Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Sistah Goddess OYA: Winds of Change

Yes, my sistahs things are stirrin'. I remember my first encounter with OYA- it was the beginning of this year on New Years. She looked at me sternly and said, "You are very happy with yourself...This new thing you have...remember what is up must come down!" With that she dismissed me. I knew she spoke of change...sudden, deep transitions in my life - and here I am.
I hear that Oya energy is referred to as the winds of change. One source says: "Using her machete, or sword of truth, she cuts through stagnation and clears the way for new growth. She does what needs to be done. She is the wild woman, the force of change; lightning, fire, tornadoes, earthquakes and storms of all kinds are ruled by Oya."
I would definitely say that this energy moved me out of a place of in-action - whether I wanted to move or not. I imagine that when you think you can sit quietly on the fence- this energy makes it impossible for you to just sit there and do nothing. It requires you to do what is right or to be made to.
Oya blew into this blog today...maybe not only to remind me of her prophecy but as a message to others...

Sistah C


Anonymous said...

ase' very true sistar !