Tuesday, January 22, 2008


I am sorry about the delay with my art journaling project. I will start on it soon- maybe in a day or two. In the meanwhile, I wanted to let you all know that I got my DIVORCE!!! I AM HAPPY! It has been a long road for me - one of pain and of continued healing. This morning - like in my last post, I realized that the price of "things" is a very small price. I will have to start over but my integrity is in place - I don't think the same can be said the for the other party...My friend drove me to the courthouse this morning and on the way we had to stop for gas. She pulled in back of another car and jumped out to pump the gas. The brothah in the car in front came back and spoke to my friend- she then opened the car door and said, "this man wanted to know if you were a minister. I told him he better talk to you because I don't know- I told him you were very spiritual..." The man looked into the car and I smiled and thanked him but said no. He said, " I just wanted to let you know that I saw a light around you...I also wanted to let you know that whatever you are going through you are blessed by God - it may not seem like things are in your favor but know you are truly blessed." Tears came to my eyes and I told him that he really didn't know how timely his words were. I told him I was on my way to court and he said immediately, "then let us pray." From there he came in the car and my friend was on the other side of him and he prayed for me right then and there - on the spot! I was crying- tears rolling down my face because I knew this was a message. It was a confirmation that I WAS GOING TO BE OK AND THAT THESE SMALL THINGS COULD NEVER DEFINE ME. I AM A DIVINE CHILD OF THE CREATOR, THAT HAS THE FULL BLESSING OF THE SPIRIT WORLD. I soaked that prayer up from this stranger...it was like the universe shifted as he spoke. When he was done- he affirmed to me that I was going to be ok and got in his car and left.
Now tell me- what more did I need to know??? Today (like all days) God/The Creator/Mother/Father had my back! The part I needed to do was to BELIEVE. To walk in that courtroom and sign whatever and KNOW that my son and I was going to be ok. It took faith. I had to ignore the smirks from across the table, the looks of false pride that said "we won" because I knew better...
So, celebrate for me -send me words of encouragement!! I am asking for it! Ain't too proud to ask.

Ok, so I promised to share with you how prosperity consciousness has been working for me and after the 40-days it still continues...A friend called me the other day and told me that she is going to gift me with a trip to a healing retreat in Tanzania !!! Yes, you all - I am going to the MOTHERLAND this February for 17 days. We are going to do a healing climb on Mt. Meru (the Spirit Mountain) which is the second tallest mountain in Tanzania. CAN YOU BELIEVE THIS??? In my wildest dreams I don't think I would have thought that this would happen for me right now - this is why it is important to LET GO AND LET SPIRIT be the force in your life to give you what you need. The fierce generosity of all my friends has been overwhelming - it has confirmed that I am on the right track. I thank everyone for their support. Please know that my work is in dedication to all those generous souls - "those children of the most high" who have lifted me up when I was down. Much Peace and Love.
Sistah C


Invisible Woman said...

That was so very beautiful...it made me cry some tears...

I'm very sorry to hear about your divorce, but as it seems you are leading a charmed, blessed and wonderful life.

Love you!