Thursday, November 6, 2008

Michelle Obama: A Sistah In The House

The last couple of days - if not the last couple of months have been interesting...and I woke this morning with the thought that "Ummmm...a Sistah will be living in the white house...What does that mean?" I have heard and read a lot in the last day or two about the impact of having a black president in office. Some people are amazed and elated - they believe it proves Amerika has finally "melted". Others are wary that this is just trickery and that a black president will be used as the one to usher us into deeper oppression...Personally, I find myself just observing all the reaction. At this time I tend to have more questions than I do solid affirmation of a "change consciousness of Amerika..." I will see...we will see...

I am reminded of the part in the scary movie where the audience thinks the hero has slain the ugly villain but the clue is that you haven't seen the "dead body" to confirm that it is actually true and later on his journey the hero is once again is confronted with a wounded but even more vicious villain. This country was built on the bloody rock of racism and unrelenting oppression - with such a foundation one must be careful about the way we access "change". We should not just use our two eyes but also our third.

What does it mean to have a Sistah in the white house? My friend Christa called on election night and said "Gurl, there are going to be five African women in the white house! Michelle, her mother, her two daughters and Oprah!" We laughed but then THAT IS A LOT OF SISTAH WOMB ENERGY IN ONE HOUSE! It has been said that a woman can change the feeling in a room using the power of her womb! I can't say for sure what type of woman Michelle Obama is but I have read things she has written and listen to her speak and there is a part of me that senses she is present and watchful AND brothas know that when it comes down to it - this is the kind of Sistah your gonna want on your side. A Sistah who is down for you AND who is going to tell you the truth (the "real deal") - one who is going to advise you.

I don't want to go any further with assumptions about who the Obama family is - I think only time will tell. My only wish is that we all continue to fight oppression, demand justice and continue to heal ourselves regardless of who is in the white house...
Sistah C