Tuesday, January 1, 2008


Artist: Seydou Keita

Everything happens for a reason-this is what I have been taught by the lessons of my life. I had a chance to reflect last night on what it was that I wanted to learn from the events for 2007. I went over the good, the challenging and gave thanks for all theses experiences. As I wake this morning I am clear, focused and I have received the following messages for 2008:

The Universal Spirit (often called God) is the only power in my life. No person, place, condition has any power over me other than this ALL KNOWING ENERGY.

Everyday before getting out of bed commit the power of that day to the Universal Spirit (God/Creator, Deities and Ancestors) or commit it to man. It is my choice...

Restore the Afrikan Female Spirit and I will restore myself, my family and my community.

When I started this blog I had just left an abusive marriage that not only impacted me but my son as well. At first I didn't intend for the blog to process my experiences but I found myself on that path. Every time I wanted to be silent about my experiences Spirit kept saying, "Put it out there. Somebody needs to hear this..." As I wrote about my feelings others would share with me through emails how they had been through or are going through the same things. I realized that my suffering was not unique, that Sistahs all over the planet are being treated badly and it is as if the rest of the world is silent and indifferent. I found myself posting not only about the challenges but about the victories, not only about the sadness but also about the fight. Another morning Spirit whispered again and said, "Your work, your purpose is around THE RESTORATION OF THE AFRIKAN FEMALE SPIRIT." I thought this was a tall order. I was not sure right away what this meant. I have been meditating on it for some time now and I am now clear. My purpose is to be A LOUD VOICE FOR THE JUST TREATMENT OF AFRIKAN WOMEN THROUGHOUT THE DIASPORA WHO ARE/HAVE BEEN VICTIMS OF VIOLENCE. I have decided that my "voice" is my art work, my healing practice and my organizing skills. As I move forward I will provide more details but I wanted to step out on this purpose and share it.
Peace, Love and Truth Going Forward,
Sistah C

DAY24 (write this in your journal, meditate on it for 15min, journal your thoughts for 5min)
24. Through my consciousness of my Original-Spirit-Self, the Creator within me, as my Source, I draw into my mind and feeling nature the very substance of Spirit. This substance is my supply, thus my consciousness of the Presence the Creator, the Spirit World and my Ancestors within me is my supply.