Monday, December 31, 2007


Art: "Initiation of a Priest" by Yinka Adeyemi

Today's Kwanzaa Principle is Kuumba which is Creativity. The ability to create is one of the most profound gifts we have received from the Creator. I remember when my son was born looking - just staring at him and thinking what a miracle he was...I thought, " this being is a part of me -what a wonderful gift!"
Creativity is necessary in the healing and development process. We know starting very early that children need a creative environment - they need to put blocks together, color with crayons, finger paint and build with clay. This is not to just make pretty crafts but to build their motor skills, feel textures, give them opportunities to learn cooperation and discipline. It also gives them an opportunity to shape their world through their imagination - using the creative mind to inform their experiences. Creativity is important because we use it to fulfill our purpose and in fulfilling our purpose we contribute to the strength of our families and communities.
In abusive and oppressive situations the first thing that is squashed is creativity. This is why art is a healing modality. True art does not need to have a particular form or be done in a structured way. When I have worked with clients in the past we simply started with scribbles on paper- these scribbles released blocked creative energy and allowed for other work to be done. If you are feeling stuck - then take out a piece of paper and just scribble or doodle -don't be afraid to let the paper take on deep ridges from your pen or crayon- the paper may even tear. Get all of it out and then sit down with another piece and create- you may write a poem, a song, draw a picture, paint, collage or go in the kitchen and make some cookies.
Now is the time to create the life you want to have - to walk into a new year with your creative energy flowing and seizing opportunities as they present themselves. That portal of time between the old year and the new year is significant - what you are doing during this time is what will guide the rest of your new year.

DAY 3 (write this in your journal, meditate on it and journal your thoughts)
3. I am conscious of the Inner Presence as my lavish Abundance. I am conscious of the constant activity of this Mind of infinite Prosperity. Therefore, my consciousness is filled with the Light of Truth.

Sunday, December 30, 2007


Traditionally, we Africans of the diaspora have certain dishes we eat to bring in the New Year. I have really been inspired by the Haitian revolution lately...I think Nana Ezili Danto's energy has been strong lately. I found a recipe for a soup that has been passed down within the Haitian community since the revolution. It is said one should eat this on January 1st to bring prosperity and liberation. I am also including a recipe for vegan black eyed peas - another dish eaten on the New Year for prosperity. I have found some great recipes at Fat Free Vegan.

follow the directions on the package.
For great vegan peas. Soak beans overnight. Rinse and cover with water and boil. Add vegetable boullion to the pot and some chopped celery and a chipotle pepper. Allow to cook for the time recommended on package. Close to the time the beans are cooked - take a separate pot and saute' fine chopped garlic and chopped onion in olive oil until translucent (do not burn the garlic). Add the garlic, onion and olive oil mixture to the pot and stir. Continue to cook at a low heat until you have tender beans. Serve with collard greens and cornbread.

On January 1st, 1804, when independence was declared, the custom began to serve Soup Joumou which had been forbidden to slaves! Every New Years day, Haitians around the world make it and eat it and share it precisely to remember the past and to hope for the future.
I am vegan so I am going to think of ways to substitute the meat contents of this recipe. I think I will use marinated tofu squares deep fried instead of beef or I could see if I can find a beef-like substitute?? Any suggestions???
Soup Joumou (serves 6)
meat rub made by grinding 4 garlic cloves 1 teaspoon thyme 1/4 teaspoon pepper and 2 sliced scallions into 2 teaspoons of salt
1-pound piece of beef stew meat
3 quarts water (more, later in the cooking, as needed for a soupy consistency)
1 scotch bonnet or habanero pepper left whole with stem
2 pounds pumpkin (or winter squash like butternut), peeled and chopped
2 carrots peeled and sliced
2 stalks celery sliced lengthwise and cut into pieces
1 large onion cubed
2 medium turnips peeled and cubed
2 medium potatoes peeled and cubed
1 pound malanga peeled and cubed (if not available, substitute 3 more potatoes)
1 pound cabbage sliced fine and chopped
1/4 pound vermicelli or other thin pasta, broken into shorter lengths
2 limes juiced
1. Rub the meat with the spice paste and let marinate for at least an hour.
2. Bring the water to a boil in a large soup pot, add the meat and chile pepper, cover, reduce heat, and simmer for 2 hours.
3. Add the carrots and pumpkin, cover the pot, and cook until very tender, about 20 minutes. Remove meat and pepper from the pot, discarding the pepper. Puree the pumpkin and carrots in the broth and pour back into the pot. When the meat is cool enough to handle, cut it into cubes and add back into the pot.
4. Add the celery, onion, turnips, potato, and malango cubes to the soup, bring to a boil, then reduce heat and simmer for 15 minutes. Thin the broth with as much water as needed--it should not be too thick.
5. Scrape in the cabbage and cook 15 more minutes. Thin again with water, as needed.
6. Add the broken vermicelli and cook until it is tender. Thin again with water, as needed.
7. Taste and correct for seasoning with salt and pepper. Stir in the lime juice.
8. Turn off the heat, cover the pot, and let sit until ready to serve.

DAY 22 (write it down, meditate for 15 min, journal your thoughts)
22. I lift up my mind and heart to be aware, to understand, and to know that the Divine Presence I AM is the Source and Substance of all my good.

Saturday, December 29, 2007


Artist: unknown to me. The Haitian Revolution.

You know it is necessary to love who you are - it just the basics of life 101. If you don't love yourself then life is hard because you go around trying to find someone to love you and how can they really do that if you don't love yourself??? If you hate yourself why would others think you want something different for yourself? I met this brotha before who basically hated himself - I think he never really got the love and nurturing he needed as a child or something - but early on he convinced himself that as long as he was in a relationship with someone he was lovable. Now sometimes this would work but most of the time the person he would get involved with could not give him enough to make him feel OK with himself - so like an addict he would crave more and more - so much more that energetically he was literally sucking the life out of his relationships. Most of the time his relationships would end on a horrible note because people don't want to exchange their life force for craziness...Now, I knew this sistah who also didn't love herself - maybe early on she got messages that she was not good enough, never pretty enough, smart but not smart enough - basically she had a complex. She developed a philosophy early on that as long as a person wanted to be with her she was pretty enough, smart enough and good enough. Well, like the story above with the brotha it is also sad. Every time someone gave her attention she would think they cared about her - every time someone wanted to have sex with her, she thought they loved her and was validating that she was some body -finally!! Only after the sex mellowed out she realized her relationships ended - often in hateful, disrespectful ways -as if the person never really cared about her...So she would strike out again looking for someone to help her believe she was somebody - sometimes it didn't matter if they were married, abusive and just apathetic-she just wanted someone to love her since she couldn't really love herself...
If you don't love yourself then how can you love anyone else? How can you do the work that needs to be done for yourself, your family and your community? I have conversations, go to discussions about organizing our people all the time and it always comes down to this - the African's first revolution is on the inside - the first war you got to fight is the one in your consciousness. It does not mean that we are excused from all other tasks but if those tasks are to be for our best benefit it means that we got heal our mentacide. It is a life long battle that you can never 100% be sure you have won...that is why you can't sleep on it...some of us think well, I changed this about myself (name, clothes, food, etc...) I must be healed. My theory is that we will know we are healed when it is demonstrated that we as a people have restored ourselves to our rightful place in this world order. Until that time constant work is required. Until things really change on this planet there is work to do. A degree does not mean you made it, a house, a car, writing a book, becoming a minister, having a following and so on... does not mean you have healed - only when the world is a JUST place for us to freely be our divine selves can we say that we have done what needs to be done. We are all in a process- dealing with years of oppression and untangling the chains of mental slavery is tough work- from time to time expect to be on the "hot seat". Remember to be humble, be generous, be kind and be accountable.

DAY 21 (write it down, meditate on it and journal your thoughts)
21. The Creator/God is lavish, unfailing Abundance, the rich omnipresent substance of the Universe. This all providing Source of infinite prosperity is individualized as me — the Reality of me.

Friday, December 28, 2007


Artist: Mara Friedman

I think I have mentioned that my home has been calling me lately. It is funny how I can close my eyes and see, feel and touch every part of it. I had planted a garden there last summer - my very first garden...I grew peppers, watermelon, lettuce, kale, okra and tomatoes. I remember how it felt to reach into the earth and mix the soil -care for my little seedlings with the hope and expectation that they would grow fruits. I remember the lake outside in back of my home with calm flowing waters that nurtured a crew of ducks, geese, water snakes and turtles. On a sunny day the turtles would float on the top of the water to receive the energy of the sun's rays. I remember that I planted beautiful flowers all around the house and even cultivated a small garden on one of the patios. This house also had a huge rock - mammoth in size- it was the source of true earth bone energy- you could tell it had been there longer than the existence of any man. This beautiful, solid Grandmother rock is definitely alive - I think it is truly her that has been reaching out to me. The message is to remember that to have a home is more than just a place to lay your head - it is a place that you infuse with your energy, your nurturing and your respect- with these actions any place can be your home-especially that deep place inside of you.

DAY 20 (write it down, meditate for 15min, journal your thoughts)
20. I keep my mind and thoughts off "this world" and I place my entire focus on God-the Creator within as the only Cause of my prosperity. I acknowledge the Inner Presence as the only activity in my financial affairs, as the substance of all things visible. I place my faith in the Principle of Abundance in action within me.

Thursday, December 27, 2007


Habari Gani! Yesterday, I could have posted about the beginning of Kwanzaa but you know I was in a "place" that morning. While in that place of frustration I found that the answer did rest in the principle of that day Umoja which is Unity. I realized that unity or the act of unifying is not a process you can take lightly. Unity requires a certain amount of work that one has to have the stomach for because sometimes you can end up in sh*t (yours or someone else) and you got to just wade through it to get to the other side. What is also unique about unity is that it can bring up dogma- yes, it can. The issue is that people want unity quickly and as painlessly as possible so, they propose that everyone start to think, eat, dress and drink alike. When this happens you know there are always those types that are just NOT going to fit in - they won't dress like everyone, nor will they eat like everyone -how can you unify with such a person??? Next you know there are strict rules on who gets to unify with who and we are here again - divided. I propose that unity is much more of a painful process than we can imagine-it requires forgiveness, ample room for mistakes and the management of fear for a task that demands fearlessness. AND IT CAN BE DONE. Remember the post of Sistahs from UMOJA VILLAGE. They had two choices- try to survive as individuals or try to survive as a community. Imagine the work required to unify women who have been raped, abandoned and accused -imagine the amount of TRUST each woman had to muster to begin that process even with other women...

Today's principle is KUJICHAGULIA - SELF DETERMINATION- the process of defining ourselves, naming ourselves, creating ourselves and speaking for ourselves. When you have been oppressed you know that your divine given rights to govern over your soul have been eroded. In the case of the African, our whole worldview was redefined- we could no longer speak our mother tongue, we could not practice our spirituality, we could not eat our traditional foods, we could not read, we could not enjoy the fruits of our labor and most of all we were not allowed to engage with our true nature. Kujichagulia is the movement back to restoration. The process that says I will not be defined by anyone except my Creator thus the Spirit World, thus the Ancestors. So, now you have waded through the first pile of stuff and your cleaning up - taking off those old clothes and if your like me saying, "oh hell no!!! This is changing TODAY!" So, this process begins to take back and re-awaken that which as been locked away. Like unity - there is a true road and there is a false road. Choose well.

DAY 19 (write it down, meditate on it for 15min, journal your thoughts)
19. When I am aware of my Original Spirit Self within me as my total fulfillment, I am totally fulfilled. I am now aware of this Truth. I have found the secret of life, and I relax in the knowledge that the Activity of Divine Abundance is eternally operating in my life. I simply have to be aware of the flow, the radiation, of that Creative Energy, which is continuously, easily and effortlessly pouring forth from my Divine Consciousness. I am now aware. I am now in the flow.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007


Yes, sometimes I wake up disgusted...

A word comes to mind this morning after I had a dream where I just went off on a couple people I know... You know that kind of dream that makes you wake up all hot and mad. The word is TEMPERANCE. It isn't a popular word in today's culture but it came up for me. It means moderation in action, thought, or feeling. Have you ever had complete access to revenge and never used it? Have you ever had to hold you tongue - I mean HOLD it because the time simply was not right? I tell you it is a deep practice. I think one that a lot of Black folks practice in America. I think we all can count the times that we just wanted to smash a pie in someones arrogant lying face (later we thank the Creator that pie was nowhere near). I remember there was group of people called Bakers Without Borders that would smash pies in the face of lying politicians, fallen "progressive" leaders, etc... when they would speak in public. Really, it could be a good way to get out those frustrations without killing someone - well, you may kill their ego but what the heck! OKAY, OKAY back to TEMPERANCE. I think what really matters in the end is to know that EVERY DOG HAS THEIR DAY - the universe operates in its own time and when it does it corrects and provides balance.

African American Political Pundit posted great commentary on the African in America's $774 Billion Dollar income. Yes, folks we are the RICHEST PO FOLKS ON THE PLANET. How does this happen? I know personally living in Atlanta that Daimler Chrysler (the folks that build Mercedes) must consider this area their star market. your poorest African neighborhood 98% of the businesses are owned by non-black people. In a retail business what is the priority that will ensure your success? Sales. How do you get the most sales? Location, location, location. Why would someone put a business in a neighborhood that is po? THAT IS THE RUB - we are not poor but we are divided...

DAY 18 (write it down, meditate on it, journal your thoughts)
18. My consciousness of the Spirit within me as my unlimited Source is the Divine Power to restore the years the locusts have eaten, to make all things new, to lift me up to the High Road of abundant prosperity. This awareness, understanding and knowledge of Spirit appears as every visible form and experience that I could possibly desire.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007


Artist: Lionel

There is something very powerful about storytelling - that is why the griot or djeli-the weaver of stories is powerful figure in many cultural communities. Stories have a way of communicating events that have a deep impact on how we are thinking and being. They often teach a lesson that we must reach deep within to understand.

Yesterday, someone passed along this story from a comedian (I didn't catch his name) explaining his experience of traveling through the south...
After a long drive he stopped in a small town to get some gas and something to eat. He went inside a restaurant to order some food and decided he would get the newspaper. Inside the restaurant he noticed there was no one up front but there was a cash register. He looked around and didn't see a newspaper stand but he did see a brotha sitting in the way back. "Excuse me, brotha?" he said to the older man in the back -sittin' in the shadow, "Excuse me. Do you know where I can buy a newspaper?" The brotha looked at him sternly and said,"ShhhShush..Shsh...." waving him away."You better get on with that." "Excuse me??" the comedian said, "I just was looking for a newspaper", saying it much louder to be more clear. The older brother shushed him again, "Sh...Shish...You better go on...with that know masta don't know we can read yet."

This story struck me in several ways... and I realize that my being here in Atlanta has brought me to square one-this is ultimately my test. I see the opportunity in being here and I see the deep oppression in being here. That is the beauty of being in the south-there is a lot of clarity. In California, there was never any clarity - just illusion and a lot of confusion. What I have found out living in Atlanta for a little over a year would have taken me a lifetime in California. It comes down to how you like your poison - straight up or with a chaser of milk...
This morning when I woke up Spirit showed me how deep the oppression goes - it was like taking a quick peek down a never ending hole. I realize that in life we make decisions based on our perception of our capacity to survive. Our perception is the key here - we have to actually believe we can have a better life and that we DESERVE to have a better life. It comes down to the final question - it is ole masa (in his various disguises) or is it the most powerful high Creator fueling your life? Are you sure that you are only bending down to grab some loose change or are you preparing to walk that way the rest of your life?

DAY 17 (write it down, meditate on it for 15min, journal your thoughts)
17. The Divine Consciousness that I am is forever expressing its true nature of Abundance. This is its responsibility, not mine. My only responsibility is to be aware of this Truth. Therefore, I am totally confident in letting go and letting God/the Creator appear as the abundant all sufficiency in my life and affairs.

Monday, December 24, 2007


For a month now I have had this intense thought of my home- it is as if it has been calling me. Homecoming has been the theme of many movies and stories throughout the years. A famous story is the Wizard of Oz - I really liked the folk's version of it called THE WIZ. In this story a young woman desires to find her home. She goes through many test and trails believing that her only hope is finding this guy called the Wiz. You can guess that when she finally meets up with the brotha - he ain't really about much but hype (sistahs, ain't it like this sometimes???) It was only through her Goddess-Self (called the good witch in the movie) that she realizes that she always had the ability to go home - and that she was the only one who could take herself home. Remember those red ruby shoes that the bad witch wanted? The red shoes represent the treasures at already at her feet. Clicking her heals simply meant she had to tap into her power to realize her treasures.
Where in your life have you convinced yourself that it is the Wiz that has the power- not yourself? Home is about your nature- your true nature. Are you waiting for the Wiz to do something that you have the power to do? Can you see the power you are ready to hand over to someone else (who really wants to use it for their own good-not yours) is really your tool- for your destiny and purpose? Today is the day to step into your power! Pull back the curtain on the Wiz, call in your Goddess-Self and realize your treasure!

Here is Lena Horne in the WIZ (if you get my email go to blog or click here to see the clip)

DAY 16 (write it down, meditate on it, journal your thoughts)
My inner supply instantly and constantly takes on form and experience according to my needs and desires, and as the Principle of Supply in action, it is impossible for me to have any unfulfilled needs or desires.

Sunday, December 23, 2007










DAY 15 (write it down, meditate on it for 15min, journal your thoughts)
Money is not my supply. No person, place or condition is my supply. My awareness, understanding, and knowledge of the all-providing activity of the Divine Mind within me is my supply. My consciousness of this Truth is unlimited, therefore, my supply is unlimited.

Saturday, December 22, 2007


I am back today from a very important trip to visit my mother of the ocean. It was a beautiful trip filled with lots of flow. I realized living in a city that is inland and also experiencing a huge drought has had an impact on me. Before, I lived in the SF Bay Area and the water was only a bike ride away. Currently, I live 4 hours away from Mama Ocean and the absence of her flow- just being at her feet has left me feeling stagnant. While I was with her yesterday, I could feel a great release of dead energy and I felt renewed. I remembered that often when I had challenges I would drive to water. I had not done that since I have been in Atlanta so it was a welcomed trip.

DAY 14 (write it down, meditate on it for 15min, journal on your thoughts)
14. Through my consciousness of my Original-Spirit-Self, the Creator within me, as my Source, I draw into my mind and feeling nature the very substance of Spirit. This substance is my supply, thus my consciousness of the Presence the Creator, the Spirit World and my Ancestors within me is my supply.

Thursday, December 20, 2007


As the year comes to an end I am thinking about shedding the old me for an even older an more ancient me. The me that was first born- the me that first step foot on this earth. I believe this Saturday is Winter Solstice - a huge symbolic time of the year in which many stories of creation have a connection. It is a time that marks transitions - from death to life - being reborn- shedding what no longer serves you -seeing with new eyes.

This time for me marks a return - a return to my true self- a return to my ancient self - the core of me that can finally make sense of all my experiences and begin to shape them into a force that I can use good. It is a time when I will begin again.

I am taking off to see my mother for a day or two - so here are the affirmations for day 12 and 13.

Sistah C

DAY 12
(write in your journal, meditate 15 min and journal your thoughts)
12. I lift up my mind and heart to be aware, to understand, and to know that the Divine Presence I AM is the Source and Substance of all my good.
DAY 13
13. I am conscious of the Inner Presence as my lavish Abundance. I am conscious of the constant activity of this Mind of infinite Prosperity. Therefore, my consciousness is filled with the Light of Truth.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007


Artist: Elisha Ongere
Title: Bring The Good News (We Can Fly)

Today, I am moved to dedicate this post to all the Fathers who stand upright...

To the Fathers who fight fiercely to be men
despite all the forces around them that want them to do otherwise.
To all the Fathers who work hard to feed their families, who feel tired but never give up.
The Fathers who see their wife as their treasure - a beautiful and powerful compliment of themselves.
To the Fathers who raise, teach and nurture their sons and daughters.
To the Fathers who love their mothers and fathers.
To the Fathers who speak up when their brother is out of line.
To the Fathers who father their grandchildren.
To the Fathers who can admit their mistakes and apologize.
To the Fathers who get out of their car to help you push yours to the side of the road.
To the Fathers who know fatherhood at times can be thankless but hold no resentment.
To the Fathers who can break out into song after all has been said and done.
To the Fathers who protect the female spirit.
To the Fathers who know the value of life and living in unity with their Ancestors.
To the Fathers who have left this physical plane and are working hard as our Ancestors in the Spirit World-
I love you and respect you.
-Sistah C

Artist: Njuguna

DAY 11-start again (write it down, meditate on it for 15min, journal your thoughts)
11. The Creator/God is lavish, unfailing Abundance, the rich omnipresent substance of the Universe. This all providing Source of infinite prosperity is individualized as me — the Reality of me.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007


From time to time I still deal with the frustration of BEING A WOMAN in this society - especially an African woman. I see many things that are out of balance, unfair and out right oppressive to women. I don't think it is popular for a woman to speak up about abuse - many people think we should just shut up and endure... Every since I have spoken out about what has happened to me in my marriage I have had one of two reactions - support or silence. I very much have appreciated the support (my treasure). The support from all my family and friends has help me and my son survive during the last four months. There were time when I was not sure I would be able to drive my son to school because I had no money for gas, then out of nowhere a friend would reach out to me (without really knowing the depth of my situation) and send me something. I have learned the greatest lessons about friendship and unity during this time. It was organic that I began to process my experiences on this blog and at some point I realized that the only way to really empower myself and others was to break the silence. Believe me, I have had threats come to me about what I said on this blog about abuse -but I still write. My personal mission is beginning to birth itself - it is about the "restoration of the female spirit". I am beginning to have visions of what this looks like and I know I will need to unify with other Sistahs to make it a reality. I will continue to share more as time goes on.

Last night I ran across this very interesting site UMOJA: A VILLAGE FORBIDDEN TO MEN. I saw this beautiful picture of a Maasai Sistah and right away I wanted to know more. It seems that after being raped by British soldiers and then forced from their homes by their husbands, a group of Maasai women formed their own community and begin to support each other. They are slowly building an economy for themselves and restoring their lives. Meanwhile, their "husbands" have become jealous of their efforts and have threatened their way of living. Funny, you disrespect your wife by casting her out of your home and village after rape and then get mad when she decides she is going to survive! On the website you will find a clip of the documentary and a way to support the Sistahs through the art they have made or straight donation. These women are definitely SISTAH GODDESSES in the flesh!

DAY 10 (write it down, meditate for 15min, journal your thoughts)
10. I keep my mind and thoughts off "this world" and I place my entire focus on God-the Creator within as the only Cause of my prosperity. I acknowledge the Inner Presence as the only activity in my financial affairs, as the substance of all things visible. I place my faith in the Principle of Abundance in action within me.

Monday, December 17, 2007


I draw spirals all the time. When I am doodling I just naturally go towards this symbol. I believe spirals explain the nature of the universe- in infinite motion-changing, transforming, generating, moving... When I am in alignment with it my life is flowing - things come easy and situations fall into place. When I am stuck I notice I am holding on to something that no longer fits for me- I find everything is like going uphill and little falls into place without force. I can see how this process is opening me up and chipping away at my own personally imposed limitations. I am recognizing where there is flow and where there is stagnation.

In this process it is important to see where you have place limits on yourself and ask for the strength to walk away from such limits. If you can do with your life what you always wanted to do- what is stopping you? Once you have all the reasons ask yourself - is this really true? Is there only one way to fulfill your dreams? Must you follow the prescribed path? Maybe not...
Slowly, start to chip away at the blocks of limitation.

Last night I had a dream that I was in this beautiful, old house made of cedar. I was with a group of people and we were taking a tour. On one part of the tour we noticed how the sound of the floor differed from one place to another. The person giving the tour said the owner was strange and had a lot of secret rooms. I walked around and noticed on the floor slightly different colored wood. I pressed down on the wood and it opened a secret door leading down into a secret room - where we found the owner's true passion... The room was an art studio. I believe I know what this dream means but if you have any ideas let me know...

DAY 9 (write it down, meditate on it and journal your thoughts)
9. When I am aware of the God/Creator- Self within me as my total fulfillment, I am totally fulfilled. I am now aware of this Truth. I have found the secret of life, and I relax in the knowledge that the Activity of Divine Abundance is eternally operating in my life. I simply have to be aware of the flow, the radiation, of that Creative Energy, which is continuously, easily and effortlessly pouring forth from my Divine Consciousness. I am now aware. I am now in the flow.

Sunday, December 16, 2007


I woke up to three knocks (that happened twice) this morning. It was like Spirit was saying"wake up, wake up". I have learned that when this happens - obey. My friend in college who was also one of my roommates, would wake up very early in the morning - she would say "the world's most powerful people wake up early in the morning." I think there is something to this because I am most able to hear the Spirit World in the morning before the bustle and hustle of the rest of the world.


Yesterday, I friend reminded me of Sistah Goddess Tina Turner's life story of overcoming abuse (her former husband Ike Turner transitioned a few days ago). For years Sistah Tina endured an abusive relationship in silence. Her life began to turn around when she started a chanting practice taught by Soka Gakkai - from there she converted to Buddhism. After leaving Ike Turner, Tina had nothing but a gas card, some lose change and a lot of debt (I know about that) BUT she always had her treasure. She rose up to become one the world's most popular singers -prosperous beyond anything she could have imagined if she had remained in that relationship. Here is a clip of her on the Larry King show where she tells some of her story and demonstrates her practice with a prayer. Click here for link to clip or watch below.

DAY 8 (write it down, meditate on it and journal your thoughts)
8. My consciousness of the Spirit within me as my unlimited Source is the Divine Power to restore the years the locusts have eaten, to make all things new, to lift me up to the High Road of abundant prosperity. This awareness, understanding and knowledge of Spirit appears as every visible form and experience that I could possibly desire.

Saturday, December 15, 2007


ARTIST: Lois Mailou Jones

I am going to be honest - I have never been much of an orderly person. I am not messy or "nasty" (as my mother would say) but I don't mind if I put a bra in my sock drawer. I have always admired people who have a place for everything but I could never drum up the interest in getting to that place. I watch those HGTV shows where there are people who come into other people's homes and get them organized. I am just fascinated by someone who can create order out of chaos. I watch these shows feeling floored at the amount of junk people collect in their homes. I think it is a type of American sickness- coming from consumerism.
Yesterday, I organized and cleaned my room. I know I must have made a huge change because my son walked in and said, "Wow, what happened??!!" I even had some very clear dreams last night.
I have learned that your abundance is like an energy channel- it flows. If you have a lot of clutter - then it is hard for your flow to get around and do the work it needs to do. Your environment can positively impact your life or negatively impact your life. Living, sleeping around clutter makes you feel chaotic, stagnant, even depressed. During this plan it is important to move unused things out of the way so you can make room for your abundance.
Have you ever tried to get a gift for someone who has everything - it takes you a while to figure out what to get them right??!! Well, it works that way for your abundance, too. Your abundance is always working for you but it may get slowed down by all the "stuff" in your life. I am not only talking about material items...
Abundance thinking: "Here Sis -take this toaster I never use."
Not so Abundant thinking: " I might need this toaster one day!" (blowing off the dust as you say it...)
When you feel stagnant, stuck -get rid of something, create order and make room for your new found treasures.
My suggestions:
1. Clean that drawer of old mail out.
2. Throw out junk mail.
3. Clean out a closet.
4. Open the windows in the whole house for an hour or more. Dust and vacuum at the same time to get it all out the house.
5. Give away those old clothes. Throw away broken items that you are not going to fix.
7. Give gifts this holiday (if that is what you do...) that once belonged to you that have sentimental value. Tell the story behind each gift.

DAY 7 (write it down, meditate on it and journal it)
The Divine Consciousness that I am is forever expressing its true nature of Abundance. This is its responsibility, not mine. My only responsibility is to be aware of this Truth. Therefore, I am totally confident in letting go and letting God/the Creator appear as the abundant all sufficiency in my life and affairs.

Sistah C

Friday, December 14, 2007


Photographer: Seydou Keita

Day before yesterday the phone rang and it was my grandfather Frank. He said,"You know who this is?" I felt so happy! We conversed for a while and I had told him that I was getting a divorce and that I had been forced out my home - now living with my mother. He simply said, "That isn't where you need to be." He also said, "Trust in God. This was not who was meant to be your husband. You will be fine. I will pray for you." My grandfather since I was a "little bit" always spoke from a place of deep knowing. He has a lot of knowledge, yet he is a man of few words. I notice that he observes many things and when necessary will let you know something about yourself. He and my grandmother had eight children and lived in a small modest home that was always immaculate. I remember he told me the story of the day my Grandmother transitioned into the Spirit World. He said they were sitting down in the living room playing a game of cards. Suddenly, my Grandmother looked up at him and said, "Frank! Come here quick and give me a hug!" As he hugged her she passed away in his arms. I cried when he told me this story - both my Grandparents were always examples to me of what it meant to be devoted to one another and to live a life dedicated to family and God.

Probably by now if you are doing this plan, you are discovering that prosperity is more than money or material items. I have realized that this process is bringing me back home to my self - the self that I forgot these last few years. I am slowly building a relationship with my self and it is a beautiful homecoming. Everyday, I find a treasure that I had forgotten about or misplaced. My creativity is awakening again and I am reconnecting with long lost friends. I hope you are finding your treasures as well...

DAY 6 (write this down, meditate on it and journal your thoughts)

My inner supply instantly and constantly takes on form and experience according to my needs and desires, and as the Principle of Supply in action, it is impossible for me to have any unfulfilled needs or desires.

Sistah C

Thursday, December 13, 2007


Sistah Nana Harriet Tubman said that she would have helped more people if they had not believed they were slaves. This Sistah Goddess helped over 300 Africans escape from the plantation in her lifetime. I know she understood that it took a certain consciousness to leave chattel slavery. For many Afrikans on that plantation the slave master was the source of their supply - their condition taught them to regard the slave master with the power one should only recognize in the Creator. Stepping into your original relationship with the Creative force - I call the Creator- others call God, is what will unlock the slavery of your mind. This post today is dedicated to Sistah Goddess Nana Harriet Tubman who understood the power of her divine inheritance and fulfilled her purpose.

Today's affirmation or statement for the 40-Day prosperity plan says it all. The question is will you find that place in yourself that is willing to believe it? I really encourage you to come back to this affirmation several times today - in fact memorize it or type it out and place it on your bathroom mirror or in your work cubicle - maybe even a handy place in your car (to read at every stop light).
Do you know that our consciousness will accept any statement as the truth after hearing 2000 times. Try this exercise:Buy a counter (the kind events use to count how many people are attending a show). Take this counter and everyday for as many days as you like say "I love myself" 2000 times. Oh yeah, this is going to feel weird or even silly but lets be real Africans- if we really loved ourselves much of the inter-personal challenges that we have with each other would disappear. You would never be able to you raise your hand to your spouse, put down a child, cheat a brotha out of money or think it is right to sleep with your sistah's husband if you really loved yourself. I believe that once people of African descent heal themselves - the world would heal - it would have no choice. Stepping into our divine consciousness would have a ripple effect- and balance would be restored.
You see the peace movement is NOT about you convincing other people to be peaceful and holding hands! It is about finding peace within yourself - the peace that taps into your divine self and sees your connection with the Creator, the Spirit World and your Ancestors. Once you connect with that source, you step into that power, the taste for drama, violence, lying and control just falls away - everything that has been placed upon you falls off. Your able to see what is real and what is illusion and you become a powerful force for truth.

DAY 5 (write it down, meditate on it for 15 min and journal it)

Money is not my supply. NO PERSON, PLACE OR CONDITION IS MY SUPPLY. My awareness, understanding, and knowledge of the all-providing activity of the Divine Mind within me is my supply. My consciousness of this Truth is unlimited, therefore, my supply is unlimited.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007


Sistah Goddess Mawu by Sandra M. Stanton

Gratitude is the acknowledgement of the treasures, the support and love around you. There is a practice that come to mind that says that when ever you are in that space of feeling isolated, unsupported and challenged -sit down and write down or say out loud 100 things you are grateful for... after the first ten you begin to feel a flow. Gratitude is like fuel for your prosperity. The universe flows on gratitude. Tell those around you today that you are grateful that they are in your life - let that gift from you infuse them with positive energy to take with them into the day.

On this fourth day I have already began to realize my treasures. This morning I was awakened by my ministry (which I will share with you soon). It came to me after a frightening image in a dream I had. I got out of that image what it is that I needed to dedicate my life to...what it is that my Ancestors need for me to do.

As you do today's affirmation remember that the Creator, the Spirit World and your Ancestors are the essence of who you are - this makes you powerful and divine. It gives you the absolute right to overcome any obstacle in your life. The world can not benefit from you being small or invisible- you are important, you are needed.

DAY FOUR (write this in your journal, meditate on it for 15min, journal your thoughts for 5min)
4. Through my consciousness of my Original-Spirit-Self, the Creator within me, as my Source, I draw into my mind and feeling nature the very substance of Spirit. This substance is my supply, thus my consciousness of the Presence the Creator, the Spirit World and my Ancestors within me is my supply.

Sistah C

Tuesday, December 11, 2007


Artist: Silvia Schiffmann

Yemaya is calling her children.

Great Mother, I hear you calling...
I am coming to you because
it is only from your womb
that I can be born into my greatness...
I am your daughter not the daughter of man...
Wash me with your birth waters,
Cleanse my eyes so that I can
see I am powerful, I am divine...
Allow me to be re-born again
from your womb...
Wash my mind of illusion...
Let me drink from your water of
Help me to live as a divine
representation of your greatness...
I give thanks,
I give thanks,
I give thanks...

DAY 3 (write this in your journal, meditate on it and journal your thoughts)
3. I am conscious of the Inner Presence as my lavish Abundance. I am conscious of the constant activity of this Mind of infinite Prosperity. Therefore, my consciousness is filled with the Light of Truth.

Sistah C

Monday, December 10, 2007

Second Post Today: The Holy Ghost

Maybe from my last post you think that I would not know anything of the Holy Ghost but that is where you are wrong. I am doing two post in one day because I am at home right now - having church! It started when my friend Abena sent me the clip from the Color Purple, "God is Trying to Tell You Something". I listened and watched it a few times just feeling so "deep inside" (its a hard feeling to describe). I think looked over to the margin and I saw this clip from the Oprah show. I guess she had a Legend's Weekend - with a bunch of stars.
Well, in this clip you see everyone in their Sunday best (and you know WE know how to dress on Sunday!) Well, first things were real proper and then out of no where- you see people getting what was called when I was young "happy". It is so beautiful to watch Sistahs just jump up and out with the spirit! I was raised in the church and I tell you I have gotten the holy ghost many times myself, even at a Buddhist retreat. The Afrikan spirit has a way of coming and snatching you up - no matter how much you are trying to just sit there - it won't let it happen. It is this deep and instant connection to spirit that speaks to the unity of our people.
Here is the link to the clip or watch it below.


Sistah C


This morning as I did my second affirmation for the plan the Pali word Metta came to me. Metta is the practice of offering compassion. Yesterday, I realized that I still have a lot of anger. Anger is not bad, sometimes we have to be "there" so that we recognize it, transform it and make it into a powerful force in our lives. This morning I remembered that I have healing abilities. A couple of years ago I just walked away from it, forgot it. I didn't really believe in myself - which I think is at the root of my current situation. So, this morning I begin to practice healing again by starting with myself. I begin to see the reality of the situation - it was like a door opened. I saw how woundedness can make people try to destroy their own good. I see how important it is to heal - if even just to prevent yourself from hurting others. I sent Metta to my heart for it to be open, to see the truth. No poison can stay in your heart when you send it compassion.

I was reminded also about a Sistah Goddess named Amma. In the past she suffered terrible abuses from her family and somewhere inside of herself she discovered compassion and saw the reality of the situation. At that point she developed this incredible ability to heal people by simply giving them a hug. There are thousands of people today who go to see her to get one of her hugs (she hugs about 10,000 people a day). I hear that it is a powerful healing experience. I also hear that the very same members of her family who once abused her are now her devotees. Can you imagine turning that type of experience around?? She has a huge following. I am sure she has access to many things offered by people from all over the world in gratitude and yet I hear she lives a very simple life.
I believe on this plan many of us will begin to see the reality of what it means to be abundant. It is not so much about the money, the car, the nice house, the professional career - it is more about who we are being and how we walk in the world.

(write in your journal, meditate 15 min and journal your thoughts)
2. I lift up my mind and heart to be aware, to understand, and to know that the Divine Presence I AM is the Source and Substance of all my good.

Sistah C

Sunday, December 9, 2007


Yesterday I said I would share with you the 40-Day Prosperity Plan. I am also offering to use this blog as a way of doing this plan collectively- sharing our thoughts, inspirations, prayers and affirmations as we go through this process. This 40 day process is about stepping into your divine power and retrieving your divine inheritance. My belief is that we are all part of an abundant universe and we are children of that abundant universe. I believe we only experience "lack" because we are looking at the world with the wrong viewpoint or a viewpoint out of alignment with our true nature. Once we change our viewpoint then we have the ability to see our treasures at our feet. PROTECTING YOUR CONSCIOUS - YOUR DIVINE SIGHT is THE MOST IMPORTANT THING YOU CAN DO WITH YOUR LIFE. This is why corporations, policy makers, oppressors of any kind spend billions of dollars to keep you under their influence (this is NOT a conspiracy theory - it is real). If you are OUT OF YOUR MIND be sure you are being told what to do, how to think, what to drink, who to have sex with, where to put your money, what to name your baby, etc... You can go to a local newspaper and in the first section find out what you are suppose to be thinking about and doing.
Working on your consciousness will change your life. If you are comfortable with your life, the way it is- then why are you reading this blog? Why are you even going this far? You may loose a worthless relationship, you may get fired from a tired-ass job, you may have to move or you may come to your senses about that not-so-best friend. Tinkering with your consciousness may change your taste test - you may like water instead of pepsi or coke...Who is to say?? Your about to undergo a serious operation of your mind- don't hop off the table in the middle of the surgery, see it through and then decide if it was worth it. You only get from it what you put into it. Beware of detours.

I believe prosperity is the treasure you were born with - the gifts your Ancestors gave you to take into your life to make things better for your bloodline, community and the world. We all matter- if we don't use our divine gifts then we may create a hazardous space for anything to fill it. EACH OF US HAVE A PURPOSE, A DESTINY AND WE NEED TO USE IT- it is what keeps the world in balance. Sistahs, I have come to realize that we as group are important to the world - we have a special power that can provide balance to all world situations-we overflow with strength and we can tap into places of energy that have many people scared - and change is scary for most people.
Sistahs, for the last couple or so years I thought I had a "foot on my neck" and the other day I SanKofa'd - I reached back and found something I had forgotten- this knowledge that had been taught to me - the practice of using the POWER OF YOUR CONSCIOUSNESS TO HEAL CONDITIONS IN YOUR LIFE. This is prosperity - not necessarily more money (although it may come) but the tools to do what you need to do. I have a friend who has manifested $200 rent in New York city in a beautiful loft. I have another friend who manifested citizenship in a country she is moving to and reclaiming as her home. SISTAH POWER keeps food on the table when the family doesn't have a dime, takes in grandchildren and raises them on disability, leaves an abusive relationship with five little ones, graduates from school at the age of sixty, and so on...WE'VE GOT THE POWER. Sistahs, our treasures are around us ready to be used.
1. A willingness to step into your own personal power.
2.A journal or notebook.
3.A pen.
4. A quiet moment of 20 minutes minimum. It helps to do this everyday around the same time- if possible.
5. A goal.

*ONE RULE: You have to do this continuously for 40-days straight (no break). If you forget or just don't do it -even on the 39th day- you will need to start over. For some of us that will be the process and it is okay. Don't beat yourself up if you have to start over again- I have done it many times. Its just what happens. Some of us will need to break down resistance to the process first - remember we are working on something big here.

1. Watch out for negative conversations, thoughts and/or actions - it is not going to feed your process well. Maybe shorten those conversations with the gossip loving friend or steer clear of actions that take you into lying (having affairs, cheating people, etc...) When those negative thoughts creep in like "this is not going to work" - pray or affirm the negative thought away. Just break out in prayer or affirmation RIGHT THERE!
2. Beware of what you watch on tv or listen to on the radio. Ask yourself - is this going to feed my process in a positive way?
3.Seize the moment! If you get an audition or call for an interview -check it out!!! That may be your prosperity knockin'.
4.Your ministry will come. Don't close the door on it or shoo it away because you think you are not ready- remember #3.
5.You are going to journey through "the valley of lack consciousness" shared by many in the world- remember as you change your own consciousness, you also change the world. Don't look doom in the eye- keep your eyes on the prize. If something appears to show up negatively - pray it right/ affirm it right or cast it away.
6.Take Action-actualize your goal. If you want to lose that weight - it can't only melt away reading this blog- you "gots" to go out there and move it off! If you want the erase financial problems - face them and see what can be done.
7. This is the time to MOVE OUT OF THE WAY and let the universe help you. Do you need a new car or someone to come into your life to fix your car? Do you need a new position at work or a raise? Do you need money for groceries or just groceries??? You don't need to hang on to how it is going to happen - just let the process flow. AND WHEN YOU RECEIVE BE GRATEFUL!
8.Dig deep. What you put into this is what you get.
9.Those who talk -don't know. Those who know- don't talk. Don't over water your garden of consciousness with too much talk and analyzing... Plant the seed and let it grow. Yes, water it by getting support when you need it.
10.You are going to get tested. When you do- be generous- give, give, give. Affirm to the Creator, the Spirit World, your Ancestors, family and community that you are NO LONGER BOUND BY A CONSCIOUSNESS OF LACK. Give and you will receive. That last dollar in your wallet just made room for five, twenty or hundred more...


1.Write out your goal for this process in the back of your journal.
2. You will be given 10 affirmations (1 a day).
3.In a quiet place (even if its the bathroom) sit with your journal.
4. Write down the day's affirmation.
5. Read it. Breathe with it. Read it again.
6. Meditate on it (not on other things but on the affirmation).
7. Repeat the affirmation in your head. Speak it aloud.
8. Meditate a total of 15 minutes or more on the affirmation.
9. Take 5 minutes or more to write down all your thoughts. Write down
what comes to you- even if you think it is not related. Write how you
feel. Mention if there is any resistance. Be honest with yourself - share
any shame you have with yourself. This is not going to be shared with
anyone but you.
10. Move on with your day.
*Do this everyday for 40-days.


Start your journal with this entry. Copy it in your journal.

This day, (show actual date), I cease believing in visible money as my supply and my support, and I view my current world of effect as it truly is... simply an out picturing of my former beliefs. I believed in the power of money, therefore I surrendered my God/Creator-given power and authority to an objectified belief. I believed in the possibility of lack, thus causing a separation in consciousness from the Source of my supply. I believed in mortal man and carnal conditions, and through this faith gave man and conditions power over me. I believed in the mortal illusion created by the collective consciousness of error thoughts, and in doing so, I have limited the Unlimited. No more! This day I renounce my so-called humanhood and claim my divine inheritance as a Being of God/the Creator. This day I acknowledge God/the Creator as my supply and my support.

DAY ONE AFFIRMATION (write it down and follow the steps above)
The Creator/God is lavish, unfailing Abundance, the rich omnipresent substance of the Universe. This all providing Source of infinite prosperity is individualized as me — the Reality of me.

*This process is adapted/based on a book called the The Abundance Book. Adapt it as you need to fit your own beliefs but it is suggested to keep the essence of what is being said.
**Brothas, your welcome to join!

Sistah C
pic: me in nature (just a reminder for myself)
anyone with inspiring artwork for this process, please email me
SONG FOR THE DAY (You Tube-Jill Scott):

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Ghost of Marriage Past...

I will let you all know I don't celebrate Christmas anymore but I woke up this morning remembering the story of the Christmas Carol. I use to watch several different versions of this film every holiday time when I was young (there must be about 100). The story is about this business man who treats all his workers (and basically everyone) badly - he even makes them work on Christmas (heaven forbid). This man is also very rich but greedy and ugly - so you know he is alone in life. Well, in the story he gets a "second chance" to look at his life by getting visits from three ghosts- one from the past, the present and the future. These ghosts show him how his actions have contributed to his horrible life and also how he has ruined the life of one poor little boy on Christmas. Being that it is hollywood - the man turns over a new leaf - he believes in Christmas and is generous with everyone- giving away his riches, etc...The End.
So, last night I get a visit from the Ghost of Marriage Past. I saw where I made the detour. I sat there and listened, counseled, gave, gave and gave. I gave soooo much of my energy and time that I didn't notice my own goals and aspirations just slipping away. I endured so much disrespect because I was convinced I understood this person's pain and that more of my love, time and energy would help. End the end the ghost pointed to the fact that I just contributed and collaborated with my own oppression. I simply fed the beast and made it bigger.
The ghost took me back farther in time (before getting into this relationship) and I saw myself - really doing good work. Healing, supporting myself, my son, and actualizing my dreams (entering grad school). The ghost pointed to that time and indicated that I needed to recapture that part of myself and move forward. It was my light that attracted the moth that tried to eat holes in my purpose. My lesson has been to protect my purpose, my light, my spirit and move forward.
Live today as tomorrow,
tomorrow as yesterday.
Sistah C
pic: me on the detour...

Sistahs, it has been a while but I use to do this 40-day Prosperity Plan every year. It is a great way to realize financial clarity - using the power of your mind and spirit. On this plan I have cultivated material and spiritual opportunities - I even won some contests. It is not magic but a way to cultivate a right relationship with your divine inheritance and prosperity. I am going to
begin tomorrow and I am SHARING IT WITH YOU!!! - so look at tomorrow's post. If you want to join me then all you need is a journal, a pen and a goal. What is it that you really need (not just want). Spend some time to define it. Do you want a new job or do you want an opportunity to step into your divine right work??? Everyday for 40 days we will do this plan together - here on this blog. Trust me it works and the only investment you need is your time and willingness to step into a powerful place in your life.
Sistah C

Friday, December 7, 2007

Childhood Stories...

I am not sure about you but I am a visual person. A picture to me- can say a lot more than some words. The thing with pictures is that they can only tell a part of the story- they part the picture captures. The other part of the story extends out from the corners- was happening across the street, around the corner and way cross town.
Here I am in 1978!!! It was a happy day for me as a child because I was going home- even though I had really been home the whole time...(kinda like the Wiz). As a child I had to construct a story out of what was happening to my family because it was too painful for me and probably others to really talk to me about it... The story I made up was that I was tricked, yes tricked into taking a visit that lasted about 2 or 3 years away from my parents to live with my grandparents. This "story" I believed until I was an adult - but it had holes...
What was more correct was that I HAD TO LEAVE in order to be safe and shielded from the people who wanted to do harm to my family... you see the seventies were very interesting times...we as a people had made it pass the civil rights era (so to speak) and we found ourselves in the hustle..."tryin' to make a dollar out of 15cents", blaxploitation films, disco music, platforms, afros - it was a time of serious diversion for some of us. My father got caught up in the mix...big cars, furs for the moms, fancy houses and money. You see it wasn't like he didn't know about how to be a good father or husband- he had a father in his life. It was more that he strayed away from the values that he was raised with...he forgot who he was and his the end I think he found himself regretting that detour - it cost him his wife, two girls, grandchildren and eventually his life.
Remember it is the CHOICES that we make that shape the stories of our future. I am my father's future, my son is my father's future, and any child that comes after him is my father's future. I think my elders understood this... I am grateful for that time with my grandparents because they taught me some things that I don't think my parents would have remembered to teach me - like the value of working hard, sacrificing for your family, being responsible for your actions, of helping your community and staying close to your God. Much Love to my grandparents for taking me in during those times and for their continued guidance from the Ancestor world.
Sistah C

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Sometimes a Song Can Say It...

I like this song by Jill Scott and it is really fitting the moment today...
Sistah C
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Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Sistah Goddess OYA: Winds of Change

Yes, my sistahs things are stirrin'. I remember my first encounter with OYA- it was the beginning of this year on New Years. She looked at me sternly and said, "You are very happy with yourself...This new thing you have...remember what is up must come down!" With that she dismissed me. I knew she spoke of change...sudden, deep transitions in my life - and here I am.
I hear that Oya energy is referred to as the winds of change. One source says: "Using her machete, or sword of truth, she cuts through stagnation and clears the way for new growth. She does what needs to be done. She is the wild woman, the force of change; lightning, fire, tornadoes, earthquakes and storms of all kinds are ruled by Oya."
I would definitely say that this energy moved me out of a place of in-action - whether I wanted to move or not. I imagine that when you think you can sit quietly on the fence- this energy makes it impossible for you to just sit there and do nothing. It requires you to do what is right or to be made to.
Oya blew into this blog today...maybe not only to remind me of her prophecy but as a message to others...

Sistah C

Monday, December 3, 2007

Sistah Protest Racism By Setting Self on Fire...

UPDATE: Now I find out that this story is about 3 years old...if that is so...we have to see the suppression of this story was deliberate...

Sistah Goddess Maggy Delvaux-Muf set herself on fire recently in a public marketplace in Belgium to protest racism. I think this says a lot about the pain of oppression- a pain that many of us have become numb to...In a world where we all are taught to make nice, forgive and forget - there has to be a moment where one just gets fed up! I am not sure what the whole story is about Sistah Maggy Delvaux-Muf... the news says she was of Congolese descent and has three children and a husband. It was even said that her husband was with her when she did it. It was also said she called the press to cover her protest. Last I heard she is fighting for her life in a hospital. I don't think the story quite made it over the ocean here...although, I think there was a story on this year's best buys for stocking stuffers on world news tonite...

Let us pray for all the brave Sistahs who
know in their hearts and in their wombs
things have got to change...
Let us pray for the restoration of the
the female spirit that has suffered so
much at the hands of oppression
Let us pray to understand that
racism will never end
by the hand of the oppressor,
Let us know that liars
can not be compelled
to tell the truth
Let the truth begin
within us
Let us seek the warmth
of our Creator, our Ancestors, our Shrines
Let us grow strong
by knowing our purpose
and who we are
Let us return
Let us return
Let us return
Sistah C

Sunday, December 2, 2007


Sometimes I wake up in the morning and I am worried. I feel as if during my sleep -in my dreams, I see many things that are going on. I hear warnings. Yet, when I wake up I am only left with the feeling not the memory of what I saw or heard.
Oppression is on my mind again... Not just my own personal oppression but our collective oppression. In my last post I put up a clip from the Color Purple. I remember seeing this movie for the first time when I might of been 14yrs old... the type of violence Ms. Cecily experienced was so intense - it never let up. She had to find a "friend" to help her see she was somebody. Then there was the scene where she declared she had to be free and DESERVED to be free.
Abuse can be intense and upfront like in the Color Purple or it can be like boiling a frog. See below.

HOW TO BOIL A FROG (a recipe given by my friend Christa)
1. Take a tall, really tall pot and place it on a stove that is off -STOVE MUST BE OFF.
2. Place cold water in the pot. WATER MUST BE COLD OR ROOM TEMPERATURE.
3. Place your frog in the pot.
4. Slowly, turn on the heat. Put it on the lowest setting as possible.
5. As time goes on, turn up the heat. Remember to turn up the heat slowly.
6. You will know you got the frog when it is sitting in boiling water and wondering how it got there?
7. Wha La! You got a boiled frog.

This is how many of us get into abusive situations. If an abuser puts a woman directly into a "boiling pot of abuse" most likely she is going to hop out and run (like a frog). Your charming abuser has to woo you - make you believe he is sensitive to what you are going through, make you believe he is somehow different from other guys - he really sees you. Once he really sees you - then a bit down the road he can "turn on the heat" (just a little). One day he tells you (honestly, of course) your nose is just a little big but he loves you anyway. You go to the bathroom and check your nose- the nose you were born with, that unless you go into plastic surgery, is never going to change. The message, "something IS wrong with you". Next, he turns up the heat more. Your best friend from childhood, calls too much. Why do you have to talk to her when he is around- don't you all talk all the time???!!! You end up telling your friend you will have to call her later - isn't it starting to feel a little warm... Next, he is so fabulous- he is taking you out to dinner for your birthday (your friends wanted to have a party for you but he said you both should just spend time 1 on 1). He takes you to Che'Che'. He tells you how beautiful you look and as the waitress comes up you see him look her up and down. (Did he just do that?? No, he just said you look so beautiful! Stop, trippin'!) While ordering, he engages the waitress in long conversations about the food and the wine. As the waitress walks away, his eyes follow her ever so slightly...Inside, your feelin' hot and YOU SHOULD you just got the heat turned up! You may sulk the rest of the evening and the food taste like wood. He holds your hand while watching the waitress. Dinner is over and he hands the waitress his business card re: something business related and escorts you out. Didn't you have a wonderful dinner - a wonderful birthday?? Why are you feeling so down?? Don't you appreciate anything?? Whew, it is getting real hot!! Next, your emails only seem to be from him lately and your phone doe not seem to ring with messages from friends. Your family does not say much about your new guy. Your dog growls at him. You seem to feel tired lately. He says you look a little fat, too. WOW!!! What is happening to you? Guess what, your almost done! Well, while your abuser is setting the table to dine on a feast fit for fists - you are thinking you are ugly, unappreciative, jealous, fat and the owner of a mad dog that needs to be put to sleep! GURL, you have just been boiled! How did you ever get here?
Sistahs, this is a common scenerio with "upscale abusers". They can be professional, well dressed and their teeth white. They have been taught they are special and that they are a"real catch". They have never been held responsible for how they treat Sistahs because we (and others) cooperate with our own oppression. We ignore their disrespect and hope it is just a bad day. In fact, these abusers find refuge with many other women who know they have been oppressive to other women- yet they make up excuses for them... It is a cycle that ends up having us believe that Sistahs and Brothas can not have healthy relationships - when really it is just a few rotten apples on beautiful tree. I don't think it is only the responsibility of Sistahs to end this cycle- it is also in the best interest of healthy Brothas to end this cycle. Think of your baby sistah being with a guy like this or your cousin or even your Mama!! Brothas think of all the Sistahs that are now recovering from abuse that no longer see themselves in a healthy relationship.
Remember, ABUSE LOVES AN ENVIRONMENT OF SILENCE. In silence no one heals. Also, remember that we as a people have been abused for a very long time... we are STILL BEING ABUSED!!! (checkout this blog I ran across this morning TASERED WHILE BLACK) So, throughout the years abuse for many of us begins to look normal. We create many false stories about abuse just to avoid the truth of the matter. We protect "good men" in our community because we can't bear to think that all of our problems are NOT caused by being "poor and uneducated".
Don't leave me hangin' on this one... I know you hear me...
Sistah C