Thursday, October 30, 2008

LUNAVERSOUL: Ethnic Design with a Unique Style!

Lately, I have been feelin' a lot of energy around adornment -earrings, bracelets, necklaces, nose rings, etc... I desire beautiful "statement" pieces that compliment my personal style.

I recently found the work of Lunaversoul by CJ and this Sistah's work is BEYOND BEAUTIFUL! I would describe her work as burst of colors and a fine combination of modern clean design with unique ethnic/indigenous style. I had to connect with her right away to get the word on who she is and what inspires her work.

The first piece that caught my eye was this Ocyrus Leather Cuff Bracelet for the Sistahs and the Brothas.

Camisha better known as CJ is a 3d graphic artist/Fine artist for a video game company out in Seattle & The mother of an 11 year old son. She told me,

"Art,music & fashion is a huge part of my life & who I am.
I LOVE underground hip-hop culture & music (not that stuff on the radio) I'm a true B-girl ;).

I started designing jewelry about one year ago. I was tired of not being able to find jewelry that fit my style & personality. On a whim I purchased some beads and made my very first bracelet and it took off from there.

I make unique handmade necklaces, bracelets and earrings that are funky, eclectic and soulful with a touch of ethnic flair. Many of my pieces are one of a kind, which I love because you know that you are wearing a beautiful piece of jewelry that no one else has.

My inspirations come from elements of nature and different cultures from around the world. I feel that a small part of my personality is reflected in each piece of my work. Each piece is special because none of my pieces are planned. When I want to create something I just relax,reflect on all the beautiful things & people that influence me ,put on my music and just go with it."

Check out these Nefertiti Earrings!!!

I also like the mysteriousness of these Mesi Earrings...

Her signature colorful Kanani Bracelet Set is another favorite...

I wish I could display every piece here on SistahGoddess but you can go to her shop at Lunaversoul on or you can check her out at the Urban Craft Uprising Show Dec 6 & 7th in Seattle. Either way, support this Sistah's beautiful work.

Sistah C

Sunday, October 26, 2008

October: Domestic Violence Awareness Month - My Two Cents...

I think that we should be aware of Domestic Violence no matter the month but this is a special time to remind ourselves that many women and children live in an environment of fear and violence - even as you read this post. My son and I are survivors of domestic violence and it has been a hard road BUT I will tell you our liberation has been worth all of the set backs - large and small. I have dedicated my life to moving forward and developing my work around helping to restore the female spirit.

If you are in a violent relationship it is important to recognize the patterns of violence and KNOW that you are NOT alone...although it can feel like it...If you can take some time to re-evaluate what it is that YOU WANT FOR YOUR LIFE - if you want peace, love, joy and freedom then consider what it will take to get you there...often that means leaving a bad situation. I will not lie, the first step is the hardest and known to be the most dangerous (depending on the level of violence you are dealing with...)

1. Make a PLAN for yourself and your children (if you have any)-this could include talking to a domestic violence organization/shelter, talking to a "trusted" family member or friend, packing a secret/hidden bag for yourself and children with essentials such as medicine, extra set of keys, diapers, clothes, shoes, copies of important papers and money. It could include getting the assistance of someone to help you leave.

2. Many people are ignorant to the issues of domestic violence so you may encounter various non helpful gestures BUT THIS IS ABOUT YOUR LIFE NOT ANYONE ELSE'S. Get help from someone willing to help you -sometimes this may be a stranger on the other end of a crisis line or a counselor at a shelter.

3. Keep yourself safe - don't speak about your whereabouts to people who will tell your abusive spouse, screen your calls, alert your workplace of your situation (often you will find they will screen calls for you or alert there security), alert your daycare or children's schools.

4. Try to secure your financial situation - save cash and have it on hand. If you have left -close joint bank accounts and secure your credit (this was a big downfall for me but you need to know abusers will strike your finances if they can't strike you...) Write landlords to alert them you have left the premises and send all mail verified. Make sure your divorce is documented as a domestic violence situation -this may help with creditors later.

5. Consider the help of Legal Aid Societies and the Department of Family Services. Often you need to apply for these services early BEFORE you are in a desperate crunch - it could take up to 30 days to get assistance...

6. DOCUMENT everything - dates of abusive incidents, police reports - YES -call the police if there is violence and have them FILE A REPORT. Take it from me you will find yourself having to prove you were actually abused...If the police seem like they don't want to help or get involved (yes, this happens...) then insist that they make a CITIZEN'S ARREST - if you need your abuser in their custody for a short while - and it may be short!

7.KEEP IT REAL - be honest with YOURSELF first - your in this situation for various reasons and now you need out - YOU CAN DO IT and it may take some time to really get your head above water. Get counseling and do some self reflection. Be around people who BELIEVE IN YOU. In time you will find that you have moved forward...

8. This is hardly as simple as a numbered list but this comes from my own experiences - so I hope it is helpful... Below are resources...

*If you know someone who is being abused the best thing you can do is EDUCATE yourself on the issues and provide a LISTENING EAR. Judgement can send a Sistah spiraling back to her abuser. PLEASE NOTE SISTAHS: I know survivors who are PhDs, doctors, scientist, activists, women's advocates, ministers, housewives, teachers, wellness practitioners, and more... I know abusers who are doctors, lawyers, ministers, high profile stock brokers, basketball players, teachers, activists and so on...Don't let yourself get caught up in status -look at people's actions -pay attention to their deeds and they will reveal who they really are...


If you need immediate assistance, dial 911.

The National Domestic Violence Hotline: 1-800-799-SAFE (7233).

The National Coalition of Domestic Violence has good resources on protecting yourself and making a plan.

The Legal Aid Society
See how you can get free legal help and advice on how to proceed legally.

Here is a resource on Understanding Domestic Violence


Healing takes time. You will have anger, rage, despair, depression mixed with leaps of hope and positive thinking with leaps of anxiety. Just be open to all these feelings -sometimes we need to sit in the dark to see the light. Don't put yourself on other people's time tables -THIS IS YOUR LIFE - YOUR HEALING. Do small things for yourself - candle lit baths, massage, walks, singing, dancing, ART of any kind. Get a NEW lease on life! Acknowledge the past BUT really start spending a great deal of time living in the present and visualizing your NEW LIFE with peace, love, joy and true prosperity. Meet new people who are about positive living. Try a spiritual practice like meditation, yoga, prayer and affirmation. Everyday wake up and declare that it is a NEW DAY FOR YOU and give blessings and gratitude for what you do have. If you are in a rut - clean your house from top to bottom - throw out the dirty water through the back door - light some incense, dance, sing and laugh as LOUD as you can and give negativity no space in your life. Every time you think of your oppressive past and it is mingled with fear and anger - JUST START LAUGHING (this sounds "crazy") but do this until you actually are naturally laughing. The Igbo people call this "hooting at danger" - meaning to laugh it off - you have been through the worst trial AND YOU SURVIVED. YOU ARE THE MOST POWERFUL MANIFESTATION OF THE CREATOR/GOD/GODDESS - YES YOU! Much peace and blessings to you!
With Light and Love,
Sistah C

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Ruth King Discusses the Wisdom of Rage...

I had an opportunity to interview with Ruth King, MA a couple of weeks ago. In this important interview King discusses how to work with the volatile energy of rage and find the inherent wisdom in healing this misunderstood emotion. To listen to the interview CLICK HERE (a player will be available soon).

I remember meeting Ruth King at an African American Meditation Retreat some years ago. In our conversation Ruth explained to me that she worked with women and rage. I thought it was interesting but I told her, "I don't have rage -anger, yes but not rage..." She encouraged me to give one of her workshops a try and from there I was on a journey to learn how to cultivate and use this often misunderstood emotion.

I have always felt there was a legacy of rage that ran generations deep in both sides of my family. It has lead to addiction, illness and abuse. I think this rage stems from my very first ancestors that were stolen from their land. Not only where they striped from there homeland but their cultural structure, spiritual practices and everyday way of life. I am very proud to be from a people that have survived the greatest attempt of genocide on the planet AND we continue to survive. I do have a concern that we have never fully healed from the crime of nature committed against us...When chattel slavery "ended" there was no time taken to discuss the long term effects of being enslaved - we just continued on AND we had what happens to years - generations of stolen babies, multiple rapes, murders, families broken apart, apartheid - where do those emotions that accompanied those experiences go? Painful legacies need attention, they need to be understood and in that understanding we can gain knowledge and wisdom.

Ruth King's work helps us gain insight to the human condition that is effected by rage. Rage is powerful and like all powerful energies it can be used for good or not - we can use it without understanding or we can find its wisdom and use its energy for our best benefit.

Ruth King, MA, is a respected voice on women and rage and has devoted her life to strategies that transform rage. A July 2007 O Magazine Nugget, King works with negative emotions in positive ways, and author of the best seller Healing Rage—Women Making Inner Peace Possible and the audio CD Soothing the Inner Flames of Rage--Meditations that Educate the Heart & Transform the Mind. King weaves 20+ years in psychology, leadership development, shamanism, metaphysics, systems theory, meditation, and teachings from wisdom traditions to lecture, coach, and facilitate retreats that transform the emotional body and mind. Her website is

Your comments are important to us! Please take a listen and give us your feedback.

Sistah C

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Living Fibroid Free!

Living a Fibroid Free Life!

In my work with women and their families, I find that living wholistically is a primary goal for most women for themselves and their families. And women with Fibroids should make this a top priority for their health, especially, if they want to heal naturally. In my work with women with Fibroids, I find that this is a dis-ease of toxins and removing the toxins helps to relieve the symptoms , eventually helping to remove the Fibroids , naturally. It has happened for many, many women. It can happen for you.

Just start. You don’t have to do all of this at once, just do one thing for a week, then add another. There are no failures, because you can always begin again.

10 Womb Tips to Avoid Uterine Fibroids

1.Eat as clean as you can, meaning Organic. The sprays used on fruits & veggies are derived from Petroleum (Gas) and are toxic. Eating organic reduces the load of toxins that are in your body, and that increases the size of the fibroids. If you eat dairy & eggs, they should be free-range or organic.

2. Reduce Stress. Stress also increases the size and number of fibroids.

3.Remove toxic people from your Life. Yes, that could mean your husband, boyfriend, momma or daddy, if they are creating stress for you, which in turn, are growing the fibroids, this is part of your healing. Its’ difficult, but much easier than surgery.

4.Eliminate or reduce meat in your diet. All meat contains growth hormones and this in turn increases the growth of the fibroids. Especially, fast-food meat, the average age of the chickens served at fast-food restaurants is only 28 days old, but has been “Super-sized” with growth hormones. Eating broiled Salmon once a week is fine after you have detoxed your system.

5.Kleanze Your System. Increase your BM’s , to assist in loosening & removing mucus & toxins. Parasite Kleanzing is paramount, because parasites have been a significant problem within the issue of fibroids.

6.Use Affirmations generously. Tell yourself who you really are, regularly.


8.Don’t worry, be Happy! Go ahead & Live Your Life.

9.Use a Womb & Uterine Kleanzing tonic, like The Herb Lady’s Fibroid Free! It is a life-enhancing tonic that reduces the bleeding, restores your nerves and builds your blood & iron reserves, while also kleanzing your womb.

10.Use a support group to keep your healing going strong, like The Fibroid Free! Support Network that meets weekly on the telephone, just call
(724) 444-7444 at 9pm, class code 42692, every Tuesday night.

Herbal Love,
Eshe Riviears
The Herb Lady
“Your Personal Herbalist”