Saturday, October 20, 2007

Being Receptive To The Voice of Our Ancestors

As I meditated this morning the idea of receiving came to mind. Meditation is a process that requires you to recognize when you are in the past, the present and the future. When my mind wonders I simply stop and see where I am -lately I am in the future. I am thinking of that new job I need, or the next bill I have to pay, what I am going to do later on today, how I need to call this person and so on... Sometimes I mix things up with the past - things that were said to me, things that I said, things I have done and so on... The present is a difficult place for me because I have to be still and be comfortable in the silence. I find that it is in this silence that I can receive the messages of my ancestors. We sistahs have some powerful ancestors - they are the family that came before us - some we may know others we may have never met. I have met people who can tell you their family tree ten generations back, I know others who have traced back their family to a community in Afrika. It is said that we stand on the shoulders of our ancestors yet many of us in this society have little knowledge of where we come from. Even if we do not know our Ancestors by name we can feel their presence in our lives - we just have to be receptive. This morning I thought of my ancestors messages competing with my heavy thoughts- critical thoughts - this is why I have to find this quiet middle space call the present to keep me clear. Sistahs by nature we are receivers so it is only logical that we have to cultivate practices that help us to receive only that which is healthy and of our ancestors. Developing this presence of mind helps us to be receptive to the voice of our ancestors - keeping us out of harms way and guiding us to a better day.

Just sharing a part of my process...
BTW, the picture is from artist Mara Friedman

Sistah Camara