Thursday, March 6, 2008

The Heart of An Afrikan

A picture of the moon setting on Kilimanjaro from the second base camp on Mt.Meru -we were literally above the clouds!!!

Every time I have seen someone who just got back from the continent they have had this glow...I was told yesterday that I have this glow. I feel re-charged - if not different all together. I think it will take me some days to share with you my experiences but the good part is that we have time...
My biggest realization is that there are many ways in which to be an "Afrikan" - we are a varied people. We all make choices that influence the outcome of our lives and the lives of those around us. The message I got was that happiness - true happiness is about being fully present with one's self and one's purpose. No person can MAKE you happy, prosperous or successful - when you put your life into the hands of another person they are bound to fail because that is not their job...they can't do the Master's work.
The Great Creator has given us a purpose and the ability to make choices. Each choice we make (even if it is just deciding to make a left or right) impacts our life. We can choose to make choices that are in alignment with our true nature or we can make the decision to learn a lesson (sometimes over and over again).
For me I have made a choice to be POWERFUL - YES- POWERFUL. I know that I have it inside of me - always had it inside of me to be powerful and great at what ever I choose to do. In the past I thought I could hand off my power to others and I tell you it only served as a lesson that they can't do MY job. I went to sit at the feet of the Master and was told what I needed to hear, I was shown what I needed to see to arrive at the epiphany that being "Afrikan" is ALL IN YOUR HEART. It has never been about the clothes people wear, the name they call themselves, the language they speak, the food they eat, how much or how little they have materially, what religion they call themselves...IT IS ABOUT THE HEART. One of my traveling companions received a venomous bite from a spider on her foot while we where in Zanzibar. The bite hurt so much that she could not really walk on her foot without limping. Do you know as she walked down the village road everyone who saw her inquired about her foot and urged her take it easy, not to walk- "poe-lay, poe-lay" (take it easy, be careful) and then they would say "I am so sorry that has happened". To be present with each other, to have loving, sincere concern is just an example of this type of "heart". It is inside each of us - it does not take special training, or a special membership to a specific group or a certain status. When I went to the mountain top - I went with Muslims, Rastas, Christians, Hindus, Hebrew Israelites, men, women, young people, elders, the sick, the healthy, the wealthy, the not so wealthy AND we all took the journey together...above the clouds looking across at the full moon setting on Kilamanjaro I realized we all shared the same heart. What a beautiful lesson - what wonderful blessing to see things as they truly are...
Sistah C