Monday, March 2, 2009

International Women's Month: Black Love in Public

Sistahs, in my meditations this morning I concluded that Greatness is our divine birth rite AND it is in not only our best interest but the world's interest that we live a life that is elevated to that status. There many situations and or environments where the Greatness of Sistahs is not valued - in fact many people are intimidated by a SistahGoddess that knows what she deserves and stands firm in that belief. So this month of honoring of Wombyn all over the world for our tireless efforts keep our children fed, our communities in tack and our connection to Spirit everlasting is very important. Let us use this month to give honor to each other on the personal level - to reach out to each Sistah we know and tell them "I see you. I appreciate you and I love you."

In the SF Bay Area this weekend, SistahGoddess Eboni Senai organized Black Love in Public. This effort was part of the Intimacy Project and she describes the event as:

For ONE hour on ONE day, The Intimacy Project calls upon Black folks in the Bay Area to SHOW their love for one another.

In a city that is slowly rendering Blackness invisible.
In a time that fails to support us as emotional beings.

This is an EXAMPLE to OURSELVES + to OTHERS...
That Black folks are capable of deep + sustained affection towards each other.
That we are able to heal wounds, old + new, starting with the simple act of TOUCH.

I loved this idea!!! I often think that the real war we are fighting has to do with the oppression of our emotions and our ability to truly love each other with heart - Black Love can dissolve any negativity we experience as a people. It is funny that many movements within our community have yet to grasp this as the ultimate tool against oppression. Love of self, Love of other = trust = community.

The FIRST HONOR goes to SistahGoddess Eboni Senai of the Intimacy Project. I see you, I appreciate you and I love you Sistah!


Color Online said...

Yes! Thanks for coming by Color Online. Hope you'll become a regular. Adding your site to our blogroll. Looking to connect and support sister blogs.

We're celebrating WHM, check back regularly for activities and spotlights.

Color Online said...

"Love of self, Love of other = trust = community."

Say it again. Thank you.

Invisible Woman said...

Is there a specific day and time? I can post in on my blog.

Sistah C said...

Hey Invis,
It already happened but who says we can't do it everyday! I am getting ready to interview Sistah Eboni so I will ask her.

Hey Color Online,
I will definitely become a regular and thanks for the support!
Sis C

ChelB said...

Hello Sistah C! I have so many thoughts after reading your posting as far as why atrocities are still being allowed to continue in Africa. Yes, the people who live in the very place where there is tremendous riches are being ravaged day in and day out by a wide variety of horrendous issues. You would think the "Powers That Be" would try to do more to end all of the on-going suffering and death. However, we do realize it is not at all in their best "interests" to do any such thing. I will end my response to your posting with those words.

Sistah C said...

Hey ChelB,
Thank you for bringing the conversation forward. I personally think wars are funded - civil unrest is funded by those who would rather exploit the resources of this nation than pay for them. The leaders are selected and the international community looks the other way so that their citizens can pay thousands upon thousands of dollars for a diamond that cost thousands of lives...The root of capitalism and exploitation runs soooo deep - if we yank it too hard many of us would find that is sitting right underneath our feet.
Thanks again for your commment,
Sis C

ms. bliss honeycomb said...

i look forward to the day when africa ceases to devour herself and turns against her TRUE enemies.

thank you for sharing this truth.

julie mitchell said...

Thanks for all you do for women...all women of every color...awareness is key. Also want to thank you for turning me on to meadiastorm...enlightening to say the least.
namaste, julie

Sistah C said...

I hear you, Ms. Bliss
I keep thinking there is some lesson in this for us...we Afrikan have got to find your heart in this mess...Those of us who are unafraid to face the pain of the past will help us all to move forward (this is my hope).

Thanks Julie for commenting on the blog. Yes, mediastorm is a real treasure - I have to thank my friend Ocean for passing it along...

Lets keep talkin'
Sis C