Monday, February 25, 2008

From Zanzibar!!!

Mambo!! (What's Up??)
I know I have not written in a while on this blog but I have been in Tanzania for the last couple of weeks. This IS my healing journey - after a real trail of tears - here I am in my homeland-on the continent!!! I have to give big thanks to everyone that has encouraged and supported me. I love being here.
Okay, this trip started at the crossroads...when we got into Tanzania guess who was there to greet me??? None other than George W. Bush and his crew. After a day and half of travel the plane lands in Kilimanjaro and Air Force One and Two are sitting at the airport. It was like driving up to your grandma's house and seeing two Bentley parked in the driveway - like who the hell is this??? We all laughed and talked about how we came to GET AWAY FROM THE MESS and here he is...We had to wait for 3 hours at the crossroads (literally)outside of the airport for him to pass through and get on his plane - all the roads were closed. I took it as a sign that he was leaving as we were coming in.
We then stayed with Pete and Charlotte O'Neal (the Black Pathers in AFrica). Talk about some cool folks!!! They have this very slammin' artist's compound with beautiful art work and a music studio. They work with youth in the community teaching art,computers, language arts, etc... I know they have a website - which I will have to give to yall later.
Next, I went on the journey to climb Mt. Meru. In case you all did not know - Mt. Meru is a volcano with large peaks. It was once taller than Kilimanjaro before it erupted in 1906. This mountain is the "Mother" - The Ancient One. Let me tell you - it was a deep experience. I did not make it to the peak of the highest peak but I did make it up to 9,000 ft - I was suffering but at the same time it was so beautiful- like another world - above the clouds. I have beautiful pictures taken by my guide -NEWS FLASH!!! THE BROTHAS IN TANZANIA ARE BEAUTIFUL, RESPECTFUL AND PEACEFUL. JUST IN CASE YOU ARE LOOKING FOR THAT!!!
After 4 days on a cold mountain I am now in Zanzibar and it is another beautiful place. We are staying at my friend's Bed and Breakfast with the beach right out front. I think if I lived here I would never leave. They could tell me the world is coming to an end and I would not move from this beautiful place. I met some young little boys who came over on the porch and painted with me. One saw my picture of a mermaid called Mami Wata and he called her Goa(sp?) and pointed to the ocean. Nice to know Mami is everywhere....
This is just a small check-in. I am not on the Internet too often....
Sistah C


K. Koje said...

Believe me! A lot of your fans are greeeeeeen! I was just saying yesterday, God! I need THE BEACH!!!
Have a wonderful stay. Bring me a bottle of sand. LOLOL! Happy for you!