Monday, March 24, 2008


picture: Ochun, MARIA GIULIA ALEMANNO,acrylic on juta canvas, cm 180 x 115,2004,, David Astrof, the gallerist who represents her in North America

Today Is A NEW DAY!!! I got this message in my email from a dear friend this morning.

Who but yourself can truly decide what counts as wealth? Who but you can choose the value of your possessions? Just as the auctioneer places a value of 10 million dollars as the starting bid on the work of a well-known artist; and just as the winning bidder instantly triples the value of that same piece with a winning bid of 30 million dollars, it can be realized that the value of any material possession is up to the possessor of it. That is, you. So then, you have this same right as those proclaimed as the world's richest, to place the value of your own possessions, no matter their content or magnitude, in the billions of dollars, and thus proclaim yourself as among the world's richest. It is just that simple.

This part done, there is even more wealth for you to claim, and this wealth is invaluable. The wealth of your every breath, the wealth of every sense used, the wealth of every moment spent in joy and happiness. The wealth of love and friendship, the wealth of of a healing smile from a stranger. The wealth of hearing about a good deed done anonymously, the wealth of warm sunshine mixed with a fresh breeze. There are countless, continuous moments after moment each day of these riches that we each hold. How much would you be willing to pay for any of this wealth if you had none of it?

We take this most valuable wealth for granted, and make its value worthless. Yet these are the only riches every human wants. We believe that money in the billions are needed to purchase things that will bring us happiness, friendship, sunshine and love. The opposite is true.

As you count yourself among the world's richest because you possess these ultimate of riches: happiness, friendship, sunshine and love, you will nevermore need to hear yourself saying, "I do not have enough," or "I cannot afford it." Then you will know that every material accessory needed to support this truest wealth is already yours.