Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Ravaging of Afrika Radio Series and Foreign Policies

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I have resisted (up until now) really commenting on the upcoming elections on this blog. I think it is because I am jaded. I admit it- I simply can't believe the current political process can really satisfy my hunger for justice and truth. I want to encourage hope however...and I support true change.

My wise friend sent me a link yesterday to a 5-part radio series on the Ravaging of Africa. Do you all know that Europe can't even feed itself without Africa? American businesses can't even run without the minerals and resources of Africa. Our continent is the richest source and most vital source of the world's resources yet everywhere you go on the planet the Afrikan is in poverty- why is this??? Do you ever ask yourself why?? It is not because we are "primitive", or that we lack food, education, health, religion - it is because of exploitation. Very deliberate exploitation. Please listen to this radio series and understand that this is not only happening in Africa but in many other countries - there is a method to the madness. It is so entrenched in everything this country does AND we are all a part of it. I think if most of us knew how deep the rabbit hole went our heads would spin right off. I think we need to get clear that this country can't sustain itself on this type of disrespect forever - the earth has a way of cleansing herself and Spirit has a way of balancing things out. It would be wise to spend the rest of your days seeking truth then joining a sinking ship because everyone is on it.


radio series
The Ravaging of Africa


Men With Guns


The Wretched of the Earth by Frantz Fannon

Sistah C


K. Koje said...

You are so right. This has been the case since the time of the Egyptian dynasties. For thousands of years Europeans have plundered Africa. All the wealth of Europe is derived from the plunder of Africa, India and Asia. It is vital to the interests of these nations that Africans remain disorganized, at war, disease ridden, and hopelessly oppressed.