Saturday, February 26, 2011

Afrikan Wombyn's Liberation Month

I have declared March as Afrikan Wombyn's Liberation Month! As the ruler of my own universe I thought this was a timely thing to do as March 8th is International Women's Day - a global holiday that honors Women.

March is going to be about the Victories of Afrikan Women. I LUV, LUV, LUV the stories of my Sistahs! I am amazed by the everyday powerfulness of the Dark Goddesses that I know...I thought it was time for a celebration our works!

I am currently looking for video, film shorts, written works, music, art and more that uplifts and tells the powerful story of women of Afrikan descent. The work will be featured on web page and on our NEW ONLINE TV STATION called SHE Network -

I am also looking for sponsors for 30second ad spots on SHE Network. Do you have a business or a service you want to advertise to Sistahs? You can do this for $30 for the whole month of March!

For further details email

Sis. Camara

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A New World Order...

"What if we all helped each other to manifest our most beautiful, sexy, intelligent, creative, and adventurous inner selves, instead of cooperating to suppress them?" ~ Pat Califia

My Sis India, posted the quote above on facebook and it instantly resonated with me. For the last couple of weeks I was glued to my internet news as I watched things unfold in Egypt. While others watched Super Bowl, I found myself enthralled with the thought that a group of people somewhere on the planet had decided that they had enough with oppression. It was interesting to see how many where caught off guard by the sudden swell of a movement that demanded change.

The scenario of the Egyptian people plays itself out on so many levels in our own lives. An Egyptian woman with a 19yr old son said she blamed her generation on the current situation in Egypt. She felt that they accepted oppression in return for a false stability. Life can be like that - we accept a concession -something less than what we deserve because the appearance is that the boat will not get rocked. We allow suppression of our soul's desires to continue traditions that have only served to stifle our spirits and keep the lie running the foundation of our lives.

Personally, I can't find any incentive for living a life that is limited. I find deep joy when someone breaks the barriers of their own reality to finds LIFE. I constantly unfold my own life to remove self imposed limitations and I cleanse my environment of oppressive relationships so I can make room for respectful and expansive opportunities for deep connection. I have undergone my own quest for 'regime change' within - I no longer debate or try to justify my actions to live as a FREE Wombyn - I simply feel it is a waste of time. I take dominion of my life in this now!

"I feel like I am coming back to life. After so many years I feel that I am alive again...", Egyptian man said while celebrating the revolution.

Sistahs, I support your happiness! You deserve to live the life you want to live. You ARE BEAUTIFUL AND POWERFUL JUST AS YOU ARE! You are WORTHY. Awareness of this truth compels the entire universe to make it so! AND SO IT IS!

Peace and Hugs,
Sis. Camara

Monday, February 7, 2011

Complete & Total LOVE


A couple of weeks ago on Wombyn Studies we had a guest teacher named Kelarius Finex bring us through an activation of the Divine Feminine Principle within our bodies. The process was powerful and beyond what many of us could imagine. Kelarius encouraged us to continue to practice the opening of our hearts in order to activate the Divine Feminine within AND reap the rewards of our Divine Prosperity. Sense that time I personally feel myself 'breaking through' - there are moments were my heart logic takes over and I can't even comprehend living in heavy discord with my Divine Being.

Love is a choice. Often it is a choice that many of us leave for others to express first. So many of us are closed down - closed in - that we believe intellectual efforts are going to elevate us to Spiritual Oneness with the Divine. What confusion many of us are in- we want freedom yet don't begin with the heart. We don't begin with SELF.

I find myself bored literally with those who want to rewind, replay over and over again the story of the suffering without ever looking at their closed hearts as an obstacle to healing. Some people suffer so much that they poison others with their hurt and call it science, nationalism, nation building, culture, religion and I dare say Divine...

I see the beauty of a world where many of us are willing to open our hearts and heal what is there for the sake of the children - of future generations. We gently peck away at the shell of experience so we can invite more experience in - WE ARE UNAFRAID to be who we need to be during this time AND we ARE COURAGEOUS. The ole world says love is foolish and takes advantage of those who work from their hearts but as another wise friend of mine said to me recently, "...they can not stop this time. We have already begin to move forward..."

Today, I feel the shift within myself to express to everyone that there is no better time than now to BE THE ONE - TO BE BIGGER than the situation- TO OUTLOVE THE HARDNESS AND PAIN...I wrote on my facebook page today:

I am an ADVOCATE for YOUR HAPPINESS! You deserve to smile each moment of the day and to be in places where you want to be and those who resonate with your vibration. I BELIEVE IN YOU! Your soooo beautiful, you are a WALKING SHRINE, blessing us with your presence! I thank the Mother for birthing you and I am honored to share this time with you. XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXO!!

SistahGoddess UrthSTAR Camara

PS. You can see the recording of the Awakening the Divine Feminine class at this link: