Thursday, November 8, 2007

You Can't Keep A Good Woman Down and Other Thoughts...

I think it is divine intervention that the stories of our lives influence the lives of others.I had a strange dream this morning that ended up showing me that part of the lesson of my struggles is to help me to move towards others - to reach out to others for support and in turn give support when it is needed. I sat with two friends this morning talking about the struggle it takes to live your life off the plantation - to trust in your divine given talents as a means of living. Lately, I have had to REALLY TRUST where I am at...even when it seems like I am going to be without a cent to my name - I just keep trusting myself and I just sit down and work. I don't distract myself I just keep focused. I think of it as a energetic reward system -the more work you put in towards your purpose the more you are able to receive the rewards of that work. Some people call if metaphysics or "the secret" - really it is just about believing in yourself - that you are worthy of your divine greatness and that the world can NOT benefit from you playing small - your part in healing of this chaos is SOOOOO IMPORTANT. You can't possibly think that someone else can do YOUR JOB. We are all unique ingredients in the gumbo of life - I don't think we can afford to have anyone sit this out. Yes, this is a pep talk - remember YOU CAN'T KEEP A GOOD SISTAH (OR BROTHA) DOWN! GIVE DESTINY ITS DUE!
Sistah C
Two Spoken Word Clips That Are Speaking To Me...From the movie SLAM