Monday, December 3, 2007

Sistah Protest Racism By Setting Self on Fire...

UPDATE: Now I find out that this story is about 3 years old...if that is so...we have to see the suppression of this story was deliberate...

Sistah Goddess Maggy Delvaux-Muf set herself on fire recently in a public marketplace in Belgium to protest racism. I think this says a lot about the pain of oppression- a pain that many of us have become numb to...In a world where we all are taught to make nice, forgive and forget - there has to be a moment where one just gets fed up! I am not sure what the whole story is about Sistah Maggy Delvaux-Muf... the news says she was of Congolese descent and has three children and a husband. It was even said that her husband was with her when she did it. It was also said she called the press to cover her protest. Last I heard she is fighting for her life in a hospital. I don't think the story quite made it over the ocean here...although, I think there was a story on this year's best buys for stocking stuffers on world news tonite...

Let us pray for all the brave Sistahs who
know in their hearts and in their wombs
things have got to change...
Let us pray for the restoration of the
the female spirit that has suffered so
much at the hands of oppression
Let us pray to understand that
racism will never end
by the hand of the oppressor,
Let us know that liars
can not be compelled
to tell the truth
Let the truth begin
within us
Let us seek the warmth
of our Creator, our Ancestors, our Shrines
Let us grow strong
by knowing our purpose
and who we are
Let us return
Let us return
Let us return
Sistah C