Saturday, March 22, 2008

The State of The Sistah Goddess Nation Address

Yesterday, a few hours ago I celebrated the birth of the Sistah Goddess Nation. If you didn't know - yesterday, was the day of the FULL MOON - it was the mark of the Spring Equinox. In fact we are still in this Spring Equinox transition. I got the opportunity to be in a two starkly different environments yesterday - one where Sistah Goddess power was affirmed and one where Sistah Goddess power was misunderstood and feared. I went from a room of women loathing their creative power -their ability to make and create life - to a room of Sistah Midwives who live to celebrate all phases of their cycle and who have powerfully stepped into their roles as GIVERS OF LIFE!

I woke up early - very early this morning to this observation that WE TRULY ARE SO POWERFUL! I understand now that this restoration has a lot to do with accepting, loving, giving time to and honoring that which is female. Every ounce of us is beautiful and worthy of honor.

Last night, under a full moon I met with a circle of Sistahs that understood that we are being called to fulfill our purpose - to rise up WITHIN AND RE-CLAIM OUR DIVINE RELATIONSHIP WITH CREATION. Last night one of the women said "we are the only creatures on this earth that can bleed without dying..." In fact our blood - these cycles we have, are the first time keepers - along with the sun, the moon and the stars, women helped define the cycles of life based on the cycles within their bodies.

What if a SISTAH WAS IN LOVE WITH HERSELF? I think you would see a complete shift in our communities, families and really the WORLD. Many of us are scared to be powerful. We duct, we dodge and avoid our Goddess fullness - we do are best to stay invisible and we give all our power away. I was one of those women but Sistah Friends that spell has been broken. The world can't benefit from me playing small - I am important to the healing of this world just like everyone else in this world. If one spoke in the wheel is bent then the wheel can't function. Each one of us is a spoke in the wheel - NO ONE IS DISPOSABLE - NO ONE. By this truth, each of us have a responsibility to reach the stars! 100% of us are needed (sorry, the revolution is not about 5%). So RISE UP Sistah Goddesses -free yourself and get into your flow, get into your creativity, align with the cycles of nature again and embrace your greatness!
It is a NEW DAY!
Sistah C