Sunday, February 28, 2010


DuEwa (not sure if this is the artist or not but click on name for website...)

SiSTARS!!!! Are you ready to begin the journey of Heart Wellness? I am. I literally spent a good part of my day submerged in the "other world" meaning I slept all day - which is very unusual for me however I do my best work in my dreams. All week and weekend I had been thinking of the heart and consequently love. I just observed so much within and without about the condition of the heart.

Heart dis-ease runs in my family. In fact heart disease is the number "killer" of all women in the United States. It is said by the medical community that heart disease happens over time - slowly and results in heart attack in which two thirds of women never recover...One day on Facebook Sis. Marilyn brought up that dying of a broken heart IS a real condition called cardiomyopathy and more women than men suffer from the condition. The difference between cardiomyopathy and heart attack is that the arteries are not clogged in cardiomyopathy however the person is experiencing a mild heart attack due to a stressful and/or traumatic event...The doctors says it take about a week to recover from cardiomyopathy but many of the old stories say that people die from a broken heart...

Sistahs, forgive me for starting off speaking of pathology but it is good to have some context to why we gather to heal the heart...Personally, I want to look at this journey for myself as a way to stop the cycle of "broken hearted-ness". I wish to break free from walls that I have built, stories I have believed as to why I think I can not experience the love I desire...

It came to me in my meditation today that I have been the "victim" and the "perpetrator" of love crimes. Sounds serious, doesn't it? The "victim" AND the "perpetrator" but for some reason Spirit wanted me to look at that statement. As I opened up around it I got that I have equally committed unloving acts as well as been on the receiving end of unloving acts. The Buddhist say you can be very harmful when you don't know yourself - when you are not self aware... I get that most unloving acts are unconscious - they are done because are part of us that we are not fully conscious of feels threatened. So, for me another part of this healing is about what bell hooks (Sisters of the Yam) refers to as truth telling. I must face the truth of not only the unloving acts I have experienced but those I have (whether I am aware of it or not)done to others...

I don't think you can seriously approach the healing of the heart without first dealing with what is within...I know folks who read articles and books on how get the love of their life but none of these books speak of self love FIRST. Looking for love outside of yourself before doing the work within sets you up for something you may not ultimately want...I am doing this journey because I am seeking to fall deeply, reverently and passionately IN LOVE WITH MYSELF. I want to LOVE MYSELf so much that the taste for any less that caliber of Love leaves my desires. That any person, place or condition that is not right for me and my purpose cease to cross my path.

I spoke with several SistahGoddesses about this 40 Day Hear Healing: LOVE FEST and they have agreed to share with us what they know. This process is about sharing the healing ways -we all have something to contribute. I also think things will come to us during this time as we open our hearts so will our intuition open - our Ancestors who sit at the feet of the Creator/God/Goddess will speak to us and guide us. Take what works for you...

I was wondering where we would start -what would we do first??? I get all energized sometimes and get complicated but Spirit said to start with a prayer and a song...

Giving thanks and calling in to the Creator/the Mother/Father/God/Goddess
Giving thanks and calling in the Venerated Ancestors who sit at the feet of the Creator - who work directly with the Creator
Giving thanks and calling in the Venerated Spirit Guides - those here to help me on this journey of true love...
First, I give my gratitude,
Thank you for my life,
my health,
the health of my family,
thank you for the material means I have,
the ability to take care of my family,
to take care of my home,
to pay the bills,
to provide food from my household,
to serve in work that makes it possible for me to be a provider in my household,
thank you for my creativity,
thank you for a working with me, guiding me, loving me
I ask that you guide me through this journey,
I wish to heal my heart,
I ask that you guide my speech,
my actions,
my feet,
my sight,
my heart,
I ask that you show me what needs to be healed,
I know that this life is about re-remembering my union with the Most High,
I ask that my heart be strengthen,
that my heart be opened to be a vessel for healing,
I know that healing myself is a direct action that helps the world heal.
Please keep me strong...
I give thanks for seeing this healing path as my a part of my purpose,
I give thanks for being supported in this purpose.
Ashe, Ashe, Ashe 'O

Isn't that BEAUTIFUL!!! This journey IS a CELEBRATION, too! As you can see, I like to celebrate before, after and during!!

Ok, this is what I thought we could do this 40 day LOVE FEST...

I think journaling is a way to do that "brain dump" in the morning...Julia Cameron in the Artist Way calls it Morning Minutes. You just take a couple of minutes first thing in the morning before rising and dump out those thoughts. No need to edit or punctuate...this is not for anyone but you...just get all that stuff out and on paper.

You may want to create another journal for writing poems, words, works and/or art. SiSTAR Marilyn has created some beautiful and powerful journals on her blog. Also, feel free to share your works as we go can email pics to me or links to a video/audio, recipes, ideas to This is a Sistah Healing Circle so don't be shy about sharing your way...

If you ask me about the foundation of my healing, I call it meditation. It is a time that I sit at my altar and I commune with my Ancestors. I sit in a comfortable position and I simply pay attention to the breath entering and leaving my body (best done by focusing on the air around the outside of the nostrils and upper lip area). I just allow thoughts to come and go...I do my best to stay focused on the breath until the mind is silent, too.

After meditation, I pray. I start with giving thanks and calling in the Creator/God/Goddess/Father/Mother. I then give thanks and call in my Venerated Ancestors (not all Ancestors have the tools yet to help you so it is best to call on those who are working directly with the Creator). From there I call on my Venerated Spirit Guides - those who work with my and my family for our success. I also begin with what I am grateful for...there IS so much to be grateful for and if you wake up feeling down or depressed this IS the place to start - in gratitude. After recognizing my blessings I ask humbly for the help of the Spirit World. I then end in gratitude again because the Spirit World is working with me, healing me... Then I say Ashe because I know it is so...

I find that Prayer, Meditation and Journaling is the first medicine...It helps me to stay self aware. I do this in the morning and before going to bed.

I emailed Queen Mama Imakhu because I heard of her mention a practice of working with Maat and the 42 Principles. I will back up to say that Queen Mama Imakhu is a powerful teacher. I have found her wisdom to nourish me and help me when I needed answers. I read both of her books (which I highly recommend), Understanding Kemetic (Egyptian) Magick and The Cowrie Blessings Book She also post a video blog show on youtube called Ashe'. Spirit keeps pointing me in the direction of Maat - saying that we can not fully spread Love and the healing of the heart in the world without her...Maat was the Ancient Kemetic SistahGoddess of truth and balance - she was the justice. The Kemetic people honored and practiced the ways of Maat through her 42 Principles. These principles or laws made sure that there was balance in society and they gave a framework for respect (inward and outward). Queen Mama Imakhu has agreed to join us on the journey of heart healing and will make videos specifically speaking about Maat, the 42 Principles and the heart. I give thanks for her generosity. I will provide the links to the video soon and for now you can see other videos at if you search Imakhu.

I am thinking I will recite the 42 Principles during my morning and evening meditations as suggested by Queen Mama Imakhu. I will also journal on those place where I had difficulties. Starting here - in Maat, we will develop a safe place within and without to do the work of the heart.

42 Divine Principles of Maat

1. I have not committed sin.

2. I have not committed robbery with violence.

3. I have not stolen.

4. I have not slain men or women

5. I have not stolen food.

6. I have not swindled offerings.

7. I have not stolen from God/Goddess.

8. I have not told lies.

9. I have not carried away food.

10. I have not cursed.

11. I have not closed my ears to truth

12. I have not committed adultery.

13. I have not made anyone cry.

14. I have not felt sorrow without reason

15. I have not assaulted anyone

16. I am not deceitful.

17. I have not stolen anyone’s land

18. I have not been an eavesdropper

19. I have not falsely accused anyone.

20. I have not been angry without reason.

21. I have not seduced anyone’s wife or husband.

22. I have not polluted myself.

23. I have not terrorized anyone.

24. I have not disobeyed the Law.

25. I have not been exclusively angry.

26. I have not cursed God/Goddess.

27. I have not behaved with violence.

28. I have not caused disruption of peace.

29. I have not acted hastily or without thought.

30. I have not overstepped my boundaries of concern.

31. I have not exaggerated my words when speaking.

32. I have not worked evil.

33. I have not used evil thoughts, words or deeds.

34. I have not polluted the water

35. I have not spoken angrily or arrogantly.

36. I have not cursed anyone in thought, word or deeds.

37. I have not placed myself on a Pedestal.

38. I have not stolen what belongs to God/Goddess.

39. I have not stolen from or disrespected the deceased.

40. I have not taken food from a child or abused a child.

41. I have not acted with insolence.

42. I have not destroyed property belonging to God/Goddess.

I am excited to be on this journey with you...Each day, I will pose a question to you in hope that we can dialogue during this time... Please comment below...

Why do you feel it is important to heal the heart?

Again, lets share, lets create a circle of healing wisdom...

Sis. Camara

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

LoVe...A Serious Issue

SiStahs! I incubate from time to time...My 40 Day Portrait of Intimate Change took me to the place of LOVE. I have been shown over and over again that Love is the piece that will complete the Circle.

You know I am SERIOUS about the healing of this planet! I am tired of folks being hurt or trying to hurt others for a fleeting moment of revenge, greed or perverted pleasure. I am done with meanness and coldness...What happened to the Love? It's there but some folks want to kick up dust to make us believe there ain't a drop of it on the earth AND we know the Creator does not go out like that!

SiSTARS, LOVE is a tough topic cause many of us think it is about looking for something outside of ourselves - a boyfriend, a mate or a husband. Relationships are beautiful and wonderful but those are the outcome of practicing LOVE - they are not the thing. LOVE is an energy, a light that starts from within - it is complete satisfaction with all aspects of yourself - even those "hard to reach" places.

Self awareness and self acceptance is a deep practice. With so much out there that says you are imperfect you have to fight to stay in your loving mind. I realized for most of my life my relationships have out pictured the amount of self love I had within...It was a hard pill to swallow to know that I got exactly what I expected. When a Sistah has low self worth she sometimes attract situations where she is considered worthless or "less than". She freely gives away her creativity, her intuition and ultimately her happiness because she believe someone else knows better. The funny part is that as the Sistah steps into her Goddess self (her rightful position)and begins to heal her feelings of worthlessness a earthquake happens!!! Her relationships shift on shaky ground -some people can't believe, won't believe she is claiming her Goddess Self and others are just plain mad cause they sense they lost some sort of claim of her...When this happens the SistahGoddess is not alarmed because she knows that REALITY - her CREATOR GIVE REALITY is setting in and healing all aspects of her life! She is a FREE WOMBYN!!!

I have heard it said, "You don't ask for Freedom, you take it!" SistahGoddesses, this is true - you have to Warrior Up for your Freedom but it ain't the kind of war that involves guns, fancy hand moves, knives or all that "this world" stuff...It is LOVE! Love is the feeling that comes from a healed heart. I wondered if we all worked on our hearts and healed the stuff that needs healing, if we would see a shift in our families, our community and the world?

Sistahs, I want to put a "challenge" out there...I want us to do a 40 Day LOVE HEALING HEART FEST! I like 40 because it always seems to be enough time to turn anything around. I want all the SiSTARs for 40 days to commit to working on the heart chakra and the heart muscle - lets strengthen it and heal it. Lets see what happens as a result of doing this deep LOVE work on ourselves...I venture to say MIRACLES will happen...

In the next 40 days, I am going to bring you SistahGoddesses all heart related healing information, practices, thoughts, prayers...I am going to step into my role as the "Heart Specialist" (self appointment has it advantages,LOL!). Lets work together and share our knowledge of healing. Comment and let me know how you are doing. I will still do my SistahGoddess Give-a-Ways!!

So, this Sunday is the Full MOON and I think that will be the perfect day to start. It will be a nice time to journal.

Until Sunday!!!!
Sis. Camara

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Summary of the 40 Days of Intimate Change...

“Mami Wata,” 1999, by Moyo Ogundipe

“Mami Wata,” 1999, by Moyo Ogundipe

Hey SisTaRs!!!
The work week wiz'd by and I realize that I was at the conclusion of my 40 Days!!! It was a tender space in time. I started off fasting then I went to a living food practice and ended with my vegan diet. I also realized in this time that I am easily influenced by my environment and the energy of those around me...I recommitted to meditation and prayer twice a day - and it has proven to be my medicine when all else gets chaotic and my surrounding are not so optimal.

BEAUTIFUL things took place over these 40 days...I started writing on this blog again, I met some powerful artist - creative SistahGoddesses that don't mind sharing their love of art and their talents. I started Goddess Give-a-Ways!!! Which reminds me that I don't think I have any submissions yet for the Lunaversoul GIVE-A-WAY??!!! You get a beautiful pair of earrings just by going to Lunaversoul and picking a piece that inspires the Goddess in You! I am extending the GIVE-A-WAY over this holiday weekend. Sistah's don't let this work of art get away!

I think the biggest revelation I had was to RECOMMIT to be the HEALER and ARTIST I AM! I think for the last three years I had been so focused on survival and the immediate safety of my son and I that I did not feel that I could be a healer with so many "problems". I didn't realize how much confidence I had lost...What came to me is that the healer does on occasion need to take time off but that often doing the work IS the healing. So...I am continuing on the journey of purpose - this time stronger, more confident and mega creative!!! I will
be sharing more about my "ministry" as it unfolds...I am doing some additional self study and preparation.

I want to thank the many Sistahs that have shared with me and joined me on Facebook. Connecting with like minded Sistah's is a blessing. We must continue to uplift each other - nothing is going to change on this planet until WE HEAL - AND WE ARE DOING THIS!!!

Please check out Lunaversoul and comment here for the GIVE-A-WAY!!!

"What Lunaversoul piece brings out the Goddess in you?"

SIS. Camara

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Day 38 of 40 Days of Lunaversoul!!! (Goddess Gift Give-A-Way)

Sistahs, some wombyn have an obsession with shoes but I absolutely love earrings!!! Last year I happened upon Lunaversoul on and I have made it one of my favorite jewelry spots. I so LUV'd the Lunaversoul that I wrote a feature on SistahGoddess CJ's artistry and we became instant friends!!

I love the mix of ethnic with modern. Her style is timeless yet on the forefront design. Recently, I got some beautiful earrings got the Sahara earrings - I love these!!! I have worn them practically everywhere!!

Well, I got to talkin' with SistahGoddess is what is going on in her world...

• What is up for Lunaversoul in 2010?

My goals for 2010 are to take my company to the next level. By participating in more shows & events locally I also plan to travel & do some shows outside the state this year. I will be challenging myself in the area of design,acquiring new skills & exploring different mediums with my jewelry.

• What SistahGoddess(es) inspire your work?

One of the many things that really inspire me when I’m working on my jewelry is my mood, which is very much influenced by the music that I listen to & the emotions I feel while I am creating. Id say Georgia Ann Muldrow is one of my most favorite recording artists & SistahGoddess I admire. Musician/producer/vocalist/mother She does it all.She is easily one of the most multi-talented women in music and truly gives meaning to the word artist.

What Goddess Deity guides your life?
Sekhmet (Sakhmet)she is one of the oldest known Egyptian deities. Her name alone means "She Who Is Powerful".

My work can be seen on my website at or at

I have an upcoming feature in the May/June issue of Obvious Magazine so be on the look out for that. I will also be at the Reign of Style Show debuting all new jewelry
March 7th at Seattle Center Exhibition Hall at 5pm. I will be doing more shows all throughout the year so check my site for future show dates.

Now the part you Goddesses have been waiting for...!!!! SistahGoddess CJ is doing a LUNAVERSOUL Goddess Give-A-Way!!! Subscribers to SistahGoddess blogspot will need to answer this question:

"What Lunaversoul piece speaks to the Goddess in you and why?"

Please be sure to include the name of the jewelry piece! The best answer will get a FREE pair of Hathi Earrings (see below) Sunday, February 14th is the deadline to enter. Post your answer in this post! Don't you love Goddess Give-A-Ways!!!

Day 38 of 40 Days of Prosperity
Sistahs, I love that SistahGoddesses are so open and abundant that they share their art with the rest of us. Art Heals - it brings joy and gives visual to those things we can't express with words. I give HUGS and THANKS to all the SistahGoddesses that have participated in gifting on this blog - THIS IS ABUNDANCE, THIS IS PROSPERITY!


38. My consciousness of the Spirit within me as my unlimited Source is the Divine Power to restore the years the locusts have eaten, to make all things new, to lift me up to the High Road of abundant prosperity. This awareness, understanding and knowledge of Spirit appears as every visible form and experience that I could possibly desire.

Live on Sistahood, restore, re-invent, rejuvenate!!!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Days 35, 36 and 37 of 40 days of Afroniquely-ness!!!

Just when I feel a little weighed down or low in my energy I get a jolt of love from my Sistah Friends! Some SistahGoddess Friends and I recently started a Small Business Development Circle 4 Sistahs and we had the most wonderful and power infusing call! I have a vision of work that aligns perfectly with my soul's that does not feel like work because I enjoy it so much. I love the idea of Sistahs getting together and sharing their dream work. It is truly a blessing to do what you love and what comes naturally to you.

I have been behind on my posts but I have some exciting SistahGoddesses to share with you all.

Tonight, I am featuring a Sistah blogger Sasha-Shae Shaw of Afroniquely You For some years now I have worn my hair natural and the biggest challenge I have is choosing the best products to keep my hair strong, moisturized and healthy. I am grateful that SistahGoddess Sasha-Shae happened along and decided to blog about natural hair. I had a chance to ask her a few questions...

Why did you start this blog?
I started the blog because I personally wanted a way to track my progress, then it became I wanted to help my friends learn more of what I was learning, soon thereafter I opened it up to the world and now it's a good little resource blog for naturals and those wanting to be natural. I seek to provide information that is relevant to our journeys and experiences as natural men and women. Also I now have a forum, smaller forum that caters to just asking questions, sharing tips etc.

What advice to you give a SistahGoddess who wants to wear her crown natural?
Any SistaGoddess wanting to wear her hair natural needs to understand the value of patience, and diligence. It takes time for a garden to grow and it takes love and great care for it to flourish in beauty. With that said, enjoy every moment that the journey brings. Don't expect your hair to be like others. Find what works for your hair. It may be a long journey to really getting the luscious locks you want, but with patience you'll truly find what works for your hair.

When it comes to natural hair what styles are you feelin' lately?

I love plaits and twists. Those are my styles..and fro-hawks...I'm def digging those.

What are your top 3 products for the natural hair "newbie"?
Water, shea butter and coconut oil

How can a SistahGoddess reach you for more knowledge? (we feature
your link and if you want an email, etc...)

You can contact me over at the blog Afroniquely You and my forum: Le Forum Cheveux....other links of mine include my YouTube, Twitter (see links on blog) and Art Site. Email me at anytime :)

Affirmations for days 35, 36, and 37!!!
Whew! We are coming up to those last fun days of 40 days of Prosperity! I think I have really worked hard on my healing during this time. I had a lot to let go of - plenty of blah, blah relationships that just were not about growth. There is still more to go for me but I feel clear and I feel like a lot of weight has been lifted.


35. Money is not my supply. No person, place or condition is my supply. My awareness, understanding, and knowledge of the all-providing activity of the Divine Mind within me is my supply. My consciousness of this Truth is unlimited, therefore, my supply is unlimited.

36. My inner supply instantly and constantly takes on form and experience according to my needs and desires, and as the Principle of Supply in action, it is impossible for me to have any unfulfilled needs or desires.

37. The Divine Consciousness that I am is forever expressing its true nature of Abundance. This is its responsibility, not mine. My only responsibility is to be aware of this Truth. Therefore, I am totally confident in letting go and letting God appear as the abundant all sufficiency in my life and affairs.

Sis C.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Days 32, 33, 34 of Tenacity

There is something about working for your rewards. Often hard work is required to see a vision through - sometimes it is like you are working and working and working and then finally when you think "I am not sure I can do anymore..." there is what appears to be a sudden breakthrough! On the outside folks are wondering "how did she do this??" while you know through the sweat of your very being you got this beautiful and powerful reward.

Tenacity is that part of us that keeps going when everyone else had stopped and said "it can't be done..." Its the courage to believe in yourself, your purpose and destiny. I like to sit sometimes and watch competitions like sprinters or short distance runners...You can tell in a person's body language if they think they are going to win - their whole body is going for the goal - everyone else is invisible - they are in a zone. I always listen carefully at what they say and it is mostly the same..."I just visualized myself winning..."

I think our consciousness is like highly sensitive photo paper - it takes what ever image we imprint upon it and makes it so...It takes imprints from words we speak to images we watch to thoughts we accept as truth and it creates based on what has been given. It is said 2000 times is the number of times the consciousness has to receive an imprint before it accepts it as truth. So, if someone tells a person they are stupid once and that person accepts it as truth and repeats it over and over again in their mind at the 2000th time is their "reality" - same for "I am ugly" or "I am not good enough" The mind believes - it trust us so much to feed it the proper information. Alternatively, 2000 times of "I love myself", "I am beautiful", "I am radiant", "I AM" can nourish our being and strengthen our resolve.

Let the VICTORY happen in your life...Let the Glorious taste of Success be the food from which you live!

More to come...

Affirmations 32, 33, 34 of 40 Days Prosperity Plan...

32. I lift up my mind and heart to be aware, to understand, and to know that the Divine Presence I AM is the Source and Substance of all my good.

33. I am conscious of the Inner Presence as my lavish Abundance. I am conscious of the constant activity of this Mind of infinite Prosperity. Therefore, my consciousness is filled with the Light of Truth.

34. Through my consciousness of my God-Self, the Goddess/God/Mother/Father within, as my Source, I draw into my mind and feeling nature the very substance of Spirit. This substance is my supply, thus my consciousness of the Presence of God within me is my supply.

Sis Camara

Monday, February 1, 2010

Day 30/31 of 40 Days of Inner Strength!

The winner of the Going Natural Almond Shampoo is SistahGoddess Karen SC!! Please email with your mailing address for your shampoo. Thanks to all the participants!

Sistahs, I had a FABULOUS weekend full of self-care and a wonderful, private yoga class! I have been practicing yoga off and on for years but a message from SistahGoddess Mafdet Maat about cultivating a home yoga practice got my attention. The great part of this was the consultation was right in my living room on my laptop!

Mafdet Maat has been practicing yoga for 10 years and pursued Kundalini Yoga teacher training as taught by Yogi Bhajan in 2004.Yoga transformed Mafdet's life and brought many healing benefits to her family. Mafdet knew that since she learned such a powerful tool such as yoga that she must share it with her community. She has taught yoga for youth,SiStars Yoga(yoga for women)and Yoga for Nubians, along with many other yoga classes and workshops over the years.

SistahGoddess Mafdet lives in Toronto,Canada with her husband,two children and dog. They are happy to be a homeschool family for 5 years. Mafdet is in the process of launching a homeschool website for Black families. Currently, she writing a book called Goddess Rising and is in training as a Hem Netcher(Kemetic priestess). Mafdet enjoys traveling and teaching yoga classes and workshops in the U.S. and looks forward to sharing yoga in many places around the world.

SistahGoddess Mafdet has a special for those who want to develop a home practice. I highly recommend giving it a try. I also got a numerology chart from Mafdet that helped me to figure out how to stay in balance and grow my inner strength. See her message below...

Sat Nam(I am Truth),

There are many people who I come across who want to learn a solid home yoga practice but don't know where to start. Is this you?

I am now offering a special gift to you - a Free one-hour consultation for you to learn a Kundalini Yoga practice at home. I will consult you through either web cam or e-mail. This will include:

Learning how to prepare and start your Kundalini Yoga session
Chanting & Mantras(meditations using uplifting sound vibrations)
Healing Asanas(Postures)
Yogic Lifestyle(diet,daily health and wellness practices)
Breathing Techniques
Relaxation Techniques
Short History and Philosophy

This offer comes with the purchase of either a Kundalini Yoga E-book or Tantric Numerology Chart for $20.

I look forward to showing you a life changing practice that you can do at home for many years to come! $5 of your purchase will go towards donations to Haiti to aid in the earthquakes.

*This opportunity is from January 20th-February 10th

To inquire about Yoga ,Kemeitc services or homeschooling contact Mafdet at

Affirmation 30 and 31 of 40 Days of Inner Strength! (40 Day Prosperity Plan)

30. I keep my mind and thoughts off "this world" and I place my entire focus on God within as the only Cause of my prosperity. I acknowledge the Inner Presence as the only activity in my financial affairs, as the substance of all things visible. I place my faith in the Principle of Abundance in action within me.

31. God is lavish, unfailing Abundance, the rich omnipresent substance of the Universe. This all providing Source of infinite prosperity is individualized as me — the Reality of me. we come towards the last of the cycle of the 40 Day Prosperity Plan I am sure you are getting insight to the prosperity process - it is an inner journey. Each time I do this 40 day Plan by John Randolph Price I am pleasantly surprised at what I have learned - what has shifted inside of me...The man-made world wants you to think it all comes from the outside to the inside but we know that it is on the inside that the true work is done - it is the self care, the self development that makes us rich beyond our dreams!

Sistah Camara