed at the first of the month with bills and rent. She called all of her accounts and asked for a later billing due dates and most of them changed the due dates on her bills to mid-month! She got so energized that she went and asked for a reduction on another bill and got it! She even asked her boss for a cost of living increase (yes, in a financial slump!) AND she got it! She was not lucky instead she ASKED and she RECEIVED! She also EXPECTED to receive. She said to me that everyday she woke up she expected GREAT and POWERFUL things to take place in her life - that everything that came in contact with her was in alignment with her greatest prosperity. Her world changed as a result.

My son's 16 year old friend said to me about his sales business, "When I get a no, I know a yes is coming soon!" I know this kid is gong to succeed because he knows that the person or situation that is saying "no" is simply not the right person that will say "yes". Learn to discern between healthy criticism and poo-poo advice AND keep going! We are all beautiful individuals living our own unique dream.

I had this song on my mind all day...especially the line "the World is Mine when I wake up!!! I don't need no body telling me the time!...." (video embedded)

Peace and Hugs,
Sis. Camara

Monday, July 19, 2010

The Unwritten Story...

Sistahs, after a long spell of pure work and rebuilding of my home environment I have set aside time again to read and research. I found this increasingly important as Wombyn Studies further develops itself. I have a long list of books to read that link to the subject of the Divine Feminine - the Great Mother. Recently, it was recommended that I read the book The Red Tent. Many people speak highly of the book - I even had people comment on the book seeing me read it in public. I found the book powerful on many levels but it never quite made it into my heart as a reader because Bilhah, the one sister of Afrikan descent was portrayed as ugly and unlovable. There was a light mention of how she was close to nature but other than that she had little to offer except to comfort others and make an attempt to have a baby for her "beautiful" sister Rachel who could not have children.

A friend who picked up the book at the same time called me furious about the same thing - why are Black women portrayed as virtually invisible - ugly and meaningless...I told her I was thinking the same as I read the story and Spirit prompted that it was because our story has not been written - we have not told the bold story of ourselves as matriarchs - as Wombyn with sisterhood practices-magic, medicine, birth rites - as Wombyn who built nations - who were consider the most beautiful and POWERFUL on the planet. Sistah, I really think it is time for us to start telling and writing the historical truths of our role in the shaping of this world past, present and future...Yes, there are many great Black female authors but in the context of historical fiction and fact concerning the Divine Feminine we need more...Mama Zogbe' laid the foundation with the books the Sibyls and Mami Wata...As we uncover the truth of the SistahGoddess we take her out of the realm of myth and return her to flesh. May some of be brave enough to tell our Mother's story.

Sis. Camara

Thursday, July 8, 2010

New Moon Prayer Call

Sistahs, often we all see the problems of the world - the challenges and what needs to change. The 13 Indigenous GrandMother's Council recently made a conference call to offer up prayers for our Mother Earth. I was so inspired by this call that I wanted to continue the energy that had been put forth from our Wise Elders.

Prayer, the offering of blessing and healing touch to me are our most powerful medicine. Just to focus on the intention of healing and put your energy on it can transform the most dire situation. Our minds can consciously create a reality and can CHANGE a reality.

On July 11th at 11:40am (pst)/ 2:40pm (est) the Wombyn Studies site will sponsor a prayer conference call to offer up our prayers and blessings to heal the Earth Mother Womb. All are invited and many are needed. In my most challenging hours I have reached out to everyone I know to see if they would simply pray for me - I tell you that prayer (regardless of the faith) WORKS!!! Not only do we use our collective consciousness we also call in the help of our Spirit Guides, Angels, Animal Guides and the Most High.

A week ago I asked which Goddess would guide this process of prayer and it was Goddess Tara, Mother of compassion, wish fulfillment and assistance. The Tibetan Buddhist believed that Tara had the power to heal ALL sorrows and grant ALL wishes. The name Tara translates into English as, "she who causes one to cross...", which means the Goddess with help her devotees cross to the other side of their difficulties. Tara was believed to be a mortal woman who yearned to become the first female Buddha. One story claims that to reach this goal she prayed for the welfare of humans for over 10 million years. Then she transformed into a Goddess whose only desire was to ease the world's pain.

Tara is often depicted with differently colored skins...suggesting her realms of influence. She is most popularly seen as the White Tara and the Green Tara. As the white Tara she is renowned for her compassion. Green Tara is known to grant wishes.

The message from Tara: "Your Wish Can Be Granted If You Ask for Help."

This call is open to all. I hope you can join us and offer your special medicine.
Date: Sunday, July 11
Time: 11:40am (pst)/2:40pm (est)
Conference Call #: 712-432-0075
Code: 889727

Sis. Camara

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Spirit Medicine: Your Special Blend

Sistahs for the last few days I have been getting this message or prompt from my shrine and today I felt it was time to speak about it. She said, "true friends respect your medicine..." This was repeated to me often and I knew it was something that had to be shared. Today I wrote, "true friends honor and respect the Spirit Medicine you have to offer even at times when they don't understand it...they sit with it and you through the healing..."

My belief and the teachings that are coming from my Spirit Guides tell me that true friends respect the uniqueness you bring into the world -you gifts which are your Spirit Medicine. Imagine yourself for a moment the beautiful Goddess that you are carrying a intricate basket woven by your experiences and colored by your viewpoint AND inside are the herbs of the lessons you have learned, mix with your Ancestors special blend of cosmic flowers, roots, shells and other secret stuff. The contents of this powerful basket you carry you sprinkle around you - healing yourself and healing others - it is your special Spirit Medicine and it is needed.

No matter how powerful, experienced, dynamic the teacher is - the true teacher knows all pupils will be the MASTER of their OWN LIVES if taught the true teachings. A true teacher does not want you to remain at her feet but at the feet of the Goddess. If you understand this you will not create obstacles for your growth. You know when it is time to receive teachings and when it is time to forge your own path AND know you WILL forge your own path.

Often Sistahs we experiences challenges in life because we are not using our OWN Spirit Medicine. Our baskets are not being tended to cause we are placing our sacred ingredients in the baskets of others. It is in companionship that we all share our Spirit Medicine not in obligation or debt. Understand this Sistahs that the Great Mother is calling forth her Priestesses - it is her whispers you hear and it is her milk you hunger for - no earthly being can feed you, only the Great Mother's Breast.

Sistahs gather your baskets, weave together any holes, work with your Ancestors to know the ingredients and stir your Medicine.

Much Love To You!
Peace and Hugs,
Sis. Camara