Monday, November 22, 2010

Please Support Virtual Art & Crafts Wombyn's Show

I wanted to let my blog readers know that this weekend our Wombyn Studies Sistahs will be hosting our 1st Arts & Crafts Wombyn's Bazaar. The show will feature guest artists from around the world! November 28th, 10am (PST)/1pm (EST) The day of go to -no web cam is necessary, you can use your headphones (ipod/mp3 player is fine). Hope you will log-on and support our artists!

Sis. Camara

Monday, November 15, 2010

The Safest Place in Somalia

Here is a very powerful story about a wombyn who is creating change. Very inspiring.

The Safest Place in Somalia

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Who Are You?

I like this picture of Sistah Marguerite Laurent as Ezili Danto. The Spirit Ezili Danto slices through the illusion with her knife.

Sistahs, there is this part in the movie The Matrix where the main character finds the veils of the two worlds he is living in is thin. Half of him believes he is a regular guy with a job who works everyday while another part of him senses his life is much deeper than what is on the surface. Often I identify with this place...there is a part of my life that feels a bit mundane - I perform the duties of that life in automatic but there is a part of me that knows that another reality- another purpose awaits me.

I often find myself amused and many time frustrated that people want to regulate me or themselves to a one dimensional life. A life that has been created for them to simply fulfill a minimal existence. Despite all the signs that we are GREAT and our capacity to serve a high will is vast, there are still many of us who find the small places - the tiny spaces safe. Those little cubicles that they wish could contain them can not fit the boldness of their Spirit. Just as I refuse to be stuffed into that box to make others feel ok about their own acceptance of minimalism. Why do all this? Why is there comfort illusion?

Yesterday, it came to me that I am UNAFRAID to KNOW the Wombyn I was meant to be - even if all of what I believe has be torn down so that SHE can be revealed - then so BE IT! My life is not the toy of whims nor is it subject to belief systems that hold me small,insignificant and/or invisible - it can't be because I accept the Divine Nature in which I was made. Associations, past decrees(spiritual and man-made), cultural baggage, fears, greed, jealousy, servitude, limitations of all forms have NO POWER OVER ME.

Sistahs, the path of your destiny can sometimes feel lonely but know it is an illusion. The 'small life' feeds off of the fear we will lose our connection with others and be alone. It is natural to want to be in communion with each other - this is a human need AND it keeps us healthy. KNOW THIS, when you take steps to "release the cage" and take dominion in your life you will meet others who also are taking these steps. You then begin to value those who live in their own truth and have little time for those who wish to toil in drama, cliques and illusion. Spiritually you will begin to do the fire walk - you move towards your fears and watch them dissolve as you realize they are just pieces of old stories wrapped in the bondage of generational pain, confusion and suffering. Those fears have NO POWER OVER YOU. The minute you stand up to them they disappear - they can't win the war against truth.

Sistah, I write to remind myself constantly of the truth of who I am. Taking on life authentically requires courage and fortitude - in short guts! Your are FREE to live the life you want to live - any system that tells you to give up your power or that someone has power over you is a lie. There are many people out there who make it their business to generate and feed fear -the unsuspecting find themselves following their illusions and years later find themselves in the same place or worse off still holding the torch of suffering as if it is worthy of honor. We are so much more and we must be unafraid to see who we really are...

It is in my complete reverence for life that I write this...

Peace and Hugs,
Sis. Camara

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Survival Strategies

You know, Sistahs at times I can get into survival. I think about strategies that would help me sustain in life's worse situations - flood, earthquake, apocalypse...I vision myself like McGyver yet a GODDESS with a backpack, a stick of gum, herbs, candles, matches, cowrie shells, florida water and INTENT.

When doubts plague you, when you experience the most seeming insurmountable obstacles, it is risky to push forward. This morning I was thinking about a situation and I felt twisted - I could see where I want to be but the path seem unfamiliar, uneven and unpredictable. Despite all this, I felt supported and the shrine message came, " case of a high winds, sunken holes, blackouts, fires, flood and your own limiting thoughts - KEEP GOING!"

The Goddess in McGyver mode knows that the goal is more important than the little blockages. The mission can withstand the naysayers and the disbelievers. On every HERO's JOURNEY there is the test, whether it is a natural disaster, a non supporter or one's own shadow - the victory is in finding a way to move beyond the limitation. Sometimes your very core will be tested but if you really see the result STAY THE COURSE!

As one of my FB friends says, "..stay encouraged!"

Sis. C

Friday, November 5, 2010

Sistahs, I recently made a decision that will require me to take a risk and grow...It will lead me more towards my path yet there is no guarantee of what I will accomplish or what will be the result of my work. Life is like that if you choose to really live it.

When I woke this morning my shrine referenced the act of farming...I thought, "...farming??" I was shown that now in my life I have to liken myself to a farmer- I have the precious seed which is my life and I must choose the soil upon which I will cultivate it...I must take the soil (my environment) and analyze it. Is it full of nutrients (meaning supportive elements like people, conditions, opportunities)? OR is the soil full of rocks (hard obstacles that have calcified in the soil as the result of old belief systems, cultural/generational pain, all the "isms", limitation)?

The Divine Mother showed me that this is why the Wombyn must be the Master Gardener. She desires the fruits of her labor but faulty soil may inhibit the growth of her precious seed. Any place, condition, relationship in which you can not be your natural self - the 'SEED' of who you are IS faulty soil. However, even the Master Gardener knows that some seeds, even if they are planted under concrete will sprout and grow around the hard parts of life. Perhaps a paradox...

Choose wisely...

Peace and Hugs,
Sis. Camara