Monday, February 9, 2009

40 Days of Prosperity Check In

Greetings Sistahs,
I hope you are doing well with the 40-day prosperity plan. A friend wrote me earlier:

It is very important that I say the words (affirmations) no matter what--even if I don't completely internalize them, understand them, or completely believe them.

It is creating the vibration that is important--that is what frees you from lack.

In fact, conscious thinking can be the ultimate deterrent to prosperity.

I agree. I once heard that if your consciousness hears something about 2000 times it will automatically begin to accept it as truth. Maybe it is 2000 or 200 or 20 but the key fact is that repetition whether it is truth or not influences consciousness. Words have power and vibration so saying the affirmation aloud may actually be decoding a deeper message or maybe even breaking through a self imposed limitation.

The key to prosperity work is to just let go and let God do the work. When you get into your car and put the key in the ignition you expect it start. Most of us don't do a 20 point mechanical check each time before we start our car unless we KNOW something is wrong. Imagine prosperity work like that...just use the affirmation to start your prosperity consciousness and let it do the work. Recognize it is YOU who is the vital key - how you work with your world will out picture your success. I have mentioned this before but I love the Ancient Kemetic saying, "Live today as yesterday and tomorrow as today." Live - truly LIVE today fully and present and watch how tomorrow greets you with open arms. Our thoughts fertilize the future...feed what you want to see manifest. Train your mind with meditation to let go of what you can not change and watch how the doors of opportunity fly open.

Lets keep working and reaping our divine inheritance!

I have a wonderful interview with spoken word artist Amaris coming up in a couple of days. This SistahGoddess is most powerful and full of light - so check back in...

Sistah C


Ryan said...

Hi Sistah C,

Great blog and an excellent post. Affirmations have made us who we are today.

The repetition as well as the feeling portion of our statement will make it true in our consciousness.

I like to do perform at least 100 affirmations of my intention statement every day. People may also write out their affirmations. This places even more emphasis on each word.

Once we accept something as true it will eventually manifest. We will "live out" our affirmation.

Thanks for sharing your insight.


Sistah C said...

Hey Ryan,
I really like the idea of speaking an intention statement 100 times. I am sure it becomes almost chant-like and filled with rhythm...
Thanks for sharing your process. I will give this a try.
Sis C