Sunday, March 9, 2008

Serious Jet-Lag...Time Changes....Hair

Maasai brothas ready to do my hair...I will post a pic of the finished product later.
Ok, my post have been sparse and I blame it on my jet lag...Since I have got home I have been waking up at 2am just as bright and perky and around 3pm I am ready to turn in for the day...Yesterday, I decided to just be with the time my body wants to honor - so I woke up and just meditated on my life. I have such wonderful feelings of gratitude because I just came from the continent!!! I mean God/Goddess - the sweet beautiful universe made my healing trip possible.
My son and I took the footage of my trip and photos and made a 25 minute movie that I shared with my friends last night. It was my first movie project so I didn't realize it may be a problem to get hosted on the web at that size. I am currently researching websites that will host my movie - if you know of one let me know.
Ok, I have a lot to share with you all but where to begin??? Did I tell you that I had some Maasai brothas do my hair? Yes, in Dar es Salaam I met up with some Maasai brothas that do hair - for a very good price, too! They do these incredible twists - beyond micro. It is like I have a work of art on top of my head!!! I love it! It reminds me of the old me. It did bring back some childhood memories of me fightin' whoever was doing my hair because I AM VERY TENDER HEADED!!!! There was a lot of love and hate comin' from the brothas because I have a thick head of hair and my afro was packed yall!!! They were sayin' stuff in Swahili and I was screamin' in english and Swahili. We worked it out though and I was welcomed into the "tribe" after it was all said and done :)