Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Sistahs, I have been thinking too hard lately! Really, I have been over a few scenarios over and over again trying to figure something out - trying to make a plan - formulate a way AND it is during those moments that something snaps or just comes undone and all of a sudden what was so serious seems to be amusing.

I catch myself in moments being too serious about "what I am going to do" while the present moment is just floating by...Life calls for us to be more than one dimensional. Even the most mundane tasks can invoke symbolism for what can bring us joy...When I find myself in a state of bliss-less-ness, meaning not in state of being drunk with joy- I see where I have missed the mark AND surrender to the fullness of who I AM.

After so many days of structured sacrifice of solid food (a 35 day juice feast), it only seems healthy that I would take another round of days and pursue the consuming of pleasure! I now will partake in unapologetic joy! I realize that people like to do things that bring them joy - that fill their Spirits. I am no different. Yes, I can be serious but perhaps the greatest treasure is in being in my JOY and feeling ALIVE!!!

It is a WONDERFUL time!

Sis. Camara


Devotee of the Divine said...

Life is too serious to be taken too seriously...