Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Preparation for A Powerful Year!

(Rise - M Borgella,for info on artist and purchase click pic)

(Rise - M Borgella,for info on artist and purchase click pic)

As the year comes to a close I always ask myself what are the lessons I have learned? What is it that I accomplished? How were my prayers answered? What am I grateful for? Its good to just take stock and be thankful.

Today, I continue to think of ways that I can achieve my goals and create balance in my life. I know this year I want to focus on relationships. I saw this year where I needed to make changes and now I am ready to cultivate new relationships. I sense there are many kindred Spirits who are also looking for connects that are healthy, uplifting and peaceful.

Life is alchemy and so I want to put myself in the best position to benefit from the powerfulness of the Universe. I have decided to embark on a "40 Day Intimate Portrait of Change". I will consist of fasting, prayer, meditation, creativity, journaling and manifestation. I was researching the significance of the number 40 this morning and found that it a number of tests, trials, meditation, reflection and chastisement. Often one is on a "hero's journey" or I will call it a "Goddess' Journey" to find victory or to achieve a goal. The result of stories with the significant number 40 is victory, resurrection, reconstruction, renewal and transformation. So, with all that in mind I have decided that this 40 day Intimate Portrait of Change will be my journey to a new expanded way of living in complete abundance! Exciting!

I will record my progress on this blog...I will share some of my practices and processes. I begin on New Year's Day! If you want to join me in your own style of a 40 Day Intimate Portrait of Change then please share your thoughts on your own progress and what you have decided to do to bring in a fuller and more vibrant New Year.


While I was researching the number 40 I ran across this site that explained how to figure out your own numerology power numbers - Serena's Guide to Numerology Its a quick and fun way to see what is in store for the new year. My 2010 year is a "1" year for me - meaning New Beginnings, new opportunities! Exciting!!!

Lunar Calendars

Don't forget to get your comments in for the Lunar Calendar Give-a-way!! I thank all those SistahGoddesses that have contributed! I love giving stuff away so look out for more gifting.

Well, off to my organizing and cleaning out closet and files!!!

Sis. Camara

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Showing Up To Life...

I think most the problems we encounter as humans on this planet would be solved if we got over FEAR...It seems like fear just drives people to do the most insane and unloving things and all that just causes a lot of hurt and suffering.

I can tell the times in my life where I was fearful because I am cleaning up the mess today from those fearful decisions. I can sit here and blame stuff on a whole bunch of "no-good whatmacallits" but in the end I have to be responsible. Often I would run from problems and just allow them to "solve themselves" but problems can be like little children - if someone does not guide them then Lord only knows what you gonna get AND you know who gets blamed "the Mama of the problems".

You know Sistahs today demonstrated to me that it is never too late to solve a problem or to change a situation. If you don't like something then SHOW UP and change it! Once you show up you will see the doors of the Universe just open wide in response. The sad secret is that no one is going to more motivated to fix your life than you - I don't care how much you pay them, how often you kiss them or how hard to work for them. It does not mean that people don't like to help but the MOTIVATION to CHANGE YOUR LIFE is ALL YOU!

Do you know back in the day when someone said "Go to hell!" folks would get scared cause words are power. If you are tired of being broken down, puttin' out this fire and that fire, robbing "Peter to pay Paul" then curse the drama to hell where it belongs cause it is causing you to live hell on this earth. I am not a woman that thinks there is honor is suffering -bump that! Life is for VICTORY and if you are not in an environment where the victorious can live free then you know what to do!

Today, my Ancestors told me to SHOW UP! Take action! I did and I see a way now that I never saw...

Sis. C

Monday, December 28, 2009

Lunar Calendar Gift!

Greetings Sistahs,

I wanted to turn you all on to a lunar calendar that I been ordering for some years now from a wombyn at Snake&Snake Productions. I have mentioned in past posts that a Sistah's cycle is partnered with the moon. I remember reading somewhere that if your cycle is healthy it will follow the phases of the moon...from the waxing to full to waning. I also believe that early notions of times and dates where informed by women's cycles.

There is definitely more to learn on our lunar connection and more is to come... I currently find this calendar useful for plotting dates of my cycle - you can color in the moon for that important date. You can also just note the days that you feel powerful, a little low or just as happy as can be! Use it as YOUR TOOL!

The sizes vary that are available. the 8.5 X 11 could work for sticking in your journal or I got the 11 X 14 for placing on my altar. The price is very reasonable and I always get mine quickly. Try to get yours before the 15th of January so you can participate on some the exercises and workshops that are coming up on SistahGoddess blogspot.

Orders can be placed online or on the phone.


full size of 8.5" x 11", shows every night's lunar phase, new and full moon times, the moon's astrological sign, solstices and equinoxes, and eclipse information. Blank inside, envelopes are included with three or more cards. The card comes folded in half, so it fits into the 6" x 9" envelope. Both cards and envelopes on recycled paper. Please do not photocopy.
The times for the New and Full moons are in Eastern Standard Time (EST, -5:00 GMT)
$2.25 each for 1-2 cards, plus postage
$1.75 each for 3-11 cards, plus postage
$1.50 each for a dozen or more cards, plus postage

SEVEN special SisthGoddess readers will receive a Snake & Snake Productions Lunar Calendar just for being the GODDESSES you ARE!!! Just write a response to this post answering the following question:

What Goddess (female deity, etc...) do you connect with and why?

The top 7 answers will receive a 2010 Lunar calendar in the mail! I will let those lucky SistahGoddesses know who they are January 1st!!!

Sis. Camara

Sunday, December 27, 2009

A NEW LOOK! A New Year!

Greetings Sistahs and Brothas!

I have been out of the blog scene for some time just re-adjusting to my new life and ALL is well and fabulous! I have been thinking about this blog for the last couple of months and I wanted to continue to grow it and expand it as I do the same. I got a recent message from a reader wanting to know if I was going to write again and I just knew I was!

For me, this blog has been about my process mostly and last year I wanted to share more of what other Sistahs were doing - now I have added to that focus...It is my desire to write more about healing modalities, traditional wisdom and tools that I encounter on my own personal journey. I believe there are many resources and practices out there that are helpful. Sistahs, there is work that still needs to be done so why not use the tools at your disposal to make LIFE HAPPEN...

My goal is to write everyday; connect with the never ending abundance of SistahGoddesses on the Planet and Live In Spirit!

I am putting out a call to any Sistahs who want to link to this blog or feature their work.

Give me your feedback on the new look. Your thoughts are always appreciated. Thanks to those readers that have friended me on Facebook!

Sis. C

Herbal Soap Making Class - ATL

Hello Sistahs,
If you are like me, the New Year is always the perfect time to think of learning something new or maybe taking the next step towards a dream. I have always thought it would be nice to learn how to make beautiful handmade soaps.

My dear friend Herb Sistah Eshe Riviears is putting together her next herbal soap making class:

The Herb Lady has new classes coming up at her new "Wholistic Life Center"....Email us for your copy of the schedule...or call us at (770) 787-4352

2nd Wednesdays Lecture at the office of Dr. Nevorn Askari at 11:30am and 6:30pm (Wednesday, January 13th, 2010).
1836 Second Ave, Decatur, GA 30032 (404) 687-3351

Don't forget to send a Sistah a sample or two :)!