Friday, December 31, 2010


Sistahs, just last night my shrine gave me one last lesson to learn for the year of 2010 - responsibility. This year all I can do is give so much thanks to the Mother Spirit for nurturing me, teaching me and helping me to re-remember the SHE in ME. For so long my eyes were clouded with a vision of life that was unnatural to me - I found myself frustrated most of the time because I could not fit into that life no matter how I tried. When I decided to simply let go and be who I AM...At first it felt like isolation but I held on and started to connect with like minded Sistahs who were also feeling the same thing. This whole year has felt like a family reunion to me.

So, the Mother Within spoke to me this morning and what I understood was that the future is here! Now is the time for those of us who have re-remembered to work together. Before any collaboration can take place each of us must make a declaration of responsibility. Sistahs, the man-made world insists on hierarchies -someone above and someone below. In a limited world view only some can be leaders the rest of us must follow. Leadership however is a mechanism within each of us that has to be activated. Why? Each of us has an important part - a unique part to contribute to the transition of this world community. ONE part missing leaves us in imbalance. This imbalance is where we rest now-in limitation. We are LIMITLESS beings dreaming a nightmare of limitation.

When we take responsibility for our uniqueness and yes, our individuality, we see our eternal connection. We are no longer fooled by systems, cults, so-called cultural ideologies that root us in suffering and render us powerless to take dominion in our lives. WE ARE THE BEFORE OF THE BEFORE. Any condition that asks you to uphold another human being as more powerful than you; that asks you to uphold an ideology in which you must submit to group think; that ask you to submit to on group because you are born of an inferior group; that ask you to submit to a limited role; that asks you to kill nature, your emotions, your compassion and your love IS ASKING YOU TO NOT BE IN RESPONSIBILITY. The paradox is that you ARE STILL RESPONSIBLE AS A FOLLOWER.

The move for many wombyn to find their path back to the Divine Feminine is a BEAUTIFUL AND POWERFUL experience. Be careful Sistahs to understand it is not about a new paradigm operating in a man-made world under man-made conditions. The Divine Feminine can NOT exist in man-made containers under such weak limitations. The Mother Within asks us to take responsibility - to walk with an understanding and honoring of this energy. I also get that it asks us to be active in healing ourselves, healing the earth and loving others. USE YOUR POWER FOR GOOD.

I SPEAK MY WORD to serve the Mother Within and take responsibility by being the most POWERFUL and COMPASSIONATE WOMBYN I AM while assisting in providing my own unique skills and gifts to the preparation and completion of world healing.

Happy New Year! May it be BIGGER than you imagine!

Peace and Hugs!!
Sis. Camara

Sunday, December 26, 2010



I can't seem to express how much I appreciate and LUV my life! I have learned this year that it is important to keep pushin', sometimes even fighten' for the things you deserve even when it seems that challenges are insurmountable. Last week my son and I went away for his birthday and a small business trip. We had such a great time together! I think of where I was just a couple of years ago - we could barely shop for food. During these times I knew that my life would change...I knew that I had to believe in myself even if life presented me with situations that seemed to tell another story. During those times my son went without many times...Like many young boys there has been a lack of consistent role models for him...I would always encourage him to be himself - to love himself, think for himself and do the right thing for that is really what a man is made of...On his 18th birthday I saw the emergence of a new young man. My co-workers constantly commented on him - his intelligence, his demeanor and his awareness. I am very proud to be his mother. I felt equally happy to be able to take him on a trip to celebrate a new chapter in his life - a self defined young manhood.

Happy Birthday!!!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

The Gift of Insecurity...

The other day I went to one of my favorite sites, the Osho Zen website to get a quick divination and the words read: ‎"...Insecurity is the only way to grow, to face danger is the only way to grow, to accept the challenge of the unknown is the only way to grow."...The reading was so right on for me. I find myself at times staring at the life in front of me - looking at the accomplishments, the treasures, the "good" and "bad" of it, however lately this life has been feeling much like a blank slate. I spent a lot of 2010 unlearning, unraveling limitations that I have clung to for so long...Some parts of this process was easy cause "...the shit was tired and old...", yet other parts were more difficult. Some belief systems shake your very foundation. When faced with those moments one can decide to cling to what is familiar and secure or face that in the unknown may be even a greater treasure - a greater life.

For a long time I use to have dreams of being chased by a crazy person who wanted to kill me. In the dream, I was in a house, desperately trying to survive. It felt real- I am sure that my heart was beating fast in my sleep. Once I started to trust myself and honor myself I noticed that the dreams lessen and the last time I had the dream I did something different - I decided to fight the person - this symbol of fears. The house was the symbol for my life.

Funny, how a dream can teach you much about life. Many of us live in a nightmare of comfort...We have built a reality - a life that we accept 'as is'. As long as life does not change we find ease in the predictability of it all yet there is a hunger that starts with a quiet pang then it grows to a growl and when that is not satisfied the hunger turns to longing. I find in those moments one can invite anything into life - any drama to help take your mind off the void.

As I think of the new year that is upon me - I wish to reach for the unknown as my guide pass limitation. I am deciding to face the danger to being BIGGER, more POWERFUL, MORE DYNAMIC even at the risk of disrupting the comfort of relationships that assume I would never wish to achieve such heights...

Monday, November 22, 2010

Please Support Virtual Art & Crafts Wombyn's Show

I wanted to let my blog readers know that this weekend our Wombyn Studies Sistahs will be hosting our 1st Arts & Crafts Wombyn's Bazaar. The show will feature guest artists from around the world! November 28th, 10am (PST)/1pm (EST) The day of go to -no web cam is necessary, you can use your headphones (ipod/mp3 player is fine). Hope you will log-on and support our artists!

Sis. Camara

Monday, November 15, 2010

The Safest Place in Somalia

Here is a very powerful story about a wombyn who is creating change. Very inspiring.

The Safest Place in Somalia

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Who Are You?

I like this picture of Sistah Marguerite Laurent as Ezili Danto. The Spirit Ezili Danto slices through the illusion with her knife.

Sistahs, there is this part in the movie The Matrix where the main character finds the veils of the two worlds he is living in is thin. Half of him believes he is a regular guy with a job who works everyday while another part of him senses his life is much deeper than what is on the surface. Often I identify with this place...there is a part of my life that feels a bit mundane - I perform the duties of that life in automatic but there is a part of me that knows that another reality- another purpose awaits me.

I often find myself amused and many time frustrated that people want to regulate me or themselves to a one dimensional life. A life that has been created for them to simply fulfill a minimal existence. Despite all the signs that we are GREAT and our capacity to serve a high will is vast, there are still many of us who find the small places - the tiny spaces safe. Those little cubicles that they wish could contain them can not fit the boldness of their Spirit. Just as I refuse to be stuffed into that box to make others feel ok about their own acceptance of minimalism. Why do all this? Why is there comfort illusion?

Yesterday, it came to me that I am UNAFRAID to KNOW the Wombyn I was meant to be - even if all of what I believe has be torn down so that SHE can be revealed - then so BE IT! My life is not the toy of whims nor is it subject to belief systems that hold me small,insignificant and/or invisible - it can't be because I accept the Divine Nature in which I was made. Associations, past decrees(spiritual and man-made), cultural baggage, fears, greed, jealousy, servitude, limitations of all forms have NO POWER OVER ME.

Sistahs, the path of your destiny can sometimes feel lonely but know it is an illusion. The 'small life' feeds off of the fear we will lose our connection with others and be alone. It is natural to want to be in communion with each other - this is a human need AND it keeps us healthy. KNOW THIS, when you take steps to "release the cage" and take dominion in your life you will meet others who also are taking these steps. You then begin to value those who live in their own truth and have little time for those who wish to toil in drama, cliques and illusion. Spiritually you will begin to do the fire walk - you move towards your fears and watch them dissolve as you realize they are just pieces of old stories wrapped in the bondage of generational pain, confusion and suffering. Those fears have NO POWER OVER YOU. The minute you stand up to them they disappear - they can't win the war against truth.

Sistah, I write to remind myself constantly of the truth of who I am. Taking on life authentically requires courage and fortitude - in short guts! Your are FREE to live the life you want to live - any system that tells you to give up your power or that someone has power over you is a lie. There are many people out there who make it their business to generate and feed fear -the unsuspecting find themselves following their illusions and years later find themselves in the same place or worse off still holding the torch of suffering as if it is worthy of honor. We are so much more and we must be unafraid to see who we really are...

It is in my complete reverence for life that I write this...

Peace and Hugs,
Sis. Camara

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Survival Strategies

You know, Sistahs at times I can get into survival. I think about strategies that would help me sustain in life's worse situations - flood, earthquake, apocalypse...I vision myself like McGyver yet a GODDESS with a backpack, a stick of gum, herbs, candles, matches, cowrie shells, florida water and INTENT.

When doubts plague you, when you experience the most seeming insurmountable obstacles, it is risky to push forward. This morning I was thinking about a situation and I felt twisted - I could see where I want to be but the path seem unfamiliar, uneven and unpredictable. Despite all this, I felt supported and the shrine message came, " case of a high winds, sunken holes, blackouts, fires, flood and your own limiting thoughts - KEEP GOING!"

The Goddess in McGyver mode knows that the goal is more important than the little blockages. The mission can withstand the naysayers and the disbelievers. On every HERO's JOURNEY there is the test, whether it is a natural disaster, a non supporter or one's own shadow - the victory is in finding a way to move beyond the limitation. Sometimes your very core will be tested but if you really see the result STAY THE COURSE!

As one of my FB friends says, "..stay encouraged!"

Sis. C

Friday, November 5, 2010

Sistahs, I recently made a decision that will require me to take a risk and grow...It will lead me more towards my path yet there is no guarantee of what I will accomplish or what will be the result of my work. Life is like that if you choose to really live it.

When I woke this morning my shrine referenced the act of farming...I thought, "...farming??" I was shown that now in my life I have to liken myself to a farmer- I have the precious seed which is my life and I must choose the soil upon which I will cultivate it...I must take the soil (my environment) and analyze it. Is it full of nutrients (meaning supportive elements like people, conditions, opportunities)? OR is the soil full of rocks (hard obstacles that have calcified in the soil as the result of old belief systems, cultural/generational pain, all the "isms", limitation)?

The Divine Mother showed me that this is why the Wombyn must be the Master Gardener. She desires the fruits of her labor but faulty soil may inhibit the growth of her precious seed. Any place, condition, relationship in which you can not be your natural self - the 'SEED' of who you are IS faulty soil. However, even the Master Gardener knows that some seeds, even if they are planted under concrete will sprout and grow around the hard parts of life. Perhaps a paradox...

Choose wisely...

Peace and Hugs,
Sis. Camara

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Energy and Reciprocity

Sistahs, I think one of the greatest gifts in life is to be generous. With generosity you open up doors of opportunity. A small act could influence an outcome that you are not currently aware of - a future event could actually depend on it. We live in a dual world - on one hand our lives depend very much on the energy we put out. The actions we take shape and mold our lives. On the other hand, we are fueled by the energy coming towards us - that energy gives us the means in which to carry on with our mission.

I notice that many Sistahs are depleted AND I include myself in that situation sometimes. I went to a workshop last week and a man mentioned "compassion fatigue", a situation where you no longer have the energy to even care - where injustice could get the upper hand because you are depleted - there is no more to give to ANYONE. As Wombyn we are natural nurturers - we are even biologically set-up to give - we have a womb to carry a child, breast to give milk and blood to give back to the earth. In a patriarchal society many wombyn are taught that they need to be of service - this is their role - you cook, clean, organize, take care of - at work, at home, in your place of worship, etc... You are worried about this person's problem and that person's problem. You find yourself up at night talking on the phone to people about their problems and trying to solve it all. Where are you?

Remember, energy has to be put out... We can't just sit around and do nothing in life (right??). I am naturally generous, I give often without expecting anything in return - for me that is ok AND I find that I am often in a place where I have to just take a longggg break. I can literally drop off the face of the earth to re-charge. I am beginning to realize that this feast or famine attitude does not work for me - I need more of a balance in life.

Sistahs, if you are feeling depleted or just tired of being tired. Look at your ratio of energy out put to input. Meaning, what situations/people are taking a lot of your energy but not really offering much back. I exclude children from this equation but if they are "grown ass adults" maybe not. With spouses and partners you hope for 50/50 but there are just those times when it is more of 60/40 but lets hope that at times there is flexibility to take either position.

Business wise, are you giving away more that what you are getting back? Reciprocity is not difficult. I mean a small action could be a generous gesture. In business, when you partner with someone, does the partnership leave you depleted? When you promote a person's project do they reciprocate? Do they offer to promote your business as well or send you customers?

We also have to realize that the larger issue of feeling depleted is that we may have feelings that we are not worthy of any reciprocity. We may feel as if what we offer is not WORTHY of respect and VALUABLE. Don't put yourself on sale! Don't lower the value of what you are doing and offering. Your time is worth A LOT! If you close your eyes and think of all the things you could do with 2 extra hours a day - what kind of value would you give those hours? What if in those 2 hours you could finish writing your book that would bring you an extra $10,000 of income. Wow, those 2 hours suddenly become very valuable you may not want to spend that time talking to Betty Sue about her boyfriend's mama's problems. They may be able to read your future book and get the help they need!

Again, this is about energy not selfishness. Being SELF-CENTERED - focused on your goals, mission and output is NOT selfish, it is wise. Many people do not expect for Sistahs to feel this way about themselves -some don't even expect for us to have our own dreams, mission and goals but we got to break the mold of that expectation.

In Love,
Sis. Camara

Monday, October 11, 2010

Money and Prosperity

Sistahs, I just recently conducted a sample survey of women from the Wombyn Studies membership to get a feeling for Sistah's attitudes regarding money, finances and prosperity. The results indicated that while many of us are fulfilled with our work we do not feel in control of our financial life. There are many external factors that can contribute to a Sistah struggling financially but at some point she must decide to become the victor and fight for what she deserves. In fact, developing a financial plan and clearing away the cob webs of debt and lack is number one on my list. I have fasted and cleaned out my body now there is another frontier for me to conqueror (yes, I am using war terms) and that is MONEY. I actually will not conquer the money but all those obstacles - mostly self made that prevent me from being a wealthy wombyn.

I have said it! YES, my goal is to be wealthy - self-made, financially independent and philanthropic Wombynaire! A Wombynaire is a Wombyn that has integrated all parts of her Goddess-self to achieve the highest of height! This task requires me to be focused and unfettered in my mind. I have seen people who are like this- goal oriented and very pointed in their process.

I read an article the other day of a research study that shows that single, head of household Black women have the net worth of $5.00! Yes, you read correct $5.00 (five) dollars!!! When I first heard of this article some wonderful "community spin-doctors" (people who pose as intellectual community advocates who sit around and spin the reality of a community - pretending they know it all, lol) on facebook where stating that Black Wombyn are the blame for their situation and that they needed to stop being "independent" and get a husband. The funny part is that the article said that when a Black Wombyn is married her network is about a little over $31k. I thought to myself "31k isn't enough for me to marry someone for a hike in net worth!" I actually felt so insulted by the men and women who were engaged in this senseless conversation - as if their suggestion/solution had any real merit!

Sistahs, some people just think we deserve the crumbs! That you should be happy with what you get. Sistahs, don't believe that crap! If anything, when I read this article I got super motivated to corrected some things in my life AND I was a little T'd off because I had worked so hard for so long like other Sistahs struggling to support their children and somebody says "$5.00 filthy dollars!" Yes, we are more than money but word "worth" in this society seems to be synonymous financial success. Financial stress and "failure" can cause illness, can break up relationships and is probably the leading cause of depression. The reality is in this society, the way it is now - you need money as a tool to help build a solid foundation.

There are so many people who hate what I just said, but Sistahs take a long hard look at your situation. A whole Wombyn - confident in who she is- aware that she comes from a long line of strong Wombyn should not carry the burden of financial chaos because of what others may think! In fact, being aligned with the Divine Feminine means you have tapped into the inner workings of the Great Mother as your source for abundance. You know if you put a seed in her soil she grows and multiples it. As Wombyn our bodies are also living examples of multiplication in action...

Today, my feelings were strong about a plan to eliminate financial struggles in my life and the lives of other Sistahs I know. I have seen too many dreams deferred. I called up one of my Sistah friends because she is always in a place of action and I remember her mentioning that she working in the wealth realm. I spoke with her and she directed me to some sources. We also talked about the universal movement for Wombyn to re-remember their power in all aspects of their lives - this most definitely includes finances!

I urge all Wombyn to get that relationship with your money going. Face the ugly truths in your financial house and start a cleanse. I have debts to pay, too. With clarity and courage the tool of money does not rule the master - instead the master is wise enough to use her tool correctly.

Join me in Wombyn Studies' Money and Prosperity Circle.

Peace and Hugs,
Sis. Camara

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Nature of Yourself...

Caribbean woman by Madiha Yearwood

In this life may I know directly the nature of my being...

Sistahs, there are many things that have held me back and the I think biggest have been my fear of the unknown - yet we live the unknown each day. Even the greatest psychic can not know what tomorrow brings for herself and in reality others. The universe is constantly changing. Last Sunday the forecast said all days had great weather except for Wednesday - this day it will rain. Even on the tv news the meteorologist said "I will tell you which areas will be wet by Wednesday, next on five!" I woke up thinking I should have put some of my items away on my patio but to my delight it was sunny - in fact the day was very beautiful - warm. Even with all the technologies and predictors, each day is a new day - the outcome of that day unique from those days before. This is why fear of change is not very realistic.

Sistahs, knowing our own nature is the key to a successful life - a life that feeds your soul and allows you to grow and expand. I had been feeling a bit "oh um" lately and I realize that I have not been doing my art. I need the act of creation in my life. Arts allows us to build with our hands and co-create with what is around us. It exercises that creation muscle - which in many us keeps of from going crazy in a world that tries to convince everyone that they have to be the same -conform and never dream.

Sistahs, dream awake (as Astarius says) BIG BEAUTIFUL DREAMS and if they come out different then THAT was CHANGE! That is our nature.

Peace and Hugs,
Sis. Camara

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Sistahs, I have been thinking too hard lately! Really, I have been over a few scenarios over and over again trying to figure something out - trying to make a plan - formulate a way AND it is during those moments that something snaps or just comes undone and all of a sudden what was so serious seems to be amusing.

I catch myself in moments being too serious about "what I am going to do" while the present moment is just floating by...Life calls for us to be more than one dimensional. Even the most mundane tasks can invoke symbolism for what can bring us joy...When I find myself in a state of bliss-less-ness, meaning not in state of being drunk with joy- I see where I have missed the mark AND surrender to the fullness of who I AM.

After so many days of structured sacrifice of solid food (a 35 day juice feast), it only seems healthy that I would take another round of days and pursue the consuming of pleasure! I now will partake in unapologetic joy! I realize that people like to do things that bring them joy - that fill their Spirits. I am no different. Yes, I can be serious but perhaps the greatest treasure is in being in my JOY and feeling ALIVE!!!

It is a WONDERFUL time!

Sis. Camara

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Feelin' Good

a piece of raw vegan cacao chocolate cake from Evolution Fast Food Restaurant - it was YUMMY!!!

Hey Sistahs!

I had to go to a business meeting last week and it had been with some folks who had not seen me in a while (since my juice fast) and they were really shocked at the difference. Even people who had not ever met me said that my skin looked so radiant and clear. Everyone wanted to know what I was doing...I told them juice fasting then a vegan diet.

I am not sure how some of us came to the point where we can not believe that we could live off of vegetables and fruits. I think many people believe they need meat to live but it really isn't true. I am not trying to be dogmatic but really you could live a healthy life being a vegan or even raw. Like any diet it requires a balance and some thought. I see the RESULTS of what I am doing and I KNOW that it works! I witnessed clearly with myself how quickly my body degenerated with the standard american diet (SAD) even after being vegetarian and vegan for so long, it did not take long to look tired and over weight.

I am optimistic that people want a change in their health - no one wants to be sick and tired ALL the time. A lot of what we consume determines whether we will walk in health or illness. I thought to myself this morning that I CHOOSE TO CARE - I choose to care about myself and love my body - by doing this I outwardly and inwardly express the wholeness of walking with the Divine. Each of us has to come to our own place of health. Yes, sacrifice may be involved - even I miss certain foods but inside I know that road of feeling unhealthy and I really don't ever want to go back.

Peace and Hugs,
Sis. Camara

Sunday, September 19, 2010

My New Raw Vegan Food Blog

Hey Sistahs!!!
I have been quietly on an extended juice fast/feast for the last month and I finally eased into a gentle ending last week. It was truly a "sacrifice" that I needed to engage in to go to another level - to see "what I am made of..." ha hah!!! I had to say that the Spirit World was with me every inch of the way - helping me to detox and release. I am still in the process - eating very little (perhaps once a day) and still juicing...

During this time I recommitted to my vegan live food diet with the thoughts that I will do many things differently to make sure I don't loose too much weight and stay balanced with my sugar and fat intake. I have been doing more research and I even took the time to write up my juice feasting process which I will share with you soon. I released a lot of weight, my skin is clear and my energy is BACK!!! I am going to yoga regularly and I sense doors have opened for me...My work continues and I feel as if I cleanse a lot of baggage.

I have decided to document my food journey/health journey on a new blog called RAW SistahGoddess, I will share raw vegan recipes and cooked vegan recipes. I would love for you to give me your opinions. I will be starting off slow as I am not really eating too much right now - but I will share my processes - thoughts on products and preparation. Today, I made my son (who is "RAW Skeptical" - I just invented a new phrase for those who believe raw vegan food is radical and not realistic yet are always IN YOUR PLATE trying to taste it!) a live, raw vegan hummus with fresh field greens. The hummus is bean-free AND nut-free. Very economical to make and delicious!!!

The goal of my new blog is to show you inexpensive ways to do raw vegan food while staying healthy. I am not dogmatic about this way of eating in fact I will probably eat some cooked foods when approach is a Vegan Fusion of Raw Living & Cooked Vegan. I am an amateur green chef but I hope you enjoy my recipes!

Thanks for your support!

Sis. Camara

Friday, September 10, 2010

Sistahs, I want to give big thanks for the many of you that have reached out to me lately. I DO have many changes happening in my life. The funny part is that unlike my usual self- worried, fightin', lamenting change - I am actually IN THE FLOW...For the last 26 days I have been on a juice fast/feast. I have watched myself and my life during this time in 'overview' mode. All of this process has been about the bigger picture- the details don't seem to be important right now. I see so many parts of my life healing or dissolving just as the toxins leave the body. It is funny how Zen it all becomes - what once was important - non-negotiable or what was once even desired seems to be transforming before my very eyes.

So many of us live from a space and time that is ALREADY GONE yet we are still there in our minds - trying to re-live it. It is as if that past moment is ALL that there is when in in reality the GRANDEST parts of our lives are still waiting for us to be present and recognize the moment.

I see inside of me a NEW Wombyn being born - she is none like no other. She is no longer thinks like she use to... nor does she sleep or eat like she use to...She has placed many of her past experiences in their rightful place in order to be her true self. She no longer uses her energy in efforts that continue to render her invisible or less than. She is the GREAT I AM! And in my awareness of her inside of me, I am no longer able to bend, crotch down low or get small to make others comfortable. I stand and let what is BE and what will BE COME. If others have judgments then I let them wallow in those opinions while I move forward, UP and OVER.

Sistah, what a beautiful time it is for those ready to SEE it. The days of self-doubt are gently put to rest so that what is Divine within us can step forward. I give thanks for the guidance of Spirit leading the way...

Peace and Hugs,

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

What Is Stopping You From Ruling Your World?

Sistahs, I woke up this morning with Leadership Thoughts on my mind...I visualized how a great powerful Queen would wake up and from her window access her Queendom. She would smile in gratitude and with a sense of accomplishment. All of her hard work paid off and now she has the utmost pleasure in witnessing everything she has built! How powerful and free she was in my visualization.

So what is stopping you from ruling your world? This was the question that came to me as I came back to waking reality. Nothing, I said simply. A friend in the Yoruba tradition read me an Odu that spoke of sacrifice, meaning that anything good that can be obtained in this life requires effort and perseverance. I had always remembered this because it has rang true for me. I noticed that when I set out to achieve a goal it was always clear what needed to be sacrificed to move forward yet for many people they can not imagine "giving up" such a thing...

Often, the Queendom is really right around the corner but for some reason many women take the off-road path or they are following someone else's path because a tradition has told them too or societal expectation is that they "should" do this...Again, the question is clear "What is stopping you from ruling your world?" If the Creator who made us wanted us to assume the role of dutiful assistant then why are we capable of GREAT THOUGHTS?! Why not have had us born with the mind that is feeble and only worthy of being told what to do? So many people want you to believe you were never made for a Queendom - that your place is honorably behind if you will attain your purpose assisting them with their purpose. Sistahs, I will tell you a secret - which really is no longer a secret except to us - the Liberation of your consciousness will set the healing of this world in a powerful motion! The minute YOU decided to seek your own DIVINITY the world will rapidly RISE to meet YOU!

The beautiful part of your world is that it will include ALL that you desire. You can reshape it to fit your needs. Nothing is impossible - you are the Creatrix! If you don't know where to begin ask the Creator to sit before you the truth of your life - in this truth you will see what has brought you forth and what has hindered you from there the brave steps of moving forward will begin...I hold the space from my part in the universe and I too am in the process of creating my Queendom. Give thanks.

Sis. C

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Love yourself, Love yourself, Love yourself
cause who is going to love you if
you don't love yourself?

Be who you want to be RIGHT NOW!
Stop waiting for tomorrow
Stop worrying about who you use to be.

Everyday do a little to towards your dream
make a vision board and place it within eye's sight of your bed,
gaze, unwavering at your dream vision each day, each moment...
chant "I Love Myself" two thousand times each day until you have no
choice but to believe it!

Stop telling lies about yourself,
stop saying your fat, your broke, your not this or that...
if you can't see yourself right now as a Goddess then
be WILLING to one day see yourself as a Goddess

Drop the dead people,
the people that have stopped living a long time ago,
surround yourself with people who are alive,
who dream and share their dreams,
who respect you enough to not weigh you down constantly
with stagnation and reasons why something can't happen...

Stop worrying about what others will think,
they going to always think what they are going think
AND you are always going to GROW and EXPAND

If your head hurts and your back is aching then
maybe just have been trying to fit yourself
into that box again - you know the one that is too small,
so crowded and worthless...
the world can't benefit at all from you playing small...

I wish I could say Money doesn't matter, but I would be lying...
I wish I could say Money TOTALLY matters but I would be lying...
Don't settle for less than what you deserve AND
be generous.


Remember how you said you wouldn't do that again,
but you did?
It's ok, you just had to learn that lesson again.
Stop beating yourself up,
even a Goddess has her most human times...

Some of the most fiercest warriors I have ever met
were kind and loving people...
You can be serious and like laughing and smiling...

Pleasure principle:
Wombyn on top,
Wombyn completely satisfied,
Wombyn vibrating with the Light of Spirit!

Create, create, create...
Wombyn are creative beings,
visionaries, dreamers
Bring your dream into our reality,
help us all with your vision...
again, You Are Needed...

Peace and Hugs
Sis. Camara

Sunday, August 1, 2010

The Vision of 10 Billion Goddess Bring Forth 10 Billion Fruits!!!

Sistahs, I was on the phone with a good Sistah friend the other night AND we started
talking about Sistah-hood. I mean Sistahs supporting one another, not just buying their stuff or pumping them up but collaborating with them! I really don't bring up the topic often but it is worth a short conversation...There is really no need for the feeling that someone is competing against you or can possibly TAKE anything that has divinely come from you. You are so unique in your creative capacity that out of all the people on the planet your finger prints are unique to you AND only you - so this means AIN'T NOBODY LIKE YOU ON THE EARTH.

As my friend and I spoke I got the message, "There is enough room on the planet for 10 Billion Goddess bringing forth 10 Billion fruits from their wombs! AND from there - THERE IS STILL MORE ROOM!!!" Sistahs, I don't think it is enough to create in silos anymore - we got to start collaborating to put forth even larger fruits of our success. The ole' saying "where two or more are gathered..." is true. Something powerful comes from collaboration.

I know for many of us it is hard to trust...we are suspicious more often than not. I talk to many talented folks that have trouble with their businesses and services - the reason I often see is they have a lack of trust and are closed to collaboration. Maybe this is with good reason but will one incident forever hold you in a pattern of stagnation? Failure often results in learning. I have had a few failed partnerships and often it came down to communication. Here are some of my tips from my own experience:

1. Access if it is the right time for you to collaborate with a partner.

2. Have several conversations with a potential partner. In fact work on a small volunteer project with them to see how you both work together. Volunteer projects are great for this because a good partners will work on any worthwhile project - money related or not with the same amount of zeal and drive for success.

3. What talents are each partner bringing to the table AND are they compatible and somewhat equal? You don't want to get saddled with the bulk of a project while someone is just adding stamps to letters. Plan out what the partnership will look like and see if it is satisfactory for all involved.

4. Be clear about your own personal goals and work ethic. Are you like a "dog-on-a-pant-leg" strictly "A" type who comes to meetings prepared, on-time and ready go, then you probably don't want to partner with someone who is not timely and shows up with more excuses than a plan OR partner with someone who is soooo busy that your project is just one of many on their plate. You don't have to be alike but make sure in the basics you are compatible.

5. Partnership don't have to be life-long. From each project you will learn and perfect your own guidelines for the next project. Don't be afraid to give things a try, just keep in mind your own personal mission - make sure your collaboration fits into that picture as well.

Look forward to seeing more Sistahs working together!

Peace and Hugs,
Sis. Camara

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Next Level Thinking...


I have been working up a sweat lately...I think it is because the planets are truly aligned and now is the time to get things done! Being a single parent, I know what it is like to be tired and have a lot to do AND there is that part of you that wants to move upward and onward. The other day I thought to myself, "I appreciate where I am -what I have come through but I am ready to go to the next level!"

I realized a year ago that great deal of my time was spent trying to manage and solve problems for others when really my life needed some managing and problem solving. The golden rule then became that people will resolve their own issues when they are good and ready. The perfect way to assist is to be the model of peace, harmony, success and prosperity. If I wanted to be a money coach then I would first want to make sure that I have my prosperity in alignment with my consciousness AND make sure that I am successful myself in all areas of abundance. The truth of this can be said for anything.

I know there are many people out there that poo-poo those who choose to live their lives in wholeness - who choose happiness over mental slavery. I think folks get it backwards sometimes - you don't need to devote grueling hours of sweat to a job that you have no passion for in order to pay bills for over-priced things you buy to impress people you don't like. The stress of this passionless cycle could leave you depressed or ill. For many of us however, this is the only way of life we know...many of us have never really thought about doing something with our lives that would bring us joy and happiness...

Sistahs, I am about living my heaven here on earth not in the after-life. My Creator never told me that I needed to suffer and worry for my divinity. I now know that every time I have ended up suffering was because I made some choice at some point that I could not have what I truly desired. I chose lack instead of my divine birth rite of prosperity. Now when I desire the best for myself I go and visualize it AND I take an action towards that visualization. One year I had a big goal - to be financially stable and pay off all my debts. I visualized myself doing it and one day I said to myself, "I want to pay all my bills on time - no late fees." I then visualized all the $$ I would save because I was not paying $20 here and there for fees. I took ACTION and sat down with all my bills and looked at the due dates, wrote the checks or scheduled the payments online and then I was done. I got myself a little file box and started to file away my bills and developed a "one-touch" system - open the bill, write the check & stamp and file! Before I knew it I was on time each month with bills. I started to notice that I have a few extra dollars a month to buy a book or save. I also noticed when I paid on time - folks offered me better rates or no deposit. In the long run it worked for me not against me. Every time I opened a bill I affirmed that I was grateful to be able to pay this bill and pay it on time.

In the man-made world nothing changes, people are forced to suffer with things as they are...In the Spirit world things are changeable - new paths open before your very eyes-miracles take ask AND you receive...Try it! I knew one person who was always slammed at the first of the month with bills and rent. She called all of her accounts and asked for a later billing due dates and most of them changed the due dates on her bills to mid-month! She got so energized that she went and asked for a reduction on another bill and got it! She even asked her boss for a cost of living increase (yes, in a financial slump!) AND she got it! She was not lucky instead she ASKED and she RECEIVED! She also EXPECTED to receive. She said to me that everyday she woke up she expected GREAT and POWERFUL things to take place in her life - that everything that came in contact with her was in alignment with her greatest prosperity. Her world changed as a result.

My son's 16 year old friend said to me about his sales business, "When I get a no, I know a yes is coming soon!" I know this kid is gong to succeed because he knows that the person or situation that is saying "no" is simply not the right person that will say "yes". Learn to discern between healthy criticism and poo-poo advice AND keep going! We are all beautiful individuals living our own unique dream.

I had this song on my mind all day...especially the line "the World is Mine when I wake up!!! I don't need no body telling me the time!...." (video embedded)

Peace and Hugs,
Sis. Camara

Monday, July 19, 2010

The Unwritten Story...

Sistahs, after a long spell of pure work and rebuilding of my home environment I have set aside time again to read and research. I found this increasingly important as Wombyn Studies further develops itself. I have a long list of books to read that link to the subject of the Divine Feminine - the Great Mother. Recently, it was recommended that I read the book The Red Tent. Many people speak highly of the book - I even had people comment on the book seeing me read it in public. I found the book powerful on many levels but it never quite made it into my heart as a reader because Bilhah, the one sister of Afrikan descent was portrayed as ugly and unlovable. There was a light mention of how she was close to nature but other than that she had little to offer except to comfort others and make an attempt to have a baby for her "beautiful" sister Rachel who could not have children.

A friend who picked up the book at the same time called me furious about the same thing - why are Black women portrayed as virtually invisible - ugly and meaningless...I told her I was thinking the same as I read the story and Spirit prompted that it was because our story has not been written - we have not told the bold story of ourselves as matriarchs - as Wombyn with sisterhood practices-magic, medicine, birth rites - as Wombyn who built nations - who were consider the most beautiful and POWERFUL on the planet. Sistah, I really think it is time for us to start telling and writing the historical truths of our role in the shaping of this world past, present and future...Yes, there are many great Black female authors but in the context of historical fiction and fact concerning the Divine Feminine we need more...Mama Zogbe' laid the foundation with the books the Sibyls and Mami Wata...As we uncover the truth of the SistahGoddess we take her out of the realm of myth and return her to flesh. May some of be brave enough to tell our Mother's story.

Sis. Camara

Thursday, July 8, 2010

New Moon Prayer Call

Sistahs, often we all see the problems of the world - the challenges and what needs to change. The 13 Indigenous GrandMother's Council recently made a conference call to offer up prayers for our Mother Earth. I was so inspired by this call that I wanted to continue the energy that had been put forth from our Wise Elders.

Prayer, the offering of blessing and healing touch to me are our most powerful medicine. Just to focus on the intention of healing and put your energy on it can transform the most dire situation. Our minds can consciously create a reality and can CHANGE a reality.

On July 11th at 11:40am (pst)/ 2:40pm (est) the Wombyn Studies site will sponsor a prayer conference call to offer up our prayers and blessings to heal the Earth Mother Womb. All are invited and many are needed. In my most challenging hours I have reached out to everyone I know to see if they would simply pray for me - I tell you that prayer (regardless of the faith) WORKS!!! Not only do we use our collective consciousness we also call in the help of our Spirit Guides, Angels, Animal Guides and the Most High.

A week ago I asked which Goddess would guide this process of prayer and it was Goddess Tara, Mother of compassion, wish fulfillment and assistance. The Tibetan Buddhist believed that Tara had the power to heal ALL sorrows and grant ALL wishes. The name Tara translates into English as, "she who causes one to cross...", which means the Goddess with help her devotees cross to the other side of their difficulties. Tara was believed to be a mortal woman who yearned to become the first female Buddha. One story claims that to reach this goal she prayed for the welfare of humans for over 10 million years. Then she transformed into a Goddess whose only desire was to ease the world's pain.

Tara is often depicted with differently colored skins...suggesting her realms of influence. She is most popularly seen as the White Tara and the Green Tara. As the white Tara she is renowned for her compassion. Green Tara is known to grant wishes.

The message from Tara: "Your Wish Can Be Granted If You Ask for Help."

This call is open to all. I hope you can join us and offer your special medicine.
Date: Sunday, July 11
Time: 11:40am (pst)/2:40pm (est)
Conference Call #: 712-432-0075
Code: 889727

Sis. Camara

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Spirit Medicine: Your Special Blend

Sistahs for the last few days I have been getting this message or prompt from my shrine and today I felt it was time to speak about it. She said, "true friends respect your medicine..." This was repeated to me often and I knew it was something that had to be shared. Today I wrote, "true friends honor and respect the Spirit Medicine you have to offer even at times when they don't understand it...they sit with it and you through the healing..."

My belief and the teachings that are coming from my Spirit Guides tell me that true friends respect the uniqueness you bring into the world -you gifts which are your Spirit Medicine. Imagine yourself for a moment the beautiful Goddess that you are carrying a intricate basket woven by your experiences and colored by your viewpoint AND inside are the herbs of the lessons you have learned, mix with your Ancestors special blend of cosmic flowers, roots, shells and other secret stuff. The contents of this powerful basket you carry you sprinkle around you - healing yourself and healing others - it is your special Spirit Medicine and it is needed.

No matter how powerful, experienced, dynamic the teacher is - the true teacher knows all pupils will be the MASTER of their OWN LIVES if taught the true teachings. A true teacher does not want you to remain at her feet but at the feet of the Goddess. If you understand this you will not create obstacles for your growth. You know when it is time to receive teachings and when it is time to forge your own path AND know you WILL forge your own path.

Often Sistahs we experiences challenges in life because we are not using our OWN Spirit Medicine. Our baskets are not being tended to cause we are placing our sacred ingredients in the baskets of others. It is in companionship that we all share our Spirit Medicine not in obligation or debt. Understand this Sistahs that the Great Mother is calling forth her Priestesses - it is her whispers you hear and it is her milk you hunger for - no earthly being can feed you, only the Great Mother's Breast.

Sistahs gather your baskets, weave together any holes, work with your Ancestors to know the ingredients and stir your Medicine.

Much Love To You!
Peace and Hugs,
Sis. Camara

Monday, June 28, 2010

Divine Work

Hey Sistahs!
I feel lately like I am the mother of a new baby - in that space where she is trying to keep a balance between her other children and this new baby that needs a lot of her attention in the beginning. Well, I don't have a baby but a new project - a new mission called Wombyn Studies. She is sooo beautiful and powerful - and she has me fascinated. The Goddess Mother truly gifted me with a service to her - a portal that uplifts her name and all Sistahs. I am proud to say that over 100 Wombyn have joined the site and it continues to grow.

Last week, I was up in the Redwoods and sitting in nature I realized that service is a necessary part in the cycle of manifestation. Often we are praying, doing ceremony for what we desire and the thought does not enter on how to give back. The Mama is sending us strong messages that she can no longer be abused - her waters disrespected, her land littered, her skies polluted and her children subjugated...To solve the problems of today and heal the wounds of today you have to step out of the 'man-made' mind - the mind that says you rule over the womb - man or woman, these thought patterns have come close to destroying the very entity that keeps us alive.
Kola Boof said, "No one respects a person that would kill their own Mother." It is true...I don't think you can respect yourself if you do nothing to save the Divine Feminine.

Lately, I have been researching for the Wombyn Studies site and I enjoy the opportunity to focus on reading again. There is such good information out there - people doing the work to help us all re-remember and there is also those who still seek to confuse the issues and focus on hate. I decided this year that I was going to focus on those things that empower me most - the work of the Mother.

If you have not joined Wombyn Studies and you are a Wombyn (Woman) then join us! It is the first collaborative, cooperative, online university for Wombyn dedicated to the self-study, research and upliftment of the Divine Feminine. It is a site made for and by Wombyn. We are unveiling a research center soon and more great opportunities to share and collaborate.

Peace and Hugs,
Sis. Camara

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Controlling Your Own Destiny...

Sistahs, for a woman it is important to fine tune your hearing to your intuition - the small voice inside. There are many people who are gifted with all types of insight however they are not ever really equipped to give you 100 percent accuracy because you are the direct link to your destiny. If you are told that outcome A, B and C will happen in your life and you disdain the thought of outcome C then you change it - immediately!

I am convinced that the human soul lives on several different energy planes at one time. We have many realities taking place at one time - a waking life (fire), a walking life (earth), a flying life (air) and a swimming life (water). In every element our lives are seeking to balance - coming together in just the right way so we can be at peace. When an element becomes too dominant then our lives out picture in a particular way...too much air and we are not grounded; too much water and we can feel depressed/moody; too much fire and we are angry/impatient; and too much earth we are too rigid/uncompromising...

If we look to nature then we see how the delicate balance works AND we also see when it does not work. Humans interfere a lot with nature because they too are a part of it. The biggest environmental problem the earth faces is the disconnection that humans have with the rest of nature - people do not think of themselves as just another element on the earth...Two weeks ago I kept getting this Shrine message..."when they first came upon you they did not see any difference between you and nature - you were that close to nature that you resembled spoke the language of the animals - you spoke with were that close - this is why...because you were nature..." I knew the Shrine was speaking about the historical past - and now...indigenous people treated just like the earth - something to use - very little respect, very little reciprocity...

It kept coming in my mind, this Shrine message because it was linking together all of what I knew from the past and was answering the question - "how did we get here?" If we come from greatness, how did we get here? Separation of self from nature. Our nature includes our sacred sexual force - the energy that connects us to the Great Mother. So, we have to come back to all those places that we have been told are primitive, dirty and unholy...

In a prayer say...

I trust the Creator, Mother,Father, Goddess, God
I honor and respect all creations of this Divine Spirit
I know that I am made by the Creator
My knowledge of self affirms my Divinity because I was created by
the Creator/Mother/Father/Goddess/God
I am no mistake
Nothing created by the Creator upon my body is a sin
I am not a sin
My true nature is holy
of all earthly riches and heavenly blessings
I commit to living the life the Creator gave me
I am at peace, I feel love, I feel calm
as the the realization of Spirit washes over me.
Ashe', AWombyn, Amen, And So It Is!

Sistahs,true awareness brings balance. After a while destiny is simply what you desire.

I am grateful.

Peace and Hugs,
Sis. Camara

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Something Magical...

Do you ever in the middle of it all - the mundane everyday stuff get a spark? Your walking down the street and the way the sun peeks through the shadows makes you look up and suddenly you are aware of the sky AND from the sky you think "how beautiful" as if it was the first time you have seen something so phenomenal AND you FEEL the miracle of your life. You witness you are a being among millions AND you ARE unique - no one in the world has the same set of fingerprints you have, no one in the world has a mole in the shape of heart resting in the center of their palm. You say, "I AM" and suddenly all those worries that you had about something someone said earlier seem trivial. Instantly, you are grateful for this one moment because you SEE you truly SEE...Re-Remember, Re-Remember, Re-Remember...

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

A Time To Move Forward

Sistahs, I decided recently to work with the idea of stretching beyond what I have conceptualized for my life at the present moment. Yes, I am happy however, I know this is not my resting place - this is not the place where I prop up my feet and say my work is done. I was thinking the other day that I want to move forward into uncharted territory as a Wombyn of Afrikan descent. I no longer wish to collude with the small boxes that have been conveniently made for me - for I am a Goddess - a SistahGoddess and it is with great pride and honor that I continue to work.

I find lately with the creation of Wombyn Studies that people are curious as to why I do the work I do - they may not see the worth of Wombyn's work. Some people are even scared to participate because of the "because"...The other day a Brotha wrote me and thanked me for the work on this blog and said that he has pass this blog on to the Wombyn in his life. I thought this was really the first time a Brotha has verbalized this to me. It meant a lot because he understood where my energy comes from...It is not to separate but to bring together. As long as Wombyn are afraid or tentative about their true Creator Given Power then communities remain torn and we are on a treadmill going nowhere. All Wombyn (not just a token few) have the ability to provide insights, intuition, knowledge and wisdom. I will continue my work until all Wombyn NATURALLY, organically feel that it is ok to be interested in themselves and to think HIGHLY of themselves.

In reference to the picture above:
I was commenting on bread a few week ago and wanted to know who invented it. Max Dashu who is a BRILLIANT Wombyn's Historian commented that it was Wombyn. She went on to say (paraphrase) that Wombyn where known to be early expert scientists because of the use of yeast as a leavening agent. Wombyn also invented canning, pickling and fermented foods and beverages such as beer. Other books I am reading lately speak of Wombyn being experts at growing crops through the use of their menstrual cycles/blood -when Wombyn were free to use the information of their bodies towards food science their communities never starved. (Her Blood Is Gold by Laura Owen).

I give thanks.

Peace and Hugs,
Sis. Camara

Monday, May 24, 2010

Our Work: Stepping Into Place

This morning I woke up early - it was still dark outside AND the Great Mother was speaking to me. I think she speaks at this time because I have no resistance in my mind after being in the dream world. I heard her say, "BE THE GODDESS..." be that thing you were meant to be. Why take less than what you deserve unless you believe you deserve that...or think you can't get anything better.

Her wisdom is very direct and I knew I had to go within and take it up a notch. In 2007 I started this blog from hearing her small whisper, "You are a Goddess...You ALL are Goddesses..." From here I had to open myself up to this truth. So much in my life -my painful experiences - society - culture was telling me the opposite. Who was I to believe and promote the Divine status of Sistahs? I kept going and every where I looked and investigated, either within or without, I found evidence of our Divinity. Sistahs, do you ever have this feeling that everyone is waiting - they are waiting on a miracle to change the vibration of their lives. They are looking towards everyone and everything BUT the SISTAH! Even Sistahs are looking for everything sometimes except themselves...

Right now, in the present moment can you possibly benefit from the same ole' game of smallness? Every day the same ole' expectation of going along with the 'man-made' thought that you can't possibly be the SOURCE. Sistahs, now is our time to make some decisions. We either decide that the smallness is too much to lose OR that our Divine Destiny is worth every seeming hurdle or temporary obstacle.

Sistahs, Goddess-hood is not going to given by those who suppress it. It may not be a popular place as you begin to take a stand and ask that Wombyn be put the conversation, in the lecture, in the book, in the sermon, in the position of oracle...At times you could feel alone but know that at least 146 people follow this site and over 100 have joined Wombyn Studies and we have not spoke of the silent supporters - that could be enough for you to know that you are not alone in this WORK.

Step into your place - no one else will fit - the place is for YOU.

Sis. Camara

Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Goddess Effect

The Goddess Effect - a process when a Sistah decides to return to her most powerful, peaceful, prosperous and loving state AND in doing that a Sistah on the other side of her world begins to open up to the discovery of her own divinity.

Sistahs, I was listening to an interview posted on youtube about three years ago with Kola Boof. SistahGoddess Kola is a Womanist Sudanese writer who known to be outspoken on the plights of Black Wombyn and the African community. In the last part of her interview she says that in this coming century we are going to see the re-emergence of the African Wombyn - that she will once again rise to her proper place after years of oppression and suppression.

I share these same feelings because I see in the SistahWombyn I know a spark - a throwing off of tired dramas and oppressions that have kept us only in chaos. I believe that I am part of this awakening and I am excited to witness this new moment for SistahGoddesses. Really, the Womb Warriors are awakening from all over the globe AND me being a woman of Afrikan descent I am visualizing a true shift for Wombyn of my community.

The thought of the "Goddess Effect" came to me the other morning when I wrote to a Sistah on Wombyn Studies. Spirit told me as I sat in my morning prayers that we SistahGoddess are sooooo interconnected, so woven in our destinies that each time one of us breaks free from the consciousness of a man-made reality and re-remember who we are - we ignite the same for another Sistah in some part of the world.

Kola Boof explains that any community that kills its Mother (kills the image of its Mother) can not ever become prosperous or respected- nor will it ever experience peace. Sistahs, men are not only guilty of this crime but so are women - women who do not know and love themselves - who can't see with their Ancient Memory. Sistahs, WE ARE BC - our whole her-story is before any of the major religions that exists today.

It is only through a re-remembering process that we will rest comfortably in our power. We use our power everyday and many people around us benefit from our power however it is the Wombyn that seldom gets to reap the reward of her power. I witness Wombyn giving a lot of energy to projects, organizations, spiritual institutions, relationships AND most of the time there is not a reciprocity of that energy. The Womb is an high energy center - it brings prosperity and power to any one who controls it...Many people have been aware of this fact for some time and have kept this 'secret' away from those who are best served from this information...Sistahs.

On Wombyn Studies I am witnessing the "Goddess Effect" - we are sharing our stories, learning from each other and in these sacred places we finding a healing. We are moving forward. I give thanks.

Peace and Hugs,
Sis. Camara

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Before I Fix Breakfast: Motherhood & Sistahood

Hugs Sistahs, Mother's Day is coming up tomorrow - well for me it is everyday. I honor my Great Mother constantly and all beings that come from her. I woke this morning and sometimes I oversleep - cause I like to wake up early and meditate/pray with my Spirit Guides - today it did not matter cause the Mother Spirit woke with me anyway and she re-reminded me of many things - she even gave me messages for specific people and parts of it she said to share with everyone...

She reminded me of the time I was in Zanzibar and how twice a day she (the beautiful Ocean) would leave past the reef line and stay gone for a few hours then come back. She told me that when she was gone she would go to feed her other children. She explained that she was the Mother of Many Breasts AND she fed ALL her children. I finally understood a picture of one of the Goddess I had seen recently - so I share her picture with you...

She then said to me, "...many people think they know God but they have hate in their heart and anger...they force people to do as they do, be as they be but they don't know the nature of Spirit...don't let their tyranny scare you - don't let it take you away from what it is you need to do. If all their Priests (even their most holiest) told you "you don't know God" then YOU KNOW ME! If others choose to walk with them (even those you know intimately) let them go, I WILL WALK WITH YOU!

She spoke to me more about Motherhood...she reminded me of all that I had been through and showed me how it had only made me strong. She told me to tell the young Mothers I know to keep strong - even if you sometimes feel alone she (the GREAT MOTHER) is with you. She also said for the younger Mothers to learn from your Big Sistahs and keep them around you-Sistahood is good medicine.

We all come from the Mother of Many Breasts - she feeds and nurtures us when all else can seem chaotic. Keep strong my Sistah Mamas - Honor Yourself tomorrow and ALL days.

Sis. Camara

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Hey Sistahs! I want to say thank you for the beautiful response I have got for the Wombyn Studies site. I am happy to see and hear from powerful Sistahs who see the value in us coming together to study, share and uplift the Divine Feminine.

I wanted to re-post a kind of mission statement I made in regards to Wombyn Studies.

Wombyn Studies mission is to provide Sistahs with a Sacred and Free place to share and participate in the study of our Divine Feminine for the sole purpose of our healing and upliftment. This space is reserved for Wombyn only so that we can feel free to discuss and learn in an open environment.

I don't think I could accurately define what Wombyn Studies will transition into because it is meant to forge new ground while giving reverence and honor to where we all come from - the Womb. The primary focus of this space is learning, practicing and honoring who WE ARE! The vibration is positive and wombyn centered - so the assumption is that there is no need for a debate on whether the Divine Feminine is worthy of our time, study and practice. I ask that we all use the practice of Maat in our interactions with each other -honesty is valued as is respect.

My personal philosophy is that we all have something GREAT to contribute to the healing of our world - no one is above or below - we are constantly learning, expanding and in transition - this is the nature of who we are...My hope is that Sistahs will take this space as an opportunity to share their Wisdom - this is our "school" of higher learning.

Some thoughts (not at all in the order of importance):
*We have the Divine Right to live as Free Beings in every aspect of our lives.
*Many of our stories are untold, re-written and/or suppressed.
*We are the experts on our own lives.
*Until Wombyn are restored to their rightful Divine place of reverence, global healing and peace will not take place.
*Our intuition is informed by our Wombs/Vulvas/Vaginas.
*Our dreams, thoughts, feelings, deja vu, stories, her-stories are critical and essential to our research.
*We are individuals responsible for our own feelings, happiness and learning - our choices are based on who we are, what we have experienced and how we want to live.
*We are worthy of love, respect, prosperity, truth and joy!

More to come...

Peace and Hugs,
Sis. Camara

It is going to be very exciting to see where Wombyn Studies goes. I truly believe that it is a unique opportunity for Wombyn to take the lead on the scholarship and worship of the Divine Feminine. So much work has already been done and IS being done to restore the Great Mother back to her rightful place - a place where the Creator is not only thought of as the Father, a place where Wombyn and their Divine Gifts are honored, respected and revered.

Sis Camara

Friday, April 30, 2010

Wombyn Studies Launches!!!

Greetings Sistahs,
I woke up the other day and the Great Mother was sitting with me. She has this way of making suggestions while I am meditating and before I know it I am following her lead. For some time now I had been thinking of my own personal education - I have been here and there searching for knowledge - it was like I had this invisible drive to find something...

I realize from the beginning I was a different child - so different that it cause waves with my relationship with my mother. She was always saying, "why do you have to be so different?" I fell into a relationship with her where I was always trying to "tone it down" to fit in but in the end my wildwombyn self would just bust out! I have put myself in a lot of predicaments because people wanted me to be this little sweet obedient gurl AND my Spirit was not even trying to have it - you see I am a POWERFUL and VERY FREE WOMBYN - it is in my blood. It is like the Alice Walker title, 'You Can't Keep A Good Woman Down'.

Now with an even greater taste of Freedom on my tongue - I followed the direction of Spirit and spent the last three days creating a sacred space - a space for SistahGoddesses to contribute to and learn more about the Divine Feminine. The hope is that we come together in openness AND that we make the information accessible to every Sistah who needs it. I know some people make their living from their scholarship and this is not to negate that but I feel that the time has come to open the gates of wisdom so that we can usher in a new day.

I hope all SistahGoddesses will join and contribute to Wombyn Studies. This is just phase 1 of the site so more is to come...Check it out and become a member

I appreciate your support and wisdom!

For Brothas who wish to know more about the Divine Feminine and how she is informing your life (cause she is...) you can check out Bro. Majadi Baruti at the Rooftop Garden and

Sis. Camara

Monday, April 26, 2010

If the Goddess Ain't Happy, then what is there???

Hey SiSTARS! I am just checkin' in to see how you are doing. I am feeling good, livin the life AND I got to say that it just clicked to me the other day that life can be very simple. Do you ever find yourself confronted with some drama and in the middle of it just wave it off like, "Whatever!!!"? Well, I tell you life can be like that some time - the simplest and most efficient option is to just "drop it!" I think we walk around in life carrying other people's stuff. You can be feeling real good and here comes somebody with some stuff and you know how humans are - they are trying to unload it on somebody - anger, rage, depression, lack - whew! Sistahs, when they try to hand it to you - just drop it!

I use to be one of those people who thought that I could help everyone. I gave a lot of my precious energy to people who weren't even thinking of trying to heal themselves- they were just addicted to drama in their lives. After a while I would be resentful cause when I had a problem they were too busy with their dramatic lives. I also had some notion that being a healer meant excusing selfish behavior cause folks were suffering or hurt - dang!!! - one day I looked up and I was juggling everybody's stuff and my life was in deep need of my attention.

I think many wombyn suffering from what I call the 'mule' complex - we have a lot of other peoples lives strapped to our back and we are walking up a steep hill and the carrot - oh yes, the carrot is - not wanting to disappoint others or wanting to feel wanted/needed...Funny, how that carrot is always just out there, far away enough where you can't really reach it. Why? Cause the all that wanting and all those desires need to be fulfilled on the inside. I am sorry to say this but you can't make anyone happy except yourself. You can spread goodwill and do kind things that uplift people but you don't have the power to make them happy - happiness is an inside job.

When the Goddess is Happy then Everyone IS Happy! When you are in a good mood and feeling on top of your world it is funny how you can spread the wealth of that feeling. Sistahs, I am a true believer that we are walking powerhouses and we ATTRACT all kinds of stuff, all kinds of people and energy...So your energy is very precious and it is sacred just like the rest of you...Devote your time, your essence and energy to efforts that serve your highest good and see how everything and everyone around you benefits naturally, organically...

I love the Tao that is translated by Stephen Mitchell cause he interchanges the feminine and the masculine when referring to the Master. This book is what I believe to be a good foundation for working with the present. For me, I felt it was truth because it referred to the Tao as the Great Mother... Here is a verse I feel compliments this post:

"Empty your mind of all thoughts.
Let your heart be at peace.
Watch the turmoil of beings,
but contemplate their return.

Each separate being in the universe
returns to the common source.
Returning to the source is serenity.

If you don't realize the source,
you stumble in confusion and sorrow.
When you realize where you come from,
you naturally become tolerant,
disinterested, amused,
kindhearted as a grandmother,
dignified as a king.
Immersed in the wonder of the Tao,
you can deal with whatever life brings you,
and when death comes, you are ready."

Have a beautiful week - LOVE YOURSELF and shape your world to be a garden in which you can grow.

Sis. Camara

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Great Mother: Growing the Learning Circle

Hey Sistahs! I have been listening to blogtalk again and LUV'ing the wisdom teachings that I am receiving. I have decided to continue my education in the realm of the Goddess. I want to know even more about my beautiful Great Mother. I have decided to stop getting myself in debt and uplifting so called educational institutions that really do not teach the truth or the wholeness of truth. For years I have home-schooled my child either full time or part time for all of his life and now I think I am ready to claim such a educational path for myself. The upper roads of knowledge are available to us all. I believe we can share our wisdom to re-remember and heal to our rightful place in society.

Information is interesting - there is great information, good information and bad information. I think a good student of life is open to all teachings and is able use her intuition - inner self- to decide what is worth taking in as knowledge that will lead to wisdom. I like learning from my peers - I think this is why I like being in conversation with Sistahs - I feel so much gratitude when we share our wisdom.

Sistahs, tonite I realize that we are the ones that could stop the cycle of abuse and disrespect to Wombyn. Many of you responded in private to my last post AND I thank you. Right after I wrote that post I sat on it and did not publish it - then I got a message to post. I realize that we all at some point have had to feel around in the dark - to find our way to freedom - to find a way to heal and honor ourselves as Divine. It is time that we share what we know - we are a wealth of wisdom - I saw that in the 40-day Love Fest.

Sistahs, this blog is and will continue to be a place for our wisdom, our learning, our sharing our laughter and our love.

Thank you for your continued upliftment!

PS. Please check out The Woman is the First Teacher on Black Wombniverse. The man they feature on the clips had asked to be my FB friend and I did not even check him out!! Wow, after I heard his comments I was in shock - I was wondering why I even had this person in my realm!! Needless to say he has been deleted.

Thanks to the Sistahs for mentioning this poem in the show...Before the Men Came, Pearl Cleage

Sis. Camara

Monday, April 19, 2010

The Price of Freedom

Sistahs, I had a moment today where I realized that sometimes there is a price for Freedom. By freedom, I mean the opportunity and divine right to think, live, walk and dream as individual with her OWN MIND. In my life I have had to pay the price for making decisions that were not in my best interest. Even as I look back on the day I was going to get married I could see that moment where I could have changed my mind - but that girl I was then did not want to disappoint people or look foolish but the woman now - years later has to pay for that girl who didn't speak up for herself.

Sistahs, marriage and relationships are all very good things when they are in your best interest - when you can still be yourself and have your compliment to live with you at your side who truly loves and respects you, however when you marry or commit yourself to someone and you have doubts and questions - then take your time and feel very OK to change your mind. I believe now that it is your DIVINE RIGHT to always seek the best path for your life if at the risk of betraying other people. I don't care if the dress is brought, the invitations are sent, the money has been put down for the food and the hall, the President is coming -if it ain't right -change it! Trust me the price you pay now will be much less than the price you pay later. And there will be a price.

Even in my marriage, I could have just stayed. I could have just kept taking the stuff like I see so many people do -like I was advised by some ill-fated women to do. It is funny how we can create our own prison. Trust me I could have still been there - a life in hell and lost.

It is moments like this where I KNOW I have learned my difficult and necessary lesson. I rejoice in the fact that somewhere inside of me I believed I was worth it. Each day I give thanks for my freedom - that I am able to care for my son. I am still cleaning up the chaos of that past but it feels good to be emerging on the other side of it. This morning I pulled an Osho Zen Tarot card and it was the BREAKTHROUGH card, it said,

"...Your chaos is very ancient - for many, many lives you have been in chaos. It is thick and dense. It is almost a universe in itself. So when you enter into it with your small capacity, of course there is danger. But without facing this danger nobody has ever become integrated, nobody has ever become an individual, indivisible."

This is so true, if I didn't leave that prison how would have know the type of woman I could be? Would I know that self worth starts from within and can not be given by someone else? Would I have realized that many of my relationships where based on my own feelings of low self worth? Yes, the chaos of who I was and am IS the catalyst for healing. By going there and standing in it (the muck and dirt of it) I was able to integrate all of who I am.

I know some Sistahs who are married who are FREE - I see the genuine love and respect their husbands have for them AND I know it is possible. Some of us pick out our car more carefully than we do a mate - we make sure it works, suits our needs, compliments our style and we compare it to make sure we are getting the right deal. Well, the same and additional rigorous care needs to be exercised when considering a life mate...Do you match or rather do your vibration/energy level match? Does he compliment you? Doe someone need to change radically for this relationship to work? Does he fit in your life or are your friends and family slowly moving away and out of your life? How does he treat his mother (even if she is crazy)? How does he talk about women he doesn't like? Do you wince at the descriptions he uses to describe his former lovers? How does he treat the waitstaff when you go out to eat or any service provider? Now lets bring it to the womb area...What does your womb say? Are you happy and healthy? Yes, there are more questions but it is really the answer to just the few that gives you a clue...

I have come to understand that I am precious, unique and divinely qualified to have exactly what I desire in the way I desire it. I no longer feel as if I need to take the second best option or the lesser of two evils. I am not running out of time nor do I need someone to take care of me. My contributions to my community are just fine whether I am married or not. With that out of the way, I set a standard for myself and I feel a peaceful calm in manifesting the right mate for myself.

Sistahs, we are the shrine - the path of the divine is in us. Let only what is sacred and holy be accepted by our divine being.

Sis. Camara