Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Sistahs, I have been thinking too hard lately! Really, I have been over a few scenarios over and over again trying to figure something out - trying to make a plan - formulate a way AND it is during those moments that something snaps or just comes undone and all of a sudden what was so serious seems to be amusing.

I catch myself in moments being too serious about "what I am going to do" while the present moment is just floating by...Life calls for us to be more than one dimensional. Even the most mundane tasks can invoke symbolism for what can bring us joy...When I find myself in a state of bliss-less-ness, meaning not in state of being drunk with joy- I see where I have missed the mark AND surrender to the fullness of who I AM.

After so many days of structured sacrifice of solid food (a 35 day juice feast), it only seems healthy that I would take another round of days and pursue the consuming of pleasure! I now will partake in unapologetic joy! I realize that people like to do things that bring them joy - that fill their Spirits. I am no different. Yes, I can be serious but perhaps the greatest treasure is in being in my JOY and feeling ALIVE!!!

It is a WONDERFUL time!

Sis. Camara

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Feelin' Good

a piece of raw vegan cacao chocolate cake from Evolution Fast Food Restaurant - it was YUMMY!!!

Hey Sistahs!

I had to go to a business meeting last week and it had been with some folks who had not seen me in a while (since my juice fast) and they were really shocked at the difference. Even people who had not ever met me said that my skin looked so radiant and clear. Everyone wanted to know what I was doing...I told them juice fasting then a vegan diet.

I am not sure how some of us came to the point where we can not believe that we could live off of vegetables and fruits. I think many people believe they need meat to live but it really isn't true. I am not trying to be dogmatic but really you could live a healthy life being a vegan or even raw. Like any diet it requires a balance and some thought. I see the RESULTS of what I am doing and I KNOW that it works! I witnessed clearly with myself how quickly my body degenerated with the standard american diet (SAD) even after being vegetarian and vegan for so long, it did not take long to look tired and over weight.

I am optimistic that people want a change in their health - no one wants to be sick and tired ALL the time. A lot of what we consume determines whether we will walk in health or illness. I thought to myself this morning that I CHOOSE TO CARE - I choose to care about myself and love my body - by doing this I outwardly and inwardly express the wholeness of walking with the Divine. Each of us has to come to our own place of health. Yes, sacrifice may be involved - even I miss certain foods but inside I know that road of feeling unhealthy and I really don't ever want to go back.

Peace and Hugs,
Sis. Camara

Sunday, September 19, 2010

My New Raw Vegan Food Blog

Hey Sistahs!!!
I have been quietly on an extended juice fast/feast for the last month and I finally eased into a gentle ending last week. It was truly a "sacrifice" that I needed to engage in to go to another level - to see "what I am made of..." ha hah!!! I had to say that the Spirit World was with me every inch of the way - helping me to detox and release. I am still in the process - eating very little (perhaps once a day) and still juicing...

During this time I recommitted to my vegan live food diet with the thoughts that I will do many things differently to make sure I don't loose too much weight and stay balanced with my sugar and fat intake. I have been doing more research and I even took the time to write up my juice feasting process which I will share with you soon. I released a lot of weight, my skin is clear and my energy is BACK!!! I am going to yoga regularly and I sense doors have opened for me...My work continues and I feel as if I cleanse a lot of baggage.

I have decided to document my food journey/health journey on a new blog called RAW SistahGoddess, www.rawsistahgoddess.wordpress.com I will share raw vegan recipes and cooked vegan recipes. I would love for you to give me your opinions. I will be starting off slow as I am not really eating too much right now - but I will share my processes - thoughts on products and preparation. Today, I made my son (who is "RAW Skeptical" - I just invented a new phrase for those who believe raw vegan food is radical and not realistic yet are always IN YOUR PLATE trying to taste it!) a live, raw vegan hummus with fresh field greens. The hummus is bean-free AND nut-free. Very economical to make and delicious!!!

The goal of my new blog is to show you inexpensive ways to do raw vegan food while staying healthy. I am not dogmatic about this way of eating in fact I will probably eat some cooked foods when needed...my approach is a Vegan Fusion of Raw Living & Cooked Vegan. I am an amateur green chef but I hope you enjoy my recipes!

Thanks for your support! www.RawSistahGoddess.wordpress.com

Sis. Camara

Friday, September 10, 2010

Sistahs, I want to give big thanks for the many of you that have reached out to me lately. I DO have many changes happening in my life. The funny part is that unlike my usual self- worried, fightin', lamenting change - I am actually IN THE FLOW...For the last 26 days I have been on a juice fast/feast. I have watched myself and my life during this time in 'overview' mode. All of this process has been about the bigger picture- the details don't seem to be important right now. I see so many parts of my life healing or dissolving just as the toxins leave the body. It is funny how Zen it all becomes - what once was important - non-negotiable or what was once even desired seems to be transforming before my very eyes.

So many of us live from a space and time that is ALREADY GONE yet we are still there in our minds - trying to re-live it. It is as if that past moment is ALL that there is when in in reality the GRANDEST parts of our lives are still waiting for us to be present and recognize the moment.

I see inside of me a NEW Wombyn being born - she is none like no other. She is no longer thinks like she use to... nor does she sleep or eat like she use to...She has placed many of her past experiences in their rightful place in order to be her true self. She no longer uses her energy in efforts that continue to render her invisible or less than. She is the GREAT I AM! And in my awareness of her inside of me, I am no longer able to bend, crotch down low or get small to make others comfortable. I stand and let what is BE and what will BE COME. If others have judgments then I let them wallow in those opinions while I move forward, UP and OVER.

Sistah, what a beautiful time it is for those ready to SEE it. The days of self-doubt are gently put to rest so that what is Divine within us can step forward. I give thanks for the guidance of Spirit leading the way...

Peace and Hugs,