Friday, January 11, 2008


Last night I was invited on WRFG radio station to speak about my experiences with domestic violence and a project I have started with two other powerful Sistahs - one an activist/midwife and the other a storyteller/media professional. The project is called Healing From Violence Quilting Project. The project is a collaborative community effort that seeks to break the silence on intimate partner violence in our community. We will introduce the process at this Saturday's Community Assembly on Violence in Atlanta. The project provides 6"x6" quilting squares to people who wish to honor those they have known who are victims and survivors of intimate partner violence (domestic violence). There are three different color squares that communicate the level of violence the person has experienced: red is for a person that has lost their life to intimate partner violence, yellow is for a person currently in violent relationship and green is for a person that is healing from a past experience with intimate partner violence. The Healing From Violence Quilting Project will collect completed quilting squares and sew together the squares with the help of professional quilters. Our hope is that the quilt can travel to various community events and organizations. We are looking for donations of supplies, funds to help with getting the word out and also completed squares from all over the country. If you want to help in anyway please contact me at or send donations (we are not a 501c3 yet) to ART HEALS US, P.O. Box 11021, Atlanta, GA 30310
I also wanted to talk more about my "ministry" that has come to me. I have started a community practice called ART HEALS US - which will provide a safe place for survivors of domestic violence to explore healing and empowerment through art. During my own healing process I have come to realize that ART HEALS - it helped me to open new doors for myself and empower myself to move forward with faith. I re-remembered that my dream in grad school was to work with people using art as a healing modality. The quilting project came out of this dream and so does this community practice I have developed. My first Sistah's Art Circle starts soon and my intention is to be able to offer it for free or a low cost to cover supplies and a space.
So, this is my work - my purpose and I have to say that there was a blessing in all of these challenges that I have experienced which was to realize my DIVINE WORK and to find a process in which to begin my own healing. If you are interested in donating supplies or funds to help Sistahs healing from domestic violence to participate in this art program - please email me at I will launch a website soon for ART HEALS US, in the meantime the address is PO BOX 11021, Atlanta, GA 30331
I am truly grateful for all the supporters that have helped me through (and continue to help me through) this process of self healing. My dedication is help others begin their own healing process so we can heal our families and community.
Sistah C

DAY 34 (write it down, meditate on it and journal your thoughts)
34. Through my consciousness of my Original-Spirit-Self, the Creator within me, as my Source, I draw into my mind and feeling nature the very substance of Spirit. This substance is my supply, thus my consciousness of the Presence the Creator, the Spirit World and my Ancestors within me is my supply.