Thursday, November 15, 2007

Sistah Goddess Ezili Danto: Single Mother with a Knife

I believe that for every situation in our lives there is an energy that guides the process. Afrikan people have known for centuries that our relationship with these energies directly influences our relationship with the creator, the earth, our ancestors, our community and ourselves. These energies often called deities/spirits can act on our behalf when issues arise. The relationship however is reciprocal - it requires us to make offerings and give of our own energy to insure balance. This is what I understand so far of the general relationship traditionally one can have with the spirit world.
Yesterday, my nephew emailed me a beautiful writing on Ezili Danto and the Influence of Vodun in the Haitian Revolution. It is said that in 1791 at a ceremony a Vodou priestess became possessed by Ezili Danto. She slit a black pig's throat and those present drank its blood and swore to drive out their French enslavers or die trying. It was said a week later that 1000 French settlers died on their rich plantations - the beginning of the Haitian Revolution.
Ezili Danto's energy manifests as a single mother who is fiercely protective of her children. It is said that she is the protector of single mothers and will provide her help with very little of an offering. Her sacred symbol is the image of a heart pierced with a knife. She is said to like knives - and is familiar with "both sides of the blade."
Ezili Danto's energy is fierce - it came out of time when we had to take a stand- we had to be free - slavery was no longer an option. I feel it is no mistake that now in my life she has shown up. I believe that she has been giving me strength to overcome my abusive relationship and move on. I think she gives me the courage and wisdom to remember my true self not an image someone has tried to place upon me. She has help reveal all the places where secrets were hidden so that I could see my relationship for what it really was...
Often, too often, I hear the stories of women leaving abusive situations with just the clothes on the back or divorces leaving women financially devastated. Yet somehow they rise up out of the experience with their dignity - perhaps this is blessings of Ezili Danto...
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Artist:Hersza Barjon
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