Monday, March 31, 2008

The Truth Needs No Proof, Either It Is OR It Isn't -Sistah India Arie

I think I will be on a music thang this week. There are some powerful Sistah Goddesses that speak truth through music. My friends come in all ages - and my lil' bro and lil sis gave me a wonderful gift this morning - it was India Arie's cd Testimony. I have to say that I missed this one when it first came out - don't know why - maybe it just was not time for me to hear it until now AND it is so beautiful!!!
Sistah India really upholds the image of the Goddess through her thoughtfully written is as if a your soul is singing to you - talking to you - giving you that pep talk you need to move forward. She is also sooo beautiful and full of light.It is suppose to be that way...We Sistahs are so full of light - we got to finds ways to cultivate our Shelectricity. WE CAN DO WHATEVER, I MEAN WHATEVER WE WANT TO DO! EVERY OUNCE OF US IS SACRED AND BEAUTIFUL!
More Sistah Alchemy
For the rest of this week let music from powerful places uplift you. Let only positive vibrations fill the air of your home, your car and your work space. The music industry knows that music reaches us at the sub-conscious level - this is why they promote music that only stimulates our "root chakra" and while that may have it use from time to time, we really want music that stimulates our universal knowingness - that re-awakens our core light.
Here are a couple of videos from Sistah Goddess India Arie...
Have a beautiful and powerful day.
Sistah C


K. Koje said...

Sistah C: What's up with all this synchronicity? We working from the same play book? I am compiling a collection of performances by beautiful GAHdess Sistahs of Jazz, Rock, Blues & Soul for the Virtual Nation Of African Americans. [ I call you all GAHdesses when you are filled with light and love because all anybody lucky enough to see and experience this can say is GAH! As in GAH-GAH!]

I started with two of my favorites on my own page but then decided I have so many favorites I have to dedicate a whole universe to My wonderful sisters in music.

I believe that somewhere at the beginning of time and space Our Mother Goddess, Happy and surrounded with love and light, Sings all of this into being. The mighty OM/AUM is chanted in C#. Life is music. Check out these images of the GAHdess:

Sistah C said...

Hey Ken,
I called in other Sistahs from the Continent that are powerful-Have you heard of them? Tsehaytu Beraki (Eritrea), Bi Kidude (Zanzibar)and Cheikha Rimitti (Algeria). All are warrior Sistah Singers.
I guess now is the time the universe begins to sing.
Sistah C