Friday, December 31, 2010


Sistahs, just last night my shrine gave me one last lesson to learn for the year of 2010 - responsibility. This year all I can do is give so much thanks to the Mother Spirit for nurturing me, teaching me and helping me to re-remember the SHE in ME. For so long my eyes were clouded with a vision of life that was unnatural to me - I found myself frustrated most of the time because I could not fit into that life no matter how I tried. When I decided to simply let go and be who I AM...At first it felt like isolation but I held on and started to connect with like minded Sistahs who were also feeling the same thing. This whole year has felt like a family reunion to me.

So, the Mother Within spoke to me this morning and what I understood was that the future is here! Now is the time for those of us who have re-remembered to work together. Before any collaboration can take place each of us must make a declaration of responsibility. Sistahs, the man-made world insists on hierarchies -someone above and someone below. In a limited world view only some can be leaders the rest of us must follow. Leadership however is a mechanism within each of us that has to be activated. Why? Each of us has an important part - a unique part to contribute to the transition of this world community. ONE part missing leaves us in imbalance. This imbalance is where we rest now-in limitation. We are LIMITLESS beings dreaming a nightmare of limitation.

When we take responsibility for our uniqueness and yes, our individuality, we see our eternal connection. We are no longer fooled by systems, cults, so-called cultural ideologies that root us in suffering and render us powerless to take dominion in our lives. WE ARE THE BEFORE OF THE BEFORE. Any condition that asks you to uphold another human being as more powerful than you; that asks you to uphold an ideology in which you must submit to group think; that ask you to submit to on group because you are born of an inferior group; that ask you to submit to a limited role; that asks you to kill nature, your emotions, your compassion and your love IS ASKING YOU TO NOT BE IN RESPONSIBILITY. The paradox is that you ARE STILL RESPONSIBLE AS A FOLLOWER.

The move for many wombyn to find their path back to the Divine Feminine is a BEAUTIFUL AND POWERFUL experience. Be careful Sistahs to understand it is not about a new paradigm operating in a man-made world under man-made conditions. The Divine Feminine can NOT exist in man-made containers under such weak limitations. The Mother Within asks us to take responsibility - to walk with an understanding and honoring of this energy. I also get that it asks us to be active in healing ourselves, healing the earth and loving others. USE YOUR POWER FOR GOOD.

I SPEAK MY WORD to serve the Mother Within and take responsibility by being the most POWERFUL and COMPASSIONATE WOMBYN I AM while assisting in providing my own unique skills and gifts to the preparation and completion of world healing.

Happy New Year! May it be BIGGER than you imagine!

Peace and Hugs!!
Sis. Camara


NubianGoddez said...

Beautiful post sista Goddess, I too thought of this new shift where the divine feminine is finally being restored back to her rightful place, as I took my children outside last night to pour libations to the ancestors and came back inside and tended the ancestral shrine, smoked out the house and made a big batch of spiritual bath to remove all blocks and obstacles, from our path. I felt a joy tending to my Goddess altar before turning in, its indeed an exciting time to witness the Goddess manifesting in all her various forms. I also smiled at "use your power for good" I think of those dark Goddess within me that sometimes seek retribution and I realize one must never feel guilty, when the times comes to unleash her, to cage her is destroy self, instead a balance must be sought and she must be given a voice and freedom to express her divine rage, until she is sated.

Sistah Camara said...

Hey Sis NubianGoddez,
Thank you, thank you for your comment! Yes, my son and I spent a good part of the day just cleaning up and reorganizing our home then we sat down in front of the fire and talked a bit about what had took place over the year then wrote down what we wanted to release and let it burn away. We then talked about what we wanted to bring in for this year.
I am grateful you mentioned the Dark Goddess side of ourselves. I feel this is a year to finally find or build that sacred space in which to work with her. She has been suppressed for so long AND working with her IS for the greater GOOD! Some may have to learn between using that energy for growth and expansion versus for poison and destruction...the Dark Mother kills illusion and fights injustice and rages the systems that straggle us AND she loves away those charcoal burnt parts that had to die to reveal what is...She is hungry for us to honor her. Thanks again.
Peace and Hugs