Monday, December 22, 2008

To See...To Be...

I have been reflecting on the end of this coming year and it has been full of ups and downs. If I could think of any word that fully describes this year it would be observation. I feel that most of this year has been in deep observation of my self and how I participate in my own life.

I was listening to a wise man give a talk and he said that we all come to this earth with a God mandated purpose that we agreed upon before taking our physical body and because the earth is the way that it is - we can easily have our purpose diverted. Perhaps our purpose is sidetracked by people or circumstances yet it is up to us to re-remember somewhere along the way what it is that we came to do.

I have spent a great deal of this year looking at my diversions and realizing that they were a necessary step in me becoming even more committed to my soul and living a full, joyous life.

This year I decided to meditate the new year in using a practice I learned about 10 years ago called Vipassana. Vipassana translates to mean "to see things as they truly are..." People from all faiths have learned the practice of Vipassana. It is an ancient meditation practice that teaches you to observe the various sensations in your body to the point that you are deeply aware of tiny hairs moving on your body. Somehow in this awareness you began to understand the human condition of desire and aversion - the belief is that most of our suffering comes from these places. Vipassana is practiced globally and is accessible to all people. If you would like more information the website is Retreats sometimes fill quickly depending on the time of year and location.

This will be my last post until the new year but I am grateful to all of my subscribers and readers who have followed SistahGoddess. Next year proves to be a year full of change - I can feel this already. I am a "daughter of the bones" and according to the Dagara community in Africa the year 2009 is the element of mineral. Minerals are the rocks which they refer to as being the bones of the earth - the bones hold the stories. This is what Some' says about the mineral year and those born in a mineral year:

Mineral is about communicating, the ability to translate things, the ability to converse. It has a lot to do with social connections. A lot of Mineral people are relatively talkative. In the indigenous world they are the Storytellers, the Great Communicators. Mineral is also something that we must see in terms of the conveying of energy, to convey energy that comes through you on its way somewhere else. This is why any person who is a Mineral person is supposed to be running energy, whether it is through your hands or your body or whatever. Mineral people are also recognized as Stone people—not that they’re stone but because the stone is seen as the one that stores information. They say if you want to know the story of the earth, listen to the stones or listen to the rocks. Every time you go to someone’s house and you see all these rocks, that person has something to do with mineral. This is the closest way to express that. It is interesting that in many communities in Africa, your birth certificate is a stone. Of course the stone does not record the date of birth. It records why you were born. Maybe that’s why we don’t bother with people’s birthdays. The reason I'm bringing it out is because in the computer systems they use stones. They crystalize stone to the point where it can forward or manipulate or store information. This is to say that it’s not all that disconnected from modern facts and reality.

As we leave this year of nature we step now to the bone mother and sit at her feet and hear her stories. Some of us will take her stories and learn a new way and others will leave their old stories with her and re-remember who they are...

Prayer for the New Year

Giving thanks and deep gratitude to the Creator
Giving thanks and deep gratitude to the Spirit World (Orishas,deities,and helpers of God)
Giving thanks and deep gratitude to the Ancestors who are fortunate enough to sit at the feet of the Creator
Giving thanks to the Animals guides - those who walk the land, those who fly, those who burrow deep in the ground, those who swim and those who slither
Giving thanks to our earth helpers, our families, friends and kind strangers
Giving thanks to our own spirit - a powerful microcosm of all those beings that have come before us,
all those beings that will surely come after us
all those beings that stand to the left of us,
all those beings that stand to the right of us,
all those beings that stand above us,
all those beings that stand below us,
and all those beings that stand in through and around us
here for our best benefit
guiding us,
helping us to heal,
helping us to see clearly,
helping us love,
helping us to live with peace in our hearts,
We give thanks for the presence of Spirit in our lives
and we move forward, strong and true to our purpose.
We are grateful for all that we have and
all that we have lost because it made us stronger.
We ask that the Spiritworld continue to bless us,
continue to guide us,
continue to help us heal and grow.
We ask that we continue to receive the blessings
of good health, prosperity, love and friendship.
We ask that we be protected from any and all forms of negativity,
bad luck and illness.
We ask that we continue to be a clear vessel for the goodness,
strength, love and joy the Creator made us for...
We give thanks.
Medasi (thank you)
Ashe (and let it be so)


Sistah C

Friday, November 14, 2008

A Great Tree Has Fallen: Miriam Makeba (1932-2008)

I wanted to give honor and tribute to Miriam Makeba. (March 4,1932 - November 10, 2008) Here is a bit of herstory I found on the web at wikipedia and some videos of her songs:

She was a South African singer and civil rights activist. She was born in Johannesburg, South Africa to a Swazi Sangoma mother and Xhosa father. She began singing when she was a child and started her professional career in the 1950s with the Manhattan Brothers then formed her own group called the Skylarks - blending the sounds of jazz and traditional South African melodies.

Her break came when she starred in the anti-apartheid documentary Come Back, Africa in 1959 by independent filmmaker Lionel Rogosin. In 1966, Makeba won a Grammy Award for Best Folk Recording together with Harry Belafonte for An Evening With Belafonte/Makeba. The album dealt with the political plight of black South Africans under apartheid which resulted in her South African passport being revoked.
This did not move Makeba, in 1963 she testified against apartheid before the United Nations - with this South Africa revoked her citizenship and her right to ever return to her country.

In exile, Makeba went on to release her famous hits, "Pata Pata", "The Click Song" and "Malaika". In 1968 she married civil rights activist and Student Non-violent Coordinating Committee leader Stokely Carmichael which caused controversy in the United States, and her record deals and tours were canceled. As a result of this, the couple moved to Guinea, where they became close with President Ahmed Sékou Touré and his wife. Makeba separated from Carmichael in 1973, and continued to perform primarily in Africa, South America and Europe. She was one of the African and Afro-American entertainers at the 1974 Rumble in the Jungle match between Muhammad Ali and George Foreman held in Zaïre. Makeba also served as a Guinean delegate to the United Nations, for which she won the Dag Hammarskjöld Peace Prize in 1986.

After the death of her only daughter Bongi Makeba in 1985, she moved to Brussels. In 1987, she appeared in Paul Simon's Graceland tour. Shortly thereafter she published her autobiography Makeba: My Story (ISBN 0-453-00561-6).

It was not until 1990 that Makeba returned to South Africa at the request of Nelson Mandela. In January 2000, her album, Homeland, produced by Cedric Samson and Michael Levinsohn[5] was nominated for a Grammy Award in the "Best World Music" category[6]. In 2001 she was awarded the Gold Otto Hahn Peace Medal by the United Nations Association of Germany (DGVN) in Berlin, "for outstanding services to peace and international understanding". In 2002, she shared the Polar Music Prize with Sofia Gubaidulina. In 2004, Makeba was voted 38th in the Top 100 Great South Africans. Makeba started a worldwide farewell tour in 2005, holding concerts in all of those countries that she had visited during her working life.

Makeba addresses the United Nations...

On November 10, 2008 Makeba suffered a heart attack on stage while giving a benefit concert for writer Roberto Saviano in his stand against the Camorra a mafia-like organization local to the Region of Campania, Italy. The final song she performed was "Pata Pata".

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Michelle Obama: A Sistah In The House

The last couple of days - if not the last couple of months have been interesting...and I woke this morning with the thought that "Ummmm...a Sistah will be living in the white house...What does that mean?" I have heard and read a lot in the last day or two about the impact of having a black president in office. Some people are amazed and elated - they believe it proves Amerika has finally "melted". Others are wary that this is just trickery and that a black president will be used as the one to usher us into deeper oppression...Personally, I find myself just observing all the reaction. At this time I tend to have more questions than I do solid affirmation of a "change consciousness of Amerika..." I will see...we will see...

I am reminded of the part in the scary movie where the audience thinks the hero has slain the ugly villain but the clue is that you haven't seen the "dead body" to confirm that it is actually true and later on his journey the hero is once again is confronted with a wounded but even more vicious villain. This country was built on the bloody rock of racism and unrelenting oppression - with such a foundation one must be careful about the way we access "change". We should not just use our two eyes but also our third.

What does it mean to have a Sistah in the white house? My friend Christa called on election night and said "Gurl, there are going to be five African women in the white house! Michelle, her mother, her two daughters and Oprah!" We laughed but then THAT IS A LOT OF SISTAH WOMB ENERGY IN ONE HOUSE! It has been said that a woman can change the feeling in a room using the power of her womb! I can't say for sure what type of woman Michelle Obama is but I have read things she has written and listen to her speak and there is a part of me that senses she is present and watchful AND brothas know that when it comes down to it - this is the kind of Sistah your gonna want on your side. A Sistah who is down for you AND who is going to tell you the truth (the "real deal") - one who is going to advise you.

I don't want to go any further with assumptions about who the Obama family is - I think only time will tell. My only wish is that we all continue to fight oppression, demand justice and continue to heal ourselves regardless of who is in the white house...
Sistah C

Thursday, October 30, 2008

LUNAVERSOUL: Ethnic Design with a Unique Style!

Lately, I have been feelin' a lot of energy around adornment -earrings, bracelets, necklaces, nose rings, etc... I desire beautiful "statement" pieces that compliment my personal style.

I recently found the work of Lunaversoul by CJ and this Sistah's work is BEYOND BEAUTIFUL! I would describe her work as burst of colors and a fine combination of modern clean design with unique ethnic/indigenous style. I had to connect with her right away to get the word on who she is and what inspires her work.

The first piece that caught my eye was this Ocyrus Leather Cuff Bracelet for the Sistahs and the Brothas.

Camisha better known as CJ is a 3d graphic artist/Fine artist for a video game company out in Seattle & The mother of an 11 year old son. She told me,

"Art,music & fashion is a huge part of my life & who I am.
I LOVE underground hip-hop culture & music (not that stuff on the radio) I'm a true B-girl ;).

I started designing jewelry about one year ago. I was tired of not being able to find jewelry that fit my style & personality. On a whim I purchased some beads and made my very first bracelet and it took off from there.

I make unique handmade necklaces, bracelets and earrings that are funky, eclectic and soulful with a touch of ethnic flair. Many of my pieces are one of a kind, which I love because you know that you are wearing a beautiful piece of jewelry that no one else has.

My inspirations come from elements of nature and different cultures from around the world. I feel that a small part of my personality is reflected in each piece of my work. Each piece is special because none of my pieces are planned. When I want to create something I just relax,reflect on all the beautiful things & people that influence me ,put on my music and just go with it."

Check out these Nefertiti Earrings!!!

I also like the mysteriousness of these Mesi Earrings...

Her signature colorful Kanani Bracelet Set is another favorite...

I wish I could display every piece here on SistahGoddess but you can go to her shop at Lunaversoul on or you can check her out at the Urban Craft Uprising Show Dec 6 & 7th in Seattle. Either way, support this Sistah's beautiful work.

Sistah C

Sunday, October 26, 2008

October: Domestic Violence Awareness Month - My Two Cents...

I think that we should be aware of Domestic Violence no matter the month but this is a special time to remind ourselves that many women and children live in an environment of fear and violence - even as you read this post. My son and I are survivors of domestic violence and it has been a hard road BUT I will tell you our liberation has been worth all of the set backs - large and small. I have dedicated my life to moving forward and developing my work around helping to restore the female spirit.

If you are in a violent relationship it is important to recognize the patterns of violence and KNOW that you are NOT alone...although it can feel like it...If you can take some time to re-evaluate what it is that YOU WANT FOR YOUR LIFE - if you want peace, love, joy and freedom then consider what it will take to get you there...often that means leaving a bad situation. I will not lie, the first step is the hardest and known to be the most dangerous (depending on the level of violence you are dealing with...)

1. Make a PLAN for yourself and your children (if you have any)-this could include talking to a domestic violence organization/shelter, talking to a "trusted" family member or friend, packing a secret/hidden bag for yourself and children with essentials such as medicine, extra set of keys, diapers, clothes, shoes, copies of important papers and money. It could include getting the assistance of someone to help you leave.

2. Many people are ignorant to the issues of domestic violence so you may encounter various non helpful gestures BUT THIS IS ABOUT YOUR LIFE NOT ANYONE ELSE'S. Get help from someone willing to help you -sometimes this may be a stranger on the other end of a crisis line or a counselor at a shelter.

3. Keep yourself safe - don't speak about your whereabouts to people who will tell your abusive spouse, screen your calls, alert your workplace of your situation (often you will find they will screen calls for you or alert there security), alert your daycare or children's schools.

4. Try to secure your financial situation - save cash and have it on hand. If you have left -close joint bank accounts and secure your credit (this was a big downfall for me but you need to know abusers will strike your finances if they can't strike you...) Write landlords to alert them you have left the premises and send all mail verified. Make sure your divorce is documented as a domestic violence situation -this may help with creditors later.

5. Consider the help of Legal Aid Societies and the Department of Family Services. Often you need to apply for these services early BEFORE you are in a desperate crunch - it could take up to 30 days to get assistance...

6. DOCUMENT everything - dates of abusive incidents, police reports - YES -call the police if there is violence and have them FILE A REPORT. Take it from me you will find yourself having to prove you were actually abused...If the police seem like they don't want to help or get involved (yes, this happens...) then insist that they make a CITIZEN'S ARREST - if you need your abuser in their custody for a short while - and it may be short!

7.KEEP IT REAL - be honest with YOURSELF first - your in this situation for various reasons and now you need out - YOU CAN DO IT and it may take some time to really get your head above water. Get counseling and do some self reflection. Be around people who BELIEVE IN YOU. In time you will find that you have moved forward...

8. This is hardly as simple as a numbered list but this comes from my own experiences - so I hope it is helpful... Below are resources...

*If you know someone who is being abused the best thing you can do is EDUCATE yourself on the issues and provide a LISTENING EAR. Judgement can send a Sistah spiraling back to her abuser. PLEASE NOTE SISTAHS: I know survivors who are PhDs, doctors, scientist, activists, women's advocates, ministers, housewives, teachers, wellness practitioners, and more... I know abusers who are doctors, lawyers, ministers, high profile stock brokers, basketball players, teachers, activists and so on...Don't let yourself get caught up in status -look at people's actions -pay attention to their deeds and they will reveal who they really are...


If you need immediate assistance, dial 911.

The National Domestic Violence Hotline: 1-800-799-SAFE (7233).

The National Coalition of Domestic Violence has good resources on protecting yourself and making a plan.

The Legal Aid Society
See how you can get free legal help and advice on how to proceed legally.

Here is a resource on Understanding Domestic Violence


Healing takes time. You will have anger, rage, despair, depression mixed with leaps of hope and positive thinking with leaps of anxiety. Just be open to all these feelings -sometimes we need to sit in the dark to see the light. Don't put yourself on other people's time tables -THIS IS YOUR LIFE - YOUR HEALING. Do small things for yourself - candle lit baths, massage, walks, singing, dancing, ART of any kind. Get a NEW lease on life! Acknowledge the past BUT really start spending a great deal of time living in the present and visualizing your NEW LIFE with peace, love, joy and true prosperity. Meet new people who are about positive living. Try a spiritual practice like meditation, yoga, prayer and affirmation. Everyday wake up and declare that it is a NEW DAY FOR YOU and give blessings and gratitude for what you do have. If you are in a rut - clean your house from top to bottom - throw out the dirty water through the back door - light some incense, dance, sing and laugh as LOUD as you can and give negativity no space in your life. Every time you think of your oppressive past and it is mingled with fear and anger - JUST START LAUGHING (this sounds "crazy") but do this until you actually are naturally laughing. The Igbo people call this "hooting at danger" - meaning to laugh it off - you have been through the worst trial AND YOU SURVIVED. YOU ARE THE MOST POWERFUL MANIFESTATION OF THE CREATOR/GOD/GODDESS - YES YOU! Much peace and blessings to you!
With Light and Love,
Sistah C

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Ruth King Discusses the Wisdom of Rage...

I had an opportunity to interview with Ruth King, MA a couple of weeks ago. In this important interview King discusses how to work with the volatile energy of rage and find the inherent wisdom in healing this misunderstood emotion. To listen to the interview CLICK HERE (a player will be available soon).

I remember meeting Ruth King at an African American Meditation Retreat some years ago. In our conversation Ruth explained to me that she worked with women and rage. I thought it was interesting but I told her, "I don't have rage -anger, yes but not rage..." She encouraged me to give one of her workshops a try and from there I was on a journey to learn how to cultivate and use this often misunderstood emotion.

I have always felt there was a legacy of rage that ran generations deep in both sides of my family. It has lead to addiction, illness and abuse. I think this rage stems from my very first ancestors that were stolen from their land. Not only where they striped from there homeland but their cultural structure, spiritual practices and everyday way of life. I am very proud to be from a people that have survived the greatest attempt of genocide on the planet AND we continue to survive. I do have a concern that we have never fully healed from the crime of nature committed against us...When chattel slavery "ended" there was no time taken to discuss the long term effects of being enslaved - we just continued on AND we had what happens to years - generations of stolen babies, multiple rapes, murders, families broken apart, apartheid - where do those emotions that accompanied those experiences go? Painful legacies need attention, they need to be understood and in that understanding we can gain knowledge and wisdom.

Ruth King's work helps us gain insight to the human condition that is effected by rage. Rage is powerful and like all powerful energies it can be used for good or not - we can use it without understanding or we can find its wisdom and use its energy for our best benefit.

Ruth King, MA, is a respected voice on women and rage and has devoted her life to strategies that transform rage. A July 2007 O Magazine Nugget, King works with negative emotions in positive ways, and author of the best seller Healing Rage—Women Making Inner Peace Possible and the audio CD Soothing the Inner Flames of Rage--Meditations that Educate the Heart & Transform the Mind. King weaves 20+ years in psychology, leadership development, shamanism, metaphysics, systems theory, meditation, and teachings from wisdom traditions to lecture, coach, and facilitate retreats that transform the emotional body and mind. Her website is

Your comments are important to us! Please take a listen and give us your feedback.

Sistah C

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Living Fibroid Free!

Living a Fibroid Free Life!

In my work with women and their families, I find that living wholistically is a primary goal for most women for themselves and their families. And women with Fibroids should make this a top priority for their health, especially, if they want to heal naturally. In my work with women with Fibroids, I find that this is a dis-ease of toxins and removing the toxins helps to relieve the symptoms , eventually helping to remove the Fibroids , naturally. It has happened for many, many women. It can happen for you.

Just start. You don’t have to do all of this at once, just do one thing for a week, then add another. There are no failures, because you can always begin again.

10 Womb Tips to Avoid Uterine Fibroids

1.Eat as clean as you can, meaning Organic. The sprays used on fruits & veggies are derived from Petroleum (Gas) and are toxic. Eating organic reduces the load of toxins that are in your body, and that increases the size of the fibroids. If you eat dairy & eggs, they should be free-range or organic.

2. Reduce Stress. Stress also increases the size and number of fibroids.

3.Remove toxic people from your Life. Yes, that could mean your husband, boyfriend, momma or daddy, if they are creating stress for you, which in turn, are growing the fibroids, this is part of your healing. Its’ difficult, but much easier than surgery.

4.Eliminate or reduce meat in your diet. All meat contains growth hormones and this in turn increases the growth of the fibroids. Especially, fast-food meat, the average age of the chickens served at fast-food restaurants is only 28 days old, but has been “Super-sized” with growth hormones. Eating broiled Salmon once a week is fine after you have detoxed your system.

5.Kleanze Your System. Increase your BM’s , to assist in loosening & removing mucus & toxins. Parasite Kleanzing is paramount, because parasites have been a significant problem within the issue of fibroids.

6.Use Affirmations generously. Tell yourself who you really are, regularly.


8.Don’t worry, be Happy! Go ahead & Live Your Life.

9.Use a Womb & Uterine Kleanzing tonic, like The Herb Lady’s Fibroid Free! It is a life-enhancing tonic that reduces the bleeding, restores your nerves and builds your blood & iron reserves, while also kleanzing your womb.

10.Use a support group to keep your healing going strong, like The Fibroid Free! Support Network that meets weekly on the telephone, just call
(724) 444-7444 at 9pm, class code 42692, every Tuesday night.

Herbal Love,
Eshe Riviears
The Herb Lady
“Your Personal Herbalist”

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Welcome to the NEW SISTAHGODDESS!!!

Welcome to the NEW SistahGoddess Magazine! I am very excited to announce a NEW LOOK and a NEW OUTLOOK! SistahGoddess Magazine is dedicated to the non-oridinary, transformative and powerful lives of everyday Sistahs. I think it is time to share our talents, share our dreams and vision for restoration of the female spirit. Sistahs are a powerful and necessary force in healing the planet - it is through our own personal journey to health and healing that our families and communities will find their own wellness and renewal.

Take a look around and TELL ME what you think! This month starts off a series of inspirational interviews from influential Sistahs who are leaders in healing the whole self - mind, body and soul. Here are just a few who will debut on the NEW SistahGoddess Radio:

Eshe Riviears, the Herb Lady/ Herb Sistah. She is co-founder of the International Fibroid Free Womb Wellness Conference/Tour with Queen Afua. She is one of the most well-respected, results-oriented professionals in the holistic health industry. Known internationally as The Herb Lady, Riviears’ ever present connection to her southern roots inspires her to walk in the way of her Big Momma, and aunt and uncle who dispensed herbal remedies, tonics and creations as Utica, Mississippi’s town herbalists. Riviears’ Legacy Herbal blends, Aunt Henrietta’s Lung Tonic and Uncle Peter’s Azzafizzity Cough Stop, honor those tall-walkers who, to this day, guide her on her healing journey. Multitalented and exceptionally gifted, Riviears has earned a reputation for excellence and is highly sought after to share her expertise. She speaks with Sistah C on health issues concerning Sistahs and the upcoming conference on living Fibroid Free.

Ruth King, MA, is a respected voice on women and rage and has devoted her life to strategies that transform rage. A July 2007 O Magazine Nugget, King is President of Bridges, Branches & Braids—an organization working with negative emotions in positive ways, and author of the best seller Healing Rage—Women Making Inner Peace Possible and the audio CD Soothing the Inner Flames of Rage--Meditations that Educate the Heart & Transform the Mind. King weaves 20+ years in psychology, leadership development, shamanism, metaphysics, systems theory, meditation, and teachings from wisdom traditions to lecture, coach, and facilitate retreats that transform the emotional body and mind. She speaks with Sistah C on healing rage and finding the wisdom in working positively with this energy.

Assata Nzingha Malongo, M.Ed,Doctor of Arts and Humanities Candidate, midwifery scholar, researcher, healer, and mother. She is the director of SunWombs Sacred Birth Alliance, and StarSeed 7 Human Arts Institute for Children. She is the author of the upcoming book " Healing the Black Womb", a book that focuses on Folk Healing Practices for Black Women, and the producer of "From Whenst We Came, a documentary which chronicles the black woman's birthing experiences from Africa to present. She speaks with Sistah C on folk medicine and midwifery.

In addition to our inspirational podcast interviews, SistahGoddess has many new features:

Sistah Media: A place to feature various videos from arts to documentary.

Sistah Picks: A section featuring the work of various artists and favorite products.

Health and Wellness: This section will feature homemade remedies, health products and health news concerning Sistahs.

Sistah Friends: This is a section for our Friends. Do you have a business or a product that you want to let SistahGoddess readers know about? Drop me a email to get your space on Sistah Friends.

Featured Writers: SistahGoddess invites contributors to our magazine every month. A regular writer will be Mama Mbeyu. She will provide an African-centered, spiritually intuitive advice column. You can email your questions to Mama Mbeyu at

News: We have set up a link with Wild Roots Media to get you the latest headlines from an Black perspective.

Sistah Goddess will continue to feature links to some of the best websites, music and books.

Your feedback is important to me! I want to hear your thoughts on what we discuss on SistahGoddess Radio and the posts featured on the blog. Also, if you have information on a Sistah we need to feature please drop me an email.

Lastly, I have a SPECIAL OFFER for banner ads on SistahGoddess. Until November 15th you can feature your 125X125 pixel banner ad with a link to your site in the "Sistah Friends" section for FREE. After the 15th you can decide to sign up for a cost-effective ad agreement or remove your ad. Its that simple! Promote your business, events or project for FREE. *Please note SistahGoddess editorial staff has to approve each ad before placing it on the blog. **Design of the banner is not included with this offer - however our "in house" designer can design your ad for $10.00/per ad. Email me for more information at

Thank you for all of your continued support!

Sistah C

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Blueberry Delight...

I don't know why I am feelin' the food lately?? Really, summer is just the perfect time to fall in love with food - watermelons, strawberries, vine ripened tomatoes and blueberries...

My son noticed that we had quite a few blueberries just sitting in the frig and suggested we come up with some sort of desert. Now, I will admit - the vegan baker I am not BUT I think I pulled through with this one.

I thought a nice blueberry crisp would do just right with those left over berries so here is the recipe below. I went out and got some vanilla soy ice cream to go along with it. This recipe is easy and quick. You can substitute the sugar with raw brown sugar or agave (although it may not be to "crispy" with the agave). Let me know what you think...

Sistah C's Blueberry Delight

a large container of fresh blueberries (washed and stemmed)
1 cup of vegan pancake mix (dry)
3/4 cup of light brown sugar
1 dash of sea salt
1/3 cup of soft vegan butter (ie. Earth Balance)
1 teaspoon of cinnamon

Preheat oven to 300 or 350 degrees. Take a square glass dish and oil it well with some butter or spray oil. Take your washed berries and place in glass dish. Sprinkle some dry pancake mix on the berries to lightly cover them.

In a bowl mix all your dry ingredients (flour, sugar, cinnamon and sea salt). Add the soft vegan butter to the mix and turn it over with your hands. Place the mixture over the berries in the dish - and make as even as possible. Place in oven for 30 minutes until bubbling hot. Allow to cool and serve with some vegan ice cream.

Sistah C

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

My Ancestors...

My Great Grandparents...

I just got back from a beautiful family reunion this past weekend in Alabama. It was a perfect time for my son and I to get away on a road trip. I can think of nothing more empowering than the knowledge of where you came from - to see the old pictures of familiar faces and realize - I came from these people. The bloodline holds all of the keys to who we are and where we are going.

The picture above is one of my Great Grandmother and Great Grandfather - Jake and Minerva. Pretty handsome couple. They went on to have five children - one being my grandmother - also named Minerva. Minerva was a name that survived three or four generations.

My cousin has done a great job at researching our family tree. I believed she used and she spoke with elders in the family. We have two elders who are in their nineties that my aunt hopes to interview to get more information on some of the missing pieces.

I have met cousins from as far as California to as close as 15 minutes away. What a beautiful blessing there is in family.


I just want to thank those who have entered my doll drawing. I still have two more drawings coming up. I have been a little slow on these interviews but they are coming.

Sistah C

Friday, July 11, 2008

Just Remember...

click photo for more info...

Life has been busy during this B-day month. I have to tell you it has not been uneventful at all! The world continues to unfold and I see things clearer each day which is a very good thing. Mama Ezili Danto is on my mind - the Single Mother with a knife cutting through illusion - protecting what is hers...

Many of my Sistahs have shared with me the challenges they are going through this month and I encourage them (and me, too) to RE-REMEMBER our own power within. To be an advocate for yourself and for the life you want to live. No one is entitled to share your life with you except your children because you brought them into the world...Sometimes as SistahGoddesses we get caught up in the desires and needs of everyone else. It is not selfish to want to take time for yourself - in fact it is needed. It is not crazy to say you want out of a bad marriage, or turn down a "good" job because your soul wants more. In the "end" when you transition from this life it will be YOU and the Great Creator that will go over YOUR life and the meaning it has held for YOU - not for Tom, Dick or Harry. Will the sum total of your life be about other people and what they did or didn't do OR will it be about you living life to its fullest- conscious, open and true?

I have this little paper that I have held onto and it says:

"We believe in the direct revelation of Truth through our intuitive and spiritual nature, and that Anyone may become a revealer of Truth who live in close contact with the indwelling God."

Simply said, You have the power to know your own Truth. You who is in contact with your own Inner Spirit has the right and power to reveal your truth -the only truth for you.

Go forward my Sistahs...

Sistah C

Sunday, July 6, 2008

The Blessings of Mama Earth...

Bitsy baby watermelon...I have about 3 now...

I think I mentioned a couple of months ago that my son and I started a garden. I just don't think it makes sense to not be able to feed yourself if things got hard - plus I LOVE gardening. I think I have a green thumb although I am not sure where I got it from - secretly - my mother has silk flowers everywhere in her house... Anyway, I asked her in May if my son and I could have a small plot in her backyard and to my surprise she said yes. So, my son and I went to work -turning over soil adding more soil- going to the horse farm for manure - taking out rocks. It took a little time to get it together- even my wise friend came over to help.

My son turning over soil in May...

We planted tomato seedlings and a bell pepper seedling and the rest we planted from seed. Wow, to see those seeds pop with sprouts and then to see those tiny sprouts just take off into a full grown plant! I am in awe of Mama Nature. She is sooo generous and so nurturing.

a tiny, itsy bitsy cucumber growing in my garden...

Today, I had my first salad from my garden! I harvested the leaves of the lettuce and they were so beautiful. I am just coming off of a 10day fast and I just loved the ability to go out back and pick my dinner. It was so liberating. I then went to the farmer's market and got some fixins to add because my garden is in a second cycle of production and I have some things and not others.

lettuce greens from my garden...

my first "garden" salad...

I know but I love this tahini dill dressing I made from scratch...yummy...

I took pictures...I am so proud. When I get my own place I plan to have a huge garden -if not a mini farm. I am a green hippie SistahGoddess!!! For the next few weeks I will be eating raw. Today I made some spicy flax seed crackers that I have in the dehydrator right now. I will use those to eat with my guac or nut pate'. Anyway, food, food, is amazing how much I love natural food after a just feels right.

Sistah C

Thursday, June 26, 2008

and This I Share...

I woke up this morning feeling a strange sensation - I was expanding. I could feel that my skin could no longer contain me - it was being pushed and pulled - stretched to its limits. I can feel this light inside of me wanting to burst open and surge free...
Even if I try I can't seem to do what I have done before...I can't seem to walk this path with my feet anymore...I know this path is not rooted in the earth but in the sky...It is as if I have been turning into this bird for longer than I mouth can't even really speak, the words sound weird almost not my own...I find that I wake up singing in the sun...I can't stop until it is fully up in the sky and I have let everyone know...Food no longer stops my hunger for freedom, the promises of a lover's kiss no longer entices me, predictions of the future seem fleeting...because I am changing...I am shifting into something that I was born to be and this "reality"- this thing that people refer to as "life" no longer controls tries to catch me but I have flown away...
Sistah C

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Happy Summer Solstice!

click picture for more information...

Happy Summer Solstice! It is the beginning of summer and a perfect time to reflect on our relationship with nature. This morning I woke up before the sunrise and meditated on my goals for this new cycle. I realized I wanted to do more work on myself -healing many areas of my life. I know that in order to do this I need to take time to myself to reflect, to re-remember who I am and my power.
Under the moon light the other night I met with a powerful group of Sistah Goddesses and I was reminded that I have a divine right to have the life I desire -that I am the only one responsible for the life I lead on this physical plane - when I transition from this physical world and meet MAAT to go over my experiences in this life it will be ultimately ME who has to answer for all that has occurred - the good, the bad, the joyous, the sad... My Sistahs helped me realized that I have the right to speak my word and have it heard ONCE and to MANIFEST with that same word the EXACT experience I DESIRE. I was reminded that Wombyn tend to take care of everyone else before they take care of themselves - we are nurturers AND we also NEED TO NURTURE AND CARE FOR OURSELVES. I have realized lately that some biggest mistakes were made when I placed aside my own true feelings to care for someone else because I was concerned they would be disappointed however I realize that it is even more disappointing to ignore your soul's needs and desires to please someone else...It never works...
So this Summer Solstice is about taking off your shoes and placing your feet firmly upon the earth to connect with that earth power and vision yourself walking the path YOU wish to walk knowing IT IS the path you are destined to walk.
Many Blessings to You on this day!
Sistah C

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Oya's Cleansing Light...

click photo for more info...

I am up early today after a night of Sistah Goddess Oya's cleansing light. She has this way of clearing the air - of bringing clarity to situations that involve change. The storm last night sounded like she was playing a tin drum - waking us up to what is important. Her powerful music turned off the lights and put us soundly to sleep...

This ability for us to heal and change is on the forefront of my mind. I see my own individual opportunity to move forward and I see the collective's desire for change as well. For me, it is to realize that I AM a powerful being with the ability to manifest my deepest desires - the message is for me to TRUST the path that I am know that change requires me to take a chance - to walk what appears to be an unfamiliar path - to only realize it has been the road I have been on for some time...

Collectively, I sense we are in a time when we deeply feel change will help us all AND we will have to let go of the "old" way. I believe what we desire is connection - connection with the Creator, with the Spirit World, with our Ancestors and with each other. How do we get there?

With the era of western thought and philosophy came their concept of time. Suddenly, we were bound to seconds, minutes, hours and days. We begin to believe in aging instead of our own divine immortality. The Ancestors were buried in the ground and forgotten and we spoke to God only on Sundays...This western clock clicks faster now because all that matters is what is new - what is shiny yet of little value...We feel ourselves in a rush to make things better because that clock is in our ear clicking faster and faster...produce more, have more - it never stops AND it WILL stop...

This society is changing whether we recognize it or not. The only insurance I believe we will have is our relationships with each other. All the rest will fall away. Rebuilding relationships - rebuilding trust and respect takes "time" - it takes the ability to connect and stay connected even as our past traumas come is a process I don't believe we can pass over if we want true change.

These are my thoughts on this quiet morning before the sun rises...May you have a beautiful and most powerful day...

Sistah C

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Revolutionaries and Liberators...

Sorry, I have not posted as much lately - it has been pretty busy for me and there are many new doors opening in my life. I feel very grateful to the Spirit World for giving me the opportunity to re-experience love inside of myself and share it with others...

The Ancestors have told me that this new "Turning" - this new cycle that we are entering has its strength in relationships. It is a time for us to really stretch ourselves and begin to practice cooperation and reciprocity now - not later. Live tomorrow as today and today as yesterday. This "Turning" is also about honoring those Ancient Female Spirits and Ancestors that have stood upright, many times "alone" within a silent majority.

All too often the Warrior Mother Spirit is ignored in the fight for liberation of our people. I see countless websites, books, speeches that speak of the greatness of Afrikan men in glorious detail (which is very well deserved...) AND when it comes to the Warrior Mothers there is only a reference to them as "Strong Afrikan Queens" with very little analysis of their lives, their scholarship, their impact on the whole Afrikan community. We need more than honorable mentions...a token few...The Spirits of these Warrior SistahGoddesses stand at the gates with swords in hand ready to infuse us with their spirit of unfailing victory. Will we greet them? Will we bring offerings? Will we converse with them? Seek their advice and guidance? Perhaps, yes...If so, then we must know who they are...

A friend shared this powerful website with me called Suppressed Histories...Below is a video from the author Max Dashu. Check out her website which is also a wealth of information on Rebel Shaman Warrior Women...

Saturday, May 31, 2008

Sistah Nu World Music ...

I had an ear for some world music from Sistahs on the continent. Here are three videos for your enjoyment...(if you get my email you will have to view on my blog. You can mute the music at the bottom of the page.)
Sistah C

Simphiwe Dana from South Afrika


One of my favorites...Zap Mama "Sweet Melodies"

Thursday, May 29, 2008


Last summer I as speaking to my aunt about finding some documentaries on Afrikan traditions and honoring of Ancestors. I had given her a list of films but she could not find any at her university. She did give me a film which starred a friend of hers called Maangamizi. It is an East Afrikan film written by Queenae Taylor Mulvihill.

The story is filmed in Tanzania (one of my favorite places) and tells of two women - one who was born in Tanzania and the other who was born in the rural south in America. Both are brought together by a common Ancestor called Maangamizi - the Ancient One.

The movie stars Barbara O (Yellow Mary in Daughters of the Dust) and Amandina Lihamba (a well known East African Actor/Artist). This film is soooo beautiful and powerful. It gave me a different understanding of our relationship with our Ancestors. It also speaks to the notion that we have a reciprocal relationship with the Ancestor world - the work we do here (prayers, offerings, care of shrines...) helps their world, and their work helps us in our world. I believe it is in the best interest of every Afrikan to learn how to honor and work with your Ancestors. From what I understand not everyone who dies in your family becomes an Ancestor - instead it is a position of honor in the bloodline. Certain traditions even have a process for making sure deceased relatives become Ancestors.

I recommend this film highly. I am not sure how available it is but you can order it from Gris Gris Films

My Birthday Gift To YOU!

For the month of July - my birthday month I plan to do a series of interviews with some powerful SistahGoddesses that I know...It will be my gift to my blog readers (and myself!)...I will interview traditional Priestesses, Mothers, Elders, Midwives, Artists, Writers, Musicians... I am just going to go for it! Also, I will be giving away a Medicine Doll every week in July to one of my blog readers. It is my way of celebrating my life on this planet earth...So, look out for the month of July!!

Sistah C

Monday, May 19, 2008

Moon Salutation

Ok, the moon is finally full today...maybe it will begin to ease up on us a little. Personally, I had a huge day or two of feeling really restless. Over the weekend a classmate (in the middle of a finance lecture) said, "I feel like running around the block. I have so much energy - I need to do something..." And I keep hearing this from various folks who are effected by this moon.

I remembered last night yoga's Moon Salutation. It is real powerful to do these poses while the moon is out...Below is a video I found of the practice (she is doing it a bit faster than I would but you can get the general idea). A favorite yoga teacher of mine taught me this practice at a retreat in California.

Did you know there is an International Association of Black Yoga Teachers?? Click here for their website.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

My Relationship With "God"...

*Pic: My son and I back in the day...isn't he sooo cute! Don't tell him I put this on the blog!

Did I ever mention that I was raised Baptist with a little Holiness on one side of the family? I don't think when you grow up with religion in your household it ever really leaves...I remember when I was at an all Afrikan Buddhist Meditation Retreat I saw people so free from the walls of illusion that they were getting the "holy ghost" right on the cushion! I have seen this same "upliftment" happen in traditional ceremonies as well as storefront churches...A river runs underneath us and its tides -when it hits us right, sends waves of revelation all over us - we tap into that Ancient web that connects us to Spirit -some people call it God - I think of it as the Creative Force.

I use to sing in a choir at a Religious Science Church back in the day... and when we sung a song called "Something Inside So Strong" a wave of energy would hit us and the choir director was no longer in control - we were not in control- our voices would lift up and out! The force carried on the waves of our vocal cords hit the audience like water to a thirsty crowd and the whole place was in tears.

Last night we had a SURPRISE party for my Wise Friend. Do you know his whole family came down from New York including his 94 year old father - who had not left his home for some time because he was confined to his bed! When my wise friend walked into the room and saw one brother , then another sister, another brother, another sister, his mother and then his father - I started to cry...It was so beautiful to see family connecting around such a happy occasion. I thought this is the nectar of life - THIS IS OUR RELATIONSHIP WITH GOD...Sure, going to church is nice, going to ceremonies are uplifting even necessary AND I felt the same JOY and LOVE in my friend's home as we honored this great man...My mother said to me this morning, "You should go to church." Little did she know I went last night.

Are the Gods, the Deities, the Spirits, the Orishas, the Angels outside of us? Are they behind closed doors of Church, Mosque or Shrine? Or Do they walk with us like the skin on our bodies, the thoughts in our heads, the feelings in our hearts?
Much Peace, Light and Love,
Sistah C

*here is Labi Siffre, sing Something Inside So Strong. My Wise Friend and his daughter sang the same song last night - very beautiful!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

An Article Sistahs Must Read...Metaformia

My Sistahs, I have been getting the constant message lately that WE have the power to make powerful shifts in the "reality" of this planet. I will paraphrase a quote from Cree Summer that said, "...the only way to get on this planet is between a woman's legs.." Now, we know that there has been great efforts to birth babies by c-sections and outside of the "medical" reasons we must ask ourselves why??

Sistahs, what if the very tool of our liberation is produced from our wombs every month? Why would we not use it to our benefit? Why is it never spoken of in a positive light? Why is its very presence frowned upon, referred to as dirty, unclean, taboo...?

My brotha Malcolm X would say, "you been hood winked!"

A Sistah friend who is a doctor sent me an article that shows that recent research indicates that menstrual blood contains stem cells! This means those "unused" eggs from our bodies still have life giving power even if they do not become a baby! I read this morning that some African communities believe that if menstrual blood in kept in a clay pot for 9 months it will become a baby...(I will have to research it more to give you the details...)

It is time my Sistahs to look at our bodies learn more about this life giving power we not just give our power away to old worn out patriarchal philosophies that are a strange mixture of our most ancient beliefs with the beliefs of conquerors and destroyers...

I found this article and really a website that is seeking to open up the conversation around the importance, the sacredness of a woman's cycle called Metaformia...
Read it and give me your thoughts...

Menstruating Women/Menstruating Goddesses: Sites of Sacred Power in Kerala, South India, Sangam Era (100-500 CE) to the Present
by Dianne E. Jenett, Ph. D.

Sistah C

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Full Moon In Scorpio...May 19th

Wow, this coming full moon is intense and I found out why. Here are some tidbits I found around the web on different astrology sites...

Lisa Dale Miller

This year we are graced with a second Full Moon in Scorpio, which is part of a grand square with Sun/Venus in Taurus, Saturn in Virgo and Neptune in Aquarius. Accompanying this grand square is an equally demanding Yod with South Node in Leo as the focal planet inconjunct Jupiter in Capricorn and Uranus in Pisces. And you thought the last Scorpio Full Moon was intense? Get ready for the truth to come reigning down on us like a firestorm.

Neptune in Aquarius rules a deep longing for change. It also rules the delusion of change. Open your eyes, your ears and mind. See clearly all the way through to the truth. Reject false claims, plans, and wanna-be leaders who offer the same old wine in a brand new bottle.

Saturn in Virgo rules a strict adherence to tireless, selfless work for the healing of others. And Sun/Venus in Taurus is all about the individual effort each of us puts into making change happen. Jupiter in Capricorn is telling us that conservation of resources can be enlivening and life-affirming, especially if we are willing to give up the old ideas South Node in Leo ideas of instant gratification of desires, and step firmly into the Uranus in Pisces stream of pure conscious awareness. The ordinary is extraordinary if you are willing to be present fully for it.

How much longer can you say it is someone else’s responsibility or feel powerless to change the world? How much more can you blame others for your own condition? How many more times can you call yourself a victim without looking at your own ability to just let go and heal? Yes, Scorpio is tough love incarnate: see it as it is, not as you wish it to be, and then deal with it in as life-supporting a way as possible. We can each in every moment make the choice to be real and responsible for what we output to our loved ones and coworkers and community.

You are being given one more ritual chance this year to release attachment to old pain and arise like a phoenix from the ashes of burned off karma; freed from narcissistic self-obsession and ready to help others heal their own pain. You have the power to change! Visualize yourself as a snake, shedding its dead skin to reveal gleaming new colors. for more click here

From Molly Hall
The full moon in Scorpio instigates fearless soul searching. It brings into focus buried truths about reality, sometimes unsavory, that have been clogging up the psychic system. On a personal level, this might mean unraveling a mystery within yourself that upturns the old way of seeing and doing things. At the collective level, it shines a broad beam on dark fascinations, public obsessions, extremes of behavior, and the like, that have taken hold of society at large.

The gifts of this full Moon in Scorpio may only be fully revealed in solitude, since it takes time to get to those deeper interior levels. However, it also lends itself to intense encounters that resolve underlying patterns at play in relationships. It's not always comfortable or easy to see what's really going on. But when you have the courage to bring a situation out from the shadows, you're in a position to do something about it.

by Dena L. Moore

This Full Moon in Scorpio is an excellent time to make an important choice...will you allow yourself to fall into the trap of external reality and find the mundane world and the wishes of others dominating your life, or will you step forward and decide that you are driving your own chariot? Will you accept responsibility for creating your own life and step firmly onto the path of personal evolution? Taking control of our own thoughts, deeds, and actions will infuse us with inner strength and creative power that can become the driving force behind living a joyful and enriching life. Now is the perfect time to choose your path and create your destiny.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Playing and Loving Summer...

click photo for more info...Trent Chambers/Corbis

I LOVE SUMMER AND SUNSHINE!! It is a time that reminds me to lift my head up out of my work - emerge from my cave and PLAY.

I was one of those kids that was really obedient until I was a teenager and then I went wild. I tried to not let it be a burden on my mother but you know- you slip up when your a teen...I remember my friends and I had IT ALL PLANNED! We loved to go to the club, dance and smoke clove cigarettes - mind you we were only 14 but hey, we thought we were somethang. The "plan" only worked if we could spend the night over a friend's house that had a parent who didn't care what time we got home. I told my mom I was staying at my friend's place overnight and from there we went to the club. See, back in the day, you could go to the club if you were a teen but you just couldn't drink or you were out. I think the laws changed when they started finding teens in situations that were clearly for consenting adults (I won't go into it...). Anyway, we got a ride to the club with an older driving friend and at the end she left us at the club. Guess who was the only one who would answer the phone and come pick us up?? Yes, it was my mother...I must have been on punishment for a while...don't remember clubbing anymore until I was in college...either way I came out ok (I think???)

Playing is not just for kids. Adults need joy, they need to from time to time blurt out something for the heck of it, they need to laugh out loud, kiss someone by surprise (of course someone who wants a kiss from you!) and maybe even tell a joke. Today, make a stranger laugh, smile while your walking down the street, say hello to your neighbor and tell them to have a BEAUTIFUL DAY! Be in your joy with the sun shining in your eyes. Your light could lift someone's mood.
Make sure you play (even if you just skip to the bathroom).
Sistah C
PS. I am thinking of getting a hola hoop...(see video on my blog. If you want to mute my music just go to the bottom and press the stop button)I would love to do this with some Afrikan drum beats...

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Giving Myself a Mother's Day Gift

A piece of my work for sale at my new etsy shop!

I decided to take the plunge...Everyday, I have been pushing myself to get my talents "out there". I find that the more I do the art and then I show it and get responses I began to embody this artist inside me. I have been hiding my talents for years because I believed that I was not all that good or other people were better artist. The truth is that I will always like other artist's work BUT they don't do what I do. I don't need to compare - just be in my flow.
Last week, I made a portfolio site for my graphic design work, Just from doing that I already have a client who saw my work randomly on a search site! My friend Mbali told me last year after her trip to South Afrika that she got a message that I should be working with my art. It was like a spark and suddenly I was making all kinds of things.
A few days ago, a Sistah asked me about my medicine dolls and I realized I have to put myself out there. So, I DID IT. I just finished the first phase of my Etsy shop! Please take a visit, I was called StarMedicineWoman some time ago on my first Vision Quest and since then it has defined a lot of my spiritual work around healing. So, this is my mother's day gift to myself - to announce to the world my service of making ART that HEALS.

Much LoVe to the Mother Spirit in Each of Us!
Happi Mamas Day!
Sistah C

Friday, May 9, 2008

In Honor of Motherhood...

click on images for info...

Here are just a few words, thoughts that I wish to honor all of the Mamas in the world with...Every woman is or has been someone's mama. May we make offerings to all those walking Mama Shrines around us...may we lay flowers and pure water at their feet, fill their bowls with fresh fruit covered with honey and serve them sweet nectars while we dance in the moonlight in honor of their life giving power and eternal sacrifice...
Sistah C

In the house with the tortoise chair
She will give birth to the pearl
To the beautiful feather...
There she sits on the tortoise
Swelling to give us birth
On your way, on your way
Child be on your way to me here
You whom I made new...
--Aztec poem

Imagine a Woman

Imagine a woman who believes it is right and good she is a woman.
A woman who honors her experience and tells her stories.
Who refuses to carry the sins of others within her body and life.

Imagine a woman who trusts and respects herself.
A woman who listens to her needs and desires.
Who meets them with tenderness and grace.

Imagine a woman who acknowledges the past's influence on the present.
A woman who has walked through her past.
Who has healed into the present.

Imagine a woman who authors her own life.
A woman who exerts, initiates, and moves on her own behalf.
Who refuses to surrender except to her truest self and wisest voice.

Imagine a woman who names her own gods.
A woman who imagines the divine in her image and likeness.
Who designs a personal spirituality to inform her daily life.

Imagine a woman in love with her own body.
A woman who believes her body is enough, just as it is.
Who celebrates its rhythms and cycles as an exquisite resource.

Imagine a woman who honors the body of the Goddess in her changing body.
A woman who celebrates the accumulation of her years and her wisdom.
Who refuses to use her life-energy disguising the changes in her body and life.

Imagine a woman who values the women in her life.
A woman who sits in circles of women.
Who is reminded of the truth about herself when she forgets.

Imagine a woman who is interested in her own life.
A woman who embraces her life as teacher, healer, and challenge.
Who is grateful for the ordinary moments of beauty and grace.

Imagine a woman who participates in her own life.
A woman who meets each challenge with creativity.
Who takes action on her own behalf with clarity and strength.

Imagine a woman who has crafted a fully-formed solitude.
A woman who is available to herself.
Who chooses friends and lovers with the capacity to respect her solitude.

Imagine a woman who acknowledges the full range of human emotion.
A woman who expresses her feelings clearly and directly.
Who allows them to pass through her as naturally as the breath.

Imagine a woman who tells the truth.
A woman who trusts her experience of the world and expresses it.
Who refuses to defer to the thoughts, perceptions, and responses of others.

Imagine a woman who follows her creative impulses.
A woman who produces original creations.
Who refuses to color inside someone else’s lines.

Imagine a woman who has relinquished the desire for intellectual safety and approval.
A woman who makes a powerful statement with every action she takes.
Who asserts to herself the right to reorder the world.

Imagine a woman who has grown in knowledge and love of herself.
A woman who has vowed faithfulness to her own life.
Who remains loyal to herself. Regardless.

Imagine yourself as this woman.

“Imagine a Woman” © Patricia Lynn Reilly, 1995
Excerpt: Imagine a Woman in Love with Herself (Conari, 1999)

"...To find the origin,
trace back the manifestations.
When you recognize the children
and find the mother,
you will be free of sorrow."
-The Tao Teh Ching

"How might your life have been different if there had been a place for you, a place of women? A place where other women, somewhat older, had reached out to help you as you rooted yourself in the earth of the ancient feminine... A place where there was a deep understanding of the ways of woman to nurture you in every season of your life. A place of women to help you measure your own help you prepare and know when you were ready."

"A place where, after the fires were lighted, and the drumming, and the silence, you would claim, finally, in your Naming, as you spoke slowly into that silence, that the time had come, full circle, for you, also, to reach out...reach out as younger women entered into that place...reach out to help them prepare as they struck root in that same timeless earth."
- Judith Duerk in Circle of Stones: A Woman's Journey to Herself

Monday, May 5, 2008

Need Help With My Homework!

I got this flag from this online store and it's cute. Click on image to go to

Hey, I would not normally ask but I NEED YOUR HELP! As part of my new life project I have decided I wanted to further pursue my artist endeavors and start a graphic design business. Remember I said I was resourceful - I found a 14 week program with the Women's Initiative of the Small Business Association. This program is great! It leads you the business development process and even puts you in contact with micro-lenders when you graduate. I have really had to step out on my skills lately and do what I have had to do. Starting a business is going to be a big step for me.
Now, I need to do a marketing research survey. It is really short but I need 100 people to fill out my survey!!! Can you all do it?? Please, pretty please!! I hate to beg (well begging isn't too bad...)I won't sell you anything, unless you want me to...
I just need your opinion. It does not matter who you are or where you live. The broader the survey the better. Just click here to take it. Its short and sweet but will only be up until May 8th.
My survey:

Thanks for helping a Sistah out!

My SistahGoddess T-shirts Are Out!
I was just having some fun this weekend and decided to design some t-shirts. Check them out by clicking here. I will come up with more designs soon.

My son's blog...
My son has decided to do his own blog - like mother, like son... He is soooo cute (don't tell him I told you...)The name is Cyber-Kidz He is a computer wiz and has even started to study for the A+ certification. His blog is on computer info, deals, etc... Drop him some comments.

Sistah C

Friday, May 2, 2008

Some Resources for Gardens...

My future garden will look like this...

After some real toil my son and I finally got the garden planted this week! It was like our house was built on a rock quarry! We had to wait for the rains, then shovel, remove rocks and shovel again. My wise friend came over and helped even it all out. Thanks WISE FRIEND!!! A few weeks ago I put an ad on craigslist looking for free top soil and the nicest woman answered from a horse farm with compost. She just gives it away - well, the horses make it all day! We slapped some of that on top the dirt and got a couple of bags of soil from Home D and we were ready.

Now, I remember last year there many varieties of seeds and seedlings. This year is sparse. I did find enough for my little space but I am resourcful. Ever heard the expression, "I make a dollar out of fifteen cents!"...I know somewhere in maybe Santa Cruz, CA there is sweet hippie couple that gives away organic seeds...I know there are people out there who want to see the earth heal and gardens of delight everywhere - so I looked online and I found several addresses for FREE SEEDS:
Winter Sowing
American the Beautiful

Ed Hume Seed Gardens

Also, I found an interesting article that was titled, "How to get "Free" Seeds From Your Grocery Store. The basic premise is that you can sprout some of your dry beans and seeded veggies. You can also take a sprouted potato and bury it for a potato plant. I would check your growing zone to see what would work. I assuming some of our food is not GMO - that might be a big assumption...Here is the article.

It is critical to start growing some food. Get into the practice. Again, if you only live in an apartment try growing in pots or on the rooftop. I remember there was a small space next to my apartment building in Oakland and one day my elderly neighbor turned over the soil and planted us all a garden. He show us a few things and even left us fresh veggies hanging on our doorknobs.

Tip: I remember back in the day would we give my friend's mother our dying plants and the next time we would visit her the plant was growing like it was part of wild rain forest. I finally asked her what she did and she said that she would add egg shells to water and let them soak then use the water on the plants. She also would add the blood from raw meat to water for the plants. It works...Contraindicated for vegans:)

Hope this helps...
Sistah C

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Say It Isn't So!

Picture from: Kwe Ceja Neji artist is Jurema

I am not an economist, really I barely keep my account balanced but I do see trends. I guess I started to realize something was a little funny when the Savings & Loan scandal happened (was that the 80's or 90's??). I then noticed the whole ".com" scenerio of having literal fantasy like companies ran by teens that were worth millions of dollars (are any of those still around??). Then came the whole housing scene. Everybody who was anybody wanted to own property and funny there was almost anyone out there who was willing to give you a loan (that you would never be able to pay back...). Now my friends we have reached that the most edgy frontier of Amerikan capitalist survivor maneuvers -FOOD. This one is a little scary because many of us are ADDICTED TO FOOD.

Yes, we are...and if we sense any kind of shortage we would do ANYTHING - I mean ANYTHING to get some food.
Yes, all the years of MSG, orange #5, natural flavors, artificial flavors, trans fats, and hydrogenated oils have finally come to collect on all the "goodness" they have been giving us. Very similar to drug dealers who give you the "stuff" for free at first and then when you are hooked then it is time to pay. I don't want to contribute to the scare but it is time to wise up while we can...if we can...

My wise friend says,"We have been trying to suckle at dry tit for too long" - to put it bluntly. Time to live wisely, time to see that there is no area in which capitalism won't try to touch. I am not a conspiracy theorist (even though I find it all interesting) - the word is that the investors of failed mortgage scams are now dumping what they can into hedge funds which somehow translates to food markets. COME ON THEY KNOW WE ARE GOING TO BUY FOOD! We may end up riding some bikes but we are going to have some food!

Knowing that CHANGE IS GOOD and we are going to have to ride this we can see a world we really want to see...Sistah C is going to suggest her plan (it isn't the only plan). Here is my thinking and the thinking of some folks I have spoken with lately...

* Take your circle of friends, families and neighbors and start your own gardens. Doesn't matter if you don't have a lot of land - use planter pots or barrels. There is a good book called Square Foot Gardening Plan out who will grow what and form food exchanges with each other. It is pretty easy to grow stuff. I know if you live in the Bay Area there is an Oakland organization (I forget the name, sorry) that will come into your yard and help you build/start a small garden for this very purpose.

*Starting buying in bulk with friends and family. Bulk prices are better and you can stretch you dollar more this way. Take some planning. Research forming food buying clubs or food co-ops.

*Wean yourself and your family off of addictive junk foods. Food really should be functional not for entertainment. Marketing of food has us all use to using food as a reward. Time to get real. If there is an upcoming food shortage that $7 per meal you spent at Micky D's would be better used buying rice, beans, etc... We need to find other ways to celebrate, entertain and console.

*Queen Afua is one of my Sistah Mama Teachers from way back and she would tell you - you don't need flour, rice and all these starchy foods anyway to be healthy. A food shortage is a perfect time to re-evaluate your eating habits and be more sustainable. Lets not go and kill someone over a $40 dollar bag of rice (you know someone will try it), instead of falling for the hooky-doke and giving them the $$ - eat simple. Learn to do this early and it won't be much of a chore and you will have a strange sense of sanity when everyone else is crying over a $50 pizza. Meditate, do yoga, take a walk - make love not hamburgers...

*Ok, you can do this but what about your kids?? I raised my son on veggies and as a teen he eats whatever he wants but if I fix him a salad he eats it. You see it is NATURAL to like fruits and vegetables. If a child doesn't like them it is simply because they are a victim of dull taste buds and tv marketing. Just work it in slowly. Instead of chips for a snack, take some celery sticks, nut butter and raisins - remember "ants on a log". My son and I was just eating this like crazy a week ago. Instead of going to the fast food place buy a blender and make smoothies at home -children love smoothies and they can help too. Lastly, teach them more about helping the planet by not buying GMO foods and contributing to manufactured food shortages.

In my mind there is enough food in the world to feed everyone! When you see people starving in so called "developing nations" it has more to do with the fact that the country has to pay off debts to the IMF by exporting food rather than feeding their own people. I think India said this week they weren't going to play that game! In Haiti, folks are fed up with it, too. People starve and often there is a warehouse full of grain spoiling - this is the way capitalism works - starve your babies but we are going to get paid. Lives are taken over this worthless pieces of paper...Watch the movie Life and Debt and Mens With Guns.

Now is time to start empowering ourselves to take back our lives - to find more meaning - to not be continuous victims of marketing schemes and stock market woes...It is a time to really re-remember what truly matters to us and begin to live that way...Your thoughts on this are appreciated...
Sistah C

Monday, April 21, 2008

Falling In Love Again...

Picture: Selina Fenech
A few mornings ago I woke up feeling sensual - feeling sensations that I would have recalled in the past as sexual...
I am not about to get "freaky" on you but I am trying to describe this feeling. I have not had this feeling before although it felt familiar... It reminded me of an love from a distant past but still it was different. The more I tried to link this feeling to him the more it was not him.
All that day I found this energy that I woke up with made me smile all was very ecstatic. Now I will be honest - I kept wondering if was just me wanting to experience love again. Then it was as if the Ancestors spoke to me in a flash - I heard, "Its is you. This "feeling" is what it is like to be in love with yourself." WOW!!! After hearing for so long that before you can love, you have to love yourself- and INTELLECTUALLY understanding it, I finally knew how it felt. It is not just sexual but it is that feeling of butterflies, satisfaction, excitement, peace and ecstasy all wrapped up in one. The feeling of deep knowingness- of love that is complete. I use to think that this was something I could get from someone else. When that hit came from the Ancestors I knew that I had found TRUE LOVE. It does not have to do with how I look or something superficial - it was more about my final realization of self acceptance....of connection with my cosmic flow...the tapping into the heart energy that is connected to the core light of this earth. It feels beautiful, safe and pure.
Sistah C