Monday, November 19, 2007

Obba Nani, Kebuka! and Family As Community

Yes, this is my weekend wrap up.
I remembered that before my nephew's email on Ezili Danto I had a powerful dream where I was being summoned by OBBA NANI. Let me provide some context - I am not initiated in the traditions of Yoruba or Vodun - in fact I am just becoming aware of these practices. So, I am becoming clear that somewhere in my bloodline there is a connection to my ancestors and these energies. I look forward to learning more when I can. The irony is that OBBA NANI also is a warrior energy - a fierce protector of the family- notice she too carries a blade... One description says:
"Obba is the Orisha of mature relationships, seriousness, stability and high respect. She like Yewa and Oduduwa should not be received by those that lack in respect or are not willing to mature; because Obba will change you the hard way. Obba is a beautiful woman that can change into a warrior suddenly; Chango knows how to fight because she taught him."
If anyone has more information on her I would welcome it. I found interesting information about her on the internet but it is hard to say what is true or not, so I just post an image of her I found and know she is also guiding my process.
ARTIST: Unsure. Email me if you know. Thx.
My son and I share the honor of having Mwalimu and Yaa Mawusi Baruti as teachers. This weekend Mwalimu Baruti presented his presentation on KEBUKA! - a re-remembrance of what our Ancestors experienced during the "Middle Passage". I don't think many of us have taken the time to really conceptualize what it took to enslave us and the attempts to break our spirit- Mwalimu refers to it as the "hellacaust". During his talk he had his students demonstrate the positions in which Afrikans were packed onto slave ships. He debunked the common myths perpetuated by their story like the numbers of Afrikans stolen from the continent during this time -his research indicates that it was well over 60million and even as much as 280 million or more(ie.the whole population of the united states). Can you imagine the devastation experienced by our people and our land. If you can't, then look around you today, you will see that evidence of continued oppression - our children in jail, our babies having babies, the destruction of our families, and the mentacide of a so-called professional class of negros (stalling progress, promoting themselves and forgetfulness). All of this is very real yet some of us are so distracted. I have heard it said that it will come down to those who know and those who don't know. I say it will also come down to those with integrity -those who not only talk but walk. Check out Baba Baruti's website - he has a vast collection of books that will lift the veil, (
I think many of us are thirsting for community -but what is it and how do you cultivate it? I think community is an energy that we develop when we share ourselves authentically, respect one another and listen to each other's dreams. The result may be that we decide to live close to one another, share in the education of our children, share in our resources and share in our skills/talents. This weekend some friends and I made a radical decision-we decided to commit our families to a process of sharing and communing - so we had a family potluck and sleepover. Our children hung out while the adults conversed over tea. We spoke about everything from cooking, to organizing, to New Orleans and the lessons of Katrina. It was the beginning of what I hope to be a nice tradition.


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I think this a good link about many of the Orisha including Obba and how she relates to other mythological Goddesses.