Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Day 6- WarriorGoddess Energy AND a New Give-A-Way!!!!

(artist, Wambui Elizabeth, click pic for info)

(artist, Wambui Elizabeth, click pic for info)

Greetings Sistahs!
This morning I had to fight- yes, your peace lovin and huggin Goddess had to go Warrior. It happens to us all...I use to just drift like a leaf in the wind on life...I was a REAL go with the flow type but when I got a little older and wiser I realize it is a GOOD thing to Direct the flow of your energy and life. If something is not right or if it feels like a decision is going to impact your life negatively - YOU have got to change it! Sticking your head in the sand or turning a blind eye is just going to leave you BLIND!

I am going to speak briefly about something I notice lately...some Sistahs don't feel like they are worthy to ask for change. The head conversation is something like, "Who am I to ask for ___??" or "They won't ever do that just for me..." YOU ARE WORTHY!!! (say that 2000 times, I AM WORTHY!!!) If you are busting your behind to be at work at 8am and you got children to drop off at school, traffic etc...ask to your boss to rearrange your work schedule. If you can't pay that bill this month, call the folks and rearrange the payment schedule. If something does NOT work for you, BE BOLD and rearrange it! OK, sometimes you may get a "no, we can't do that..." but I double around and ask "well who can I talk to who CAN DO IT?!" My friend said to me, "the person who said no was just not the right person to ask..." Now be legit, don't be half behind. If your issues are motivational then get yourself on track BUT if you are working hard and don't have the hours in the day to make it all fit -REARRANGE IT, RE-WRITE that story you are living. The Universe will cooperate :)!!!

Warrior up Goddess! (I say this to myself,too!)


I got so excited writing about Marilyn last night I forgot to mention that she is giving away a beautiful set of her Elemental Cards to a lucky SistahGoddess subscriber!!! Just subscribe to SistahGoddess blogspot and respond to THIS POST with the answer to this question:

"If your Soul made the choice, what would be your dream career/work?"
The most Soulful answer will win!!! I just love give-aways!!! Winner will be announced January 15th!

Day 6 of 40 Days of Magical Beginnings!!!

I am on day 6 and it feel like I made it over the mountain! My body is ok with just juice, water and veggie broth...I am slimming down too - which is good...I was developing some veggie burger hips LOL!!! I mainly am fasting for Spiritual reasons...I just needed to remove the "clutter" - take away the coffee highs and lows, which leads to weird sleep patterns and just tiredness. I now feel like I have found a balance within and I am able to hear Spirit much better.
The affirmation for today:

6. My inner supply instantly and constantly takes on form and experience according to my needs and desires, and as the Principle of Supply in action, it is impossible for me to have any unfulfilled needs or desires.

Big HUGS!!!!
Sis. C


Soraya said...

I love the question and in-fact my soul showed me my path a long time ago. My soul's desire/passion is working with womyn in all phase's of their goddess developments..I have dedicated my self to being a "womanist"..a supportive/warrioress/advocate. I have gained so much wisdom from them in life and spirit..It's my obligation to return the love!

I am doula and have most of my formal training in Maternal and Child Health spiritual training is ongoing and always leads me to the essence of it all..WOMYN!

My Dream:

I will one day become a midwife - where there is a lack of midwives of color..I will have a collective of doulas/midwives/artist/healers that I help train in our community..this is already underfoot..I will spread love and encourage woymyn of color to be all that they desire..this work will sustain my family, community, and our future generations!


Sistah C said...

How BEAUTIFUL!!! I have always thought that to help welcome our babies into our world is DIVINE WORK.
I have a special connection with children - they are our connection between this world and the Ancestor world. What a beautiful Soul work that has choosen you and you it!
If I ever have another child I am sure I would want the midwife experience!
Thank you for sharing your Soul's Purpose with us!
Sis. C

Lotus of Wadi Arts said...

I love your blog!!!!

Lotus of Wadi Arts said...

My dream is to live this bohemian artistic life that allows me to fly freely between the continents, selling the beautiful works of artisans throughout the diaspora in my many galleries. Of course my galleries will also feature my artwork also! This will be done in a fair trade process where the artisans receive a fair profit so that they can sustain themselves. I also aspire to stimulate the economy in several African countries by employing tailors and seamstresses in the production of my clothing line.
Additionally, I will be an author and illustrator of several children's books (I am working on one now). Also, I will have youth programs that teach culture and healing through the arts. Oh and all this will be accomplished!

Sistah C said...

@Lotus of Wadi,
YOU are definitely my SISTAH!!! I have similar dreams of traveling and buying arts from local folks with the idea of partnerships in mind...I am so blown away by the artists that are emerging in this time - all have this divine purpose and brilliant dream to help people CREATE.
I am so happy we have connected!!! Thank you for your comment!
Sis. C