Tuesday, February 5, 2008

The Healers

A whisper came to my ear this morning, "it is the healers that will lead the revolution and the warriors will have to learn to heal themselves - this will be the great battle." I got that the last couple of years to the last six months for me has not only called on my warrior energy but it has called on my most ancient healer energy. This time that I have been working in has called in friends that share this aspect - I call them "the healers" because they are forging the new ground of self realization and taking it on as a means of fighting the fiercest war - the war for consciousness.
This is no brick and mortar group with a club house or a logo - they are simply people that I witness in a process - they are wakening up to what matters even if it means reconstructing their idea of who they are or who they need to be.
Some years ago I was blessed see the vision of our new world - it was fantastic! It was quite different from what I thought it would be...what I saw was a great world healing would take place and that it would begin with each one of us realizing truly who we were. Once this happened we would collectively go back to our Mother's womb and heal her. All I can say is that "we" are going to go through a deep transformation - a change that many of us will have difficulty conceptualizing.
It is interesting -my wise friend brought up the word "jihad" (sounds like gee-hawd) - it is often referred to by western media as a group of people(often depicted as Muslim) waging "holy war" but he explained that traditionally the word means to take retreat from worldly pursuits in order to become one with one's self and God. It is the journey to internal reconciliation and peace.
Small groups of people and individuals around the world are tackling the notion of what it will really take to liberate one's self and one's people. I am posting just a few links to who I have found so far...
Work Life Living
I found an interesting series of videos on the African and Indian Columbians and their movement to protect their communities and the earth. Click here.

Ok, I am behind on sharing what I have been doing...I think I am lazy about downloading the photos or something... This week I worked on my cover and the first inside pages of the art journal.

My intro page is starting with a stencil of a bird flying into a spiral. I used watercolor to create a background. Then I stenciled with acrylic paint and used stamps to create a message. I am not done but this is what I have so far...

I thought of adding a clay mask to the front cover - so I took some fimo clay and a mold and made a mask. I then added some "hair" and baked her for about 30 minutes in the oven to dry. When she was cooled I added some yarn to give her more texture. I am thinking this will be a Sistah Goddess Journal of some of my favorite Sistah Goddesses and how they have guided my journey. I am free flowing it all. See my pics. Send me some if you want to share what you have done.

Sistah C