Monday, May 24, 2010

Our Work: Stepping Into Place

This morning I woke up early - it was still dark outside AND the Great Mother was speaking to me. I think she speaks at this time because I have no resistance in my mind after being in the dream world. I heard her say, "BE THE GODDESS..." be that thing you were meant to be. Why take less than what you deserve unless you believe you deserve that...or think you can't get anything better.

Her wisdom is very direct and I knew I had to go within and take it up a notch. In 2007 I started this blog from hearing her small whisper, "You are a Goddess...You ALL are Goddesses..." From here I had to open myself up to this truth. So much in my life -my painful experiences - society - culture was telling me the opposite. Who was I to believe and promote the Divine status of Sistahs? I kept going and every where I looked and investigated, either within or without, I found evidence of our Divinity. Sistahs, do you ever have this feeling that everyone is waiting - they are waiting on a miracle to change the vibration of their lives. They are looking towards everyone and everything BUT the SISTAH! Even Sistahs are looking for everything sometimes except themselves...

Right now, in the present moment can you possibly benefit from the same ole' game of smallness? Every day the same ole' expectation of going along with the 'man-made' thought that you can't possibly be the SOURCE. Sistahs, now is our time to make some decisions. We either decide that the smallness is too much to lose OR that our Divine Destiny is worth every seeming hurdle or temporary obstacle.

Sistahs, Goddess-hood is not going to given by those who suppress it. It may not be a popular place as you begin to take a stand and ask that Wombyn be put the conversation, in the lecture, in the book, in the sermon, in the position of oracle...At times you could feel alone but know that at least 146 people follow this site and over 100 have joined Wombyn Studies and we have not spoke of the silent supporters - that could be enough for you to know that you are not alone in this WORK.

Step into your place - no one else will fit - the place is for YOU.

Sis. Camara

Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Goddess Effect

The Goddess Effect - a process when a Sistah decides to return to her most powerful, peaceful, prosperous and loving state AND in doing that a Sistah on the other side of her world begins to open up to the discovery of her own divinity.

Sistahs, I was listening to an interview posted on youtube about three years ago with Kola Boof. SistahGoddess Kola is a Womanist Sudanese writer who known to be outspoken on the plights of Black Wombyn and the African community. In the last part of her interview she says that in this coming century we are going to see the re-emergence of the African Wombyn - that she will once again rise to her proper place after years of oppression and suppression.

I share these same feelings because I see in the SistahWombyn I know a spark - a throwing off of tired dramas and oppressions that have kept us only in chaos. I believe that I am part of this awakening and I am excited to witness this new moment for SistahGoddesses. Really, the Womb Warriors are awakening from all over the globe AND me being a woman of Afrikan descent I am visualizing a true shift for Wombyn of my community.

The thought of the "Goddess Effect" came to me the other morning when I wrote to a Sistah on Wombyn Studies. Spirit told me as I sat in my morning prayers that we SistahGoddess are sooooo interconnected, so woven in our destinies that each time one of us breaks free from the consciousness of a man-made reality and re-remember who we are - we ignite the same for another Sistah in some part of the world.

Kola Boof explains that any community that kills its Mother (kills the image of its Mother) can not ever become prosperous or respected- nor will it ever experience peace. Sistahs, men are not only guilty of this crime but so are women - women who do not know and love themselves - who can't see with their Ancient Memory. Sistahs, WE ARE BC - our whole her-story is before any of the major religions that exists today.

It is only through a re-remembering process that we will rest comfortably in our power. We use our power everyday and many people around us benefit from our power however it is the Wombyn that seldom gets to reap the reward of her power. I witness Wombyn giving a lot of energy to projects, organizations, spiritual institutions, relationships AND most of the time there is not a reciprocity of that energy. The Womb is an high energy center - it brings prosperity and power to any one who controls it...Many people have been aware of this fact for some time and have kept this 'secret' away from those who are best served from this information...Sistahs.

On Wombyn Studies I am witnessing the "Goddess Effect" - we are sharing our stories, learning from each other and in these sacred places we finding a healing. We are moving forward. I give thanks.

Peace and Hugs,
Sis. Camara

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Before I Fix Breakfast: Motherhood & Sistahood

Hugs Sistahs, Mother's Day is coming up tomorrow - well for me it is everyday. I honor my Great Mother constantly and all beings that come from her. I woke this morning and sometimes I oversleep - cause I like to wake up early and meditate/pray with my Spirit Guides - today it did not matter cause the Mother Spirit woke with me anyway and she re-reminded me of many things - she even gave me messages for specific people and parts of it she said to share with everyone...

She reminded me of the time I was in Zanzibar and how twice a day she (the beautiful Ocean) would leave past the reef line and stay gone for a few hours then come back. She told me that when she was gone she would go to feed her other children. She explained that she was the Mother of Many Breasts AND she fed ALL her children. I finally understood a picture of one of the Goddess I had seen recently - so I share her picture with you...

She then said to me, "...many people think they know God but they have hate in their heart and anger...they force people to do as they do, be as they be but they don't know the nature of Spirit...don't let their tyranny scare you - don't let it take you away from what it is you need to do. If all their Priests (even their most holiest) told you "you don't know God" then YOU KNOW ME! If others choose to walk with them (even those you know intimately) let them go, I WILL WALK WITH YOU!

She spoke to me more about Motherhood...she reminded me of all that I had been through and showed me how it had only made me strong. She told me to tell the young Mothers I know to keep strong - even if you sometimes feel alone she (the GREAT MOTHER) is with you. She also said for the younger Mothers to learn from your Big Sistahs and keep them around you-Sistahood is good medicine.

We all come from the Mother of Many Breasts - she feeds and nurtures us when all else can seem chaotic. Keep strong my Sistah Mamas - Honor Yourself tomorrow and ALL days.

Sis. Camara

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Hey Sistahs! I want to say thank you for the beautiful response I have got for the Wombyn Studies site. I am happy to see and hear from powerful Sistahs who see the value in us coming together to study, share and uplift the Divine Feminine.

I wanted to re-post a kind of mission statement I made in regards to Wombyn Studies.

Wombyn Studies mission is to provide Sistahs with a Sacred and Free place to share and participate in the study of our Divine Feminine for the sole purpose of our healing and upliftment. This space is reserved for Wombyn only so that we can feel free to discuss and learn in an open environment.

I don't think I could accurately define what Wombyn Studies will transition into because it is meant to forge new ground while giving reverence and honor to where we all come from - the Womb. The primary focus of this space is learning, practicing and honoring who WE ARE! The vibration is positive and wombyn centered - so the assumption is that there is no need for a debate on whether the Divine Feminine is worthy of our time, study and practice. I ask that we all use the practice of Maat in our interactions with each other -honesty is valued as is respect.

My personal philosophy is that we all have something GREAT to contribute to the healing of our world - no one is above or below - we are constantly learning, expanding and in transition - this is the nature of who we are...My hope is that Sistahs will take this space as an opportunity to share their Wisdom - this is our "school" of higher learning.

Some thoughts (not at all in the order of importance):
*We have the Divine Right to live as Free Beings in every aspect of our lives.
*Many of our stories are untold, re-written and/or suppressed.
*We are the experts on our own lives.
*Until Wombyn are restored to their rightful Divine place of reverence, global healing and peace will not take place.
*Our intuition is informed by our Wombs/Vulvas/Vaginas.
*Our dreams, thoughts, feelings, deja vu, stories, her-stories are critical and essential to our research.
*We are individuals responsible for our own feelings, happiness and learning - our choices are based on who we are, what we have experienced and how we want to live.
*We are worthy of love, respect, prosperity, truth and joy!

More to come...

Peace and Hugs,
Sis. Camara

It is going to be very exciting to see where Wombyn Studies goes. I truly believe that it is a unique opportunity for Wombyn to take the lead on the scholarship and worship of the Divine Feminine. So much work has already been done and IS being done to restore the Great Mother back to her rightful place - a place where the Creator is not only thought of as the Father, a place where Wombyn and their Divine Gifts are honored, respected and revered.

Sis Camara