Tuesday, October 30, 2007

River Spirits and Bear Medicine...

I have to admit that I follow certain aspects of astrology. Tomorrow ends the aspect of Mercury in Retrograde. Mercury in Retrograde (Oct 11th -Nov 1st-a week before or a week after) is a interesting time for all things concerning communication - no matter what - I repeat NO MATTER WHAT do NOT start anything new during this time-if you do you will find that it will become quite different from what you thought it was going to be. For example, that new relationship you started in the beginning of October... well there is a chance you will end up over promising, giving the wrong signals or the person will turn out to be very different from who you thought they were. It is NEVER a good time to sign a contract - you may realize later you forgot a detail or you mis-read an important clause that will cost you $$$ later. It can also be a time when your phone, computer or cell phone encounter problems. It is not all doom and gloom - it is a VERY GOOD TIME to complete tasks that you have postponed - say you didn't complete a contract you had on the table before the start of Mercury in Retrograde then you can sign it with confidence or that project you put off - time to finish it up.
So today, I just finished off a project that I have been wanting to complete for some time and I feel soooo good. If you want to learn more about Mercury in Retrograde a good site for astrology is http://www.astrologyzone.com

Bear Medicine
I took another lovely walk with friends this morning to the Cascade Nature Reserve. Each time is like a new visit with new things to see. This time we uncovered a waterfall with a cave-like tunnel. If you know Atlanta - it is right off of Cascade around Childress. It was a great time for communing with nature and friends. While walking I found a small glass green bear in the dirt - the size of some of a Native American Zuni Fetish. It goes well with the small piece of Bear skin I got my friend Mbali. Bear Medicine is about awakening the power of your unconscious and is a lunar symbol. Bear teaches us to go in and awaken the potentials inherent to our purpose.

I got some beautiful photos today of the nature preserve and also caught what looks like a riverspirit in one photo -very cool!
Sistah C