Friday, February 8, 2008

Princess Mononoke and Nature

There is this beautiful animation film called Princess Mononoke that I highly recommend if you have not seen it. In this Japanese "folktale" it explains that humans and animals use to live in harmony until humans developed a disrespect towards nature. Once humans began to cut down trees and clear the forest animals became enraged and started to attack human beings. The story explains that the animals' rage made them become stupid therefore giving humans the "power" to rule over them. The story is very deep and worth some inquiry about our relationship with nature and ultimately ourselves.
One aspect of the film touches on rage. We all have some rage but it is how we each deal with our rage that differs. If rage is stuffed down and ignored then it could become a cancerous growth, road rage or over eating. I have a friend named Ruth that works with Sistahs on Healing Rage. Her work is fantastic because she does not demonize rage, rather she helps each person explore how they disguise rage and in that exploration there is some resolution of the experiences that produce this intense emotion. Her website is HEALING RAGE.
Yesterday, morning - very early I hear a bird tapping at my window - again Spirit knocking. Later that same morning as I drove down my familiar road, I looked down unto Camp Creek to see a small deer drinking water from the creek. I thought to myself I hope it stays down there and does not come up to this road. Many times I see "road kill" on this street as huge semi-trucks and cars whiz by at 60 to 80mph. I heard back from the universe "the road as well as the predator is part of the deer's experience just as the cool drink of water it receives from the creek. The deer does not cut off its experience because of these things it simply lives and teaches its young to live and honor its nature thus the nature of all things."
Sistah C