Saturday, December 8, 2007

Ghost of Marriage Past...

I will let you all know I don't celebrate Christmas anymore but I woke up this morning remembering the story of the Christmas Carol. I use to watch several different versions of this film every holiday time when I was young (there must be about 100). The story is about this business man who treats all his workers (and basically everyone) badly - he even makes them work on Christmas (heaven forbid). This man is also very rich but greedy and ugly - so you know he is alone in life. Well, in the story he gets a "second chance" to look at his life by getting visits from three ghosts- one from the past, the present and the future. These ghosts show him how his actions have contributed to his horrible life and also how he has ruined the life of one poor little boy on Christmas. Being that it is hollywood - the man turns over a new leaf - he believes in Christmas and is generous with everyone- giving away his riches, etc...The End.
So, last night I get a visit from the Ghost of Marriage Past. I saw where I made the detour. I sat there and listened, counseled, gave, gave and gave. I gave soooo much of my energy and time that I didn't notice my own goals and aspirations just slipping away. I endured so much disrespect because I was convinced I understood this person's pain and that more of my love, time and energy would help. End the end the ghost pointed to the fact that I just contributed and collaborated with my own oppression. I simply fed the beast and made it bigger.
The ghost took me back farther in time (before getting into this relationship) and I saw myself - really doing good work. Healing, supporting myself, my son, and actualizing my dreams (entering grad school). The ghost pointed to that time and indicated that I needed to recapture that part of myself and move forward. It was my light that attracted the moth that tried to eat holes in my purpose. My lesson has been to protect my purpose, my light, my spirit and move forward.
Live today as tomorrow,
tomorrow as yesterday.
Sistah C
pic: me on the detour...

Sistahs, it has been a while but I use to do this 40-day Prosperity Plan every year. It is a great way to realize financial clarity - using the power of your mind and spirit. On this plan I have cultivated material and spiritual opportunities - I even won some contests. It is not magic but a way to cultivate a right relationship with your divine inheritance and prosperity. I am going to
begin tomorrow and I am SHARING IT WITH YOU!!! - so look at tomorrow's post. If you want to join me then all you need is a journal, a pen and a goal. What is it that you really need (not just want). Spend some time to define it. Do you want a new job or do you want an opportunity to step into your divine right work??? Everyday for 40 days we will do this plan together - here on this blog. Trust me it works and the only investment you need is your time and willingness to step into a powerful place in your life.
Sistah C