Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Black Is So Beautiful: Sistah Navasha Daya

About four or maybe even 5 years ago I had a friend turn me on to this music group from DC called Fertile Ground. Now, I was living in Oakland and everybody who lives in California knows that we get the "word" last. I saw Fertile Ground in this tiny little bar that shared its space with a BBQ joint. Man, it was like having them in your living room! I loved the music and the vibe. Talk about POSITIVE - it infused everyone with a sense of joy. If you don't know Fertile Ground it is time to get a cd! I am really into Seasons Change-right now! The song MORE TO LIFE really defines it all. The singer is Sistah Goddess Navasha Daya - talk about EARTH MAMA GODDESS!!! She commands the stage with her flowing robes, feathers adoring her locs and Warrior Wombyn make up! Her voice is well...hear it for yourself...I have attached two links to my favorite songs
More to Life
Black is...

Check out their MySpace page
What I am talking about is Musical Healing! Buy all of their cds - you will not regret it!! AND if they come to your spot - go check them out. They are about the music so you are most likely NOT going to hear them on your regular radio station - and we know why...
Sistah C