Monday, May 25, 2009

A Powerful Energy!

Sistahs! Right NOW is such an important time! I believe that a "cosmic portal" is now open for us to CHANGE OUR LIVES if it is what we want. I began to realize this when I found out about a couple of business opportunities. Both opportunities have the potential to create cash flow - however there is some risk involved. The risk is a HIGH INVESTMENT but surprisingly the investment is not monetary instead it is has to do with creating a CONSCIOUSNESS that would allow SUCCESS TO ENTER INTO MY LIFE. I am attracted to any process that challenges me to grow my prosperity consciousness so I INVESTED in both ventures. It has been a short period of time and I have been doing really well. I can actually see that in very little time I will be very successful.

Creating true financial freedom is like taking a journey on the underground railroad. I can imagine that a Sistah has to be like SistahGoddess Harriet Tubman - striking out on your own at first because no one was prepared to go on the journey that seemed "crazy or unattainable" - however once SistahGoddess Harriet Tubman made it she went back to get others to freedom. Some of the folks she helped she had to pull a gun on because they wanted to give up in the middle of the journey and return to slavery. She would remind them that there was no turning back - giving up would endanger them all.

Life is funny - many of us would swear up and down and we want financial freedom but we won't take the risk that is involved to achieve such an endeavor. We won't start the business or complete the project... A friend reminded me that "freedom is never given..." The world is changing from an industrial work model to an idea/information model. It is no longer a reality that a Sistah will work just one job in her life and expect to retire from that job. It is even more of a reality that the way banks and other financial institutions use to operate is no longer the case - every institution is restructuring -reconfiguring and Sistah - so is society. More millionaires were made during the depression than in any other time. Why? Because two people can look at the same situation and see two different things - one Sistah can see a recession and the other Sistah can see an opportunity to CHANGE HER LIFE!

If you have done the 40 Day Prosperity plan with me you know that aligning your consciousness with abundance is a 24/7 job. The reason why is that your mind is like fertile ground - if you plant weeds that is what will grow - if you plant flowers of prosperity that is what will wo-manifest. Watching the news or reading the news will cancel out your hard work because it confirms a negative reality. I went downstairs for a moment and my mother was flipping through channels on the daytime tv and every other channel had people engaged in an argument, fist fighting, women brawling on a talk show and I thought to myself, "why would you expose your mind to these images?"

True change many times requires a radical shift in mindset. I watched an old Les Brown clip where he said "Many people are dissatisfied with their life because they engage in low-risk living." Success requires you to take some risk. When I was in a marriage with my finances being controlled - my life being controlled basically - I had to believe in myself enough to take a risk and leave behind a life that was materially ok but emotionally and physically abusive. I had to re-remember that I had accomplished many things before I got married and that I could do THAT AND MORE - so MUCH MORE when I was free. I have always loved the title to Alice Walker's book 'You Can't Keep A Good Woman Down.' It is true.

Sistahs over the last few weeks I have been keeping the company of some powerful women. I have been invited to Sistah Circles where life changing processes are the call of the day! Things are happening AND now is the time to open your mind to receive the information, resources and messages that will help you realize your visions.

Lets Walk Together in a New Light!
Sistah C
PS. Have you ever listen to Ricki Byars Beckwith's cd? I really like this one! I think she has another cd out now but this one is beautiful. I always like this picture of her. She and her husband Michael Beckwith is in Atlanta this week for their church's conference called Revelations.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

The Gift of Motherhood: Creativity and Presence

After some powerful weeks of wo-manifestation in the area of work, career and wealth building last week everything came to a slow crawl. I was still doing what I was doing a few weeks ago but the results this week seemed to be hidden. The same thing happened to me a month ago and this time I didn't freak out - instead I decided to do something different and just watch myself. I was like an anthropologist studying myself in my own environment. I watched carefully as I would stress over a perceived lack of something, I would see myself wanting to close down, judge myself and others or I would watch myself try to "hold on" to the "little" I perceived I had.

I now know through careful observation that working to free my consciousness of blocks of limitation and lack is a full time job. I will admit that I was raised to let lack drive my need to succeed in life - to use fear of "not having enough" as a motivator. This formula on how to live was not passed down out of malicious intent but out of survival however it goes against the natural law of the Creator which is divine abundance. Everything about who we are signals that we are born with the full blessing of prosperity - if this was not the case we would not be living right here in this moment.

Tonite, it came to me that I had not been feeding one of my internal flowers - the flower of creativity. I had been so engrossed in "making dollars and doing business" that I realized that the things that meant a lot to me were suffering. It took Mother's Day to realize that Spirit was asking me to slow down to be present in my motherhood and my creativity. You see motherhood is the powerful expression of the Creator Goddess/God's power of creativity expressed through us...If you have ever given birth before you know what it is like to look down at your newborn and be in awe of the miracle of giving birth. I am not sure if there is anything like this experience?

For weeks I had been burning rubber - going to meetings here and there. One night after meeting some friends from out of town my car broke down. I knew it was not a serious thing about the car because it happened right at a signal light in front of gas station with tow truck right behind me -what are the chances of all of this happening at once?? So, I spoke with Spirit and said "Ok, you want me to stay home. So, what is there at home I need to do?" Immediately, I thought it was some unfinished business project but no - because suddenly all my clients could not work on their projects because of various personal reasons. I sat back and thought "Ok, what do I need to do?" Then I got on the phone and tried to grow my business by getting more clients but this like wading through thick mud...Finally, I got it was not business. The whole time I had been crazy on my business my son kept coming in my office and saying, "Mom, I want this or Mom, I was thinking about this..." and sadly as I realized that I had been telling my son, "Not now! I am busy." OR "Let me just finish this." OR "Just make yourself something to eat, I have to get this done."
It was clear that Spirit was like "WAKE UP!" It was like I need this clarity to realize that what was missing was being fully present in my son's life and that IS true prosperity - not running after dollars 24 hours a day. Yes, I need to work but there is a thing called balance. As single parent I have this "old story" that I have to sacrifice because I am a one parent household - so I can't do this or that...but tonite I watched this clip from Lisa Nichols (I posted it to the right in Sistah Media on the blog). In the clip she was working with a Sistah who wanted to make some deep changes in her life. At one point Lisa gives her a poster board with the work Success written on it and she places it in the Sistah's hands. Lisa then explains to her that sometimes things, conditions come along that try to distract us from our true success and at the same time Lisa attempts to grab the board from the Sistah. Soon the two are in a tug-of-war and the Sistah has to fight to keep that "Success" in her hands. It was so what I needed to witness that it brought tears to my eyes. I realized that I had allowed an old story about circumstances surrounding my son's father and me being a single parent to strangle my financial success AND the TRUTH IS this person, this condition HAS ABSOLUTELY NO POWER OVER ME OR MY RELATIONSHIP WITH MY SON -nor will it ever! The best parent I can be is one that is PRESENT with my child - regardless of appearances. To be a complete, loving presence in my son's life is the true GIFT of prosperity I could give him.

Michael Beckwith says, "Challenges come up because they are opportunities for growth." If our lives didn't throw us a curve ball now and then how would we know when we had to work on something within ourselves? It is a constant practice to work from within...I am reminded of affirmation #10 of the 40 day Prosperity Plan

I keep my mind and thoughts off "this world" and I place my entire focus on God within as the only Cause of my prosperity. I acknowledge the Inner Presence as the only activity in my financial affairs, as the substance of all things visible. I place my faith in the Principle of Abundance in action within me.

So Sistahs, this is my long winded way of saying HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY and to remind us to remember the gifts of motherhood. If you have not given birth to a child you still are a Mother of Dreams and Creations. Spend Mother's Day with your creations and give thanks.

Sis. C.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Following Up On Pleasure Seeking!

Well Sistah Wombyn,
I got so many good suggestions from the last post on Why A Sistah Needs Chocolate that I decided to follow up and tell you all about my adventures. Well, I continued to eat chocolate for a couple of more days without any guilt and after a bar or two the craving subsided and I felt like it served a deep purpose to balance me out. I then just took a day and dedicated it to art and creativity - I cleaned off my crafts desk and just found so many things I had plans for stashed away in little envelopes - like vintage pictures, decorative papers, stamps. I also decided to color my hair this bright red color called FLAME and I twisted my hair up in these tiny twist let it dry and uncoiled them. I went to the gym and worked out hard then relaxed in the steam room. I also just sat with myself and allowed myself to dream AND dream BIG...I visualized myself reaching some specific goals by the end of this year. I even shared one dream with a few friends and it became a communal dream - at the end of the year having a nice SistahGoddess Retreat in Zanzibar. So, if you can feel this dream maybe you will pour a little sugar on it and join us!

We Sistahs are such bright lights when we are happy and in joy. It is like the world lights up! Each day I see how we can invite Spirit to Re-shape our lives - we can work with our consciousness to expand our opportunities. I was just speaking with a friend who returned from a powerful trip to South Africa with a women's choir - she said everywhere they went to perform they were treated like royalty. She told me of going to a small rural area to a school and when the choir arrived at the gates each child from the school danced each member of the choir through the gates to welcome them. That is how Spirit works when you make an invitation to allow miracles into your life - beautiful, unexpected, heartfelt things happen - you are danced through the gates of prosperity and abundance.

I watched this clip on youtube where Les Brown said, "If you are not happy, then what else is there?" I thought he was right. If your life is not moving in a direction that you want it to go then why are you there? Choose a different path - take a risk - run up ahead and see the light at the end of the tunnel. A beautiful poet named Sekou Sundiata said "Better things come to those who wait AND better things come to those who don't." Are you experiencing a life of low risk, low outcome? Then perhaps Sistah Wombyn it is time to reach out for something outrageous, something so outlandish, so once to be thought of as impossible. I think there is a energetic portal that is now open that is allowing the once unthinkable dream to come true. Give it a try this week and let me know what happens...
Your Unapologetic Pleasure Seeking,
Sistah C
PS. I just joined Twitter - I think I am going to like it...sign up and tell me what you are up to.