Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Energizing and Uplifting Green Smoothie

I made the most wonderful green smoothie this morning! It was bursting with flavor and energy. I think on of the major things that needs to be changed about the S.A.D. or Standard American Diet is breakfast. I remember being told Wheaties was the breakfast of champions but really you need fuel to start your day.
Did you know you can add kale (my favorite) to a smoothie and get a great deal of your daily greens -fiber, iron and protein in this delicious shake? I have friends in California who swear by this smoothie. There are various recipes but today I just used what I had in the frig. I am not too sure about using spinach or collards - try it out and let me know. I know it is GREEN but so is the beautiful grass, the velvet-like mountains and money. There must be something good in store for you if you drink green!

3 to 4 leafs of fresh kale-washed
unsweetened coconut flakes (about a tablespoon or more if you want more)
agave nectar (optional - just a dash for extra sweetness.)
1 banana (frozen is nice but not necessary)
half a pear
1/3 cup of juice ( I used orange juice but apple is good, too)

1. Take the leafs off the stem and place them in the blender.
2. add the rest of the ingredients and blend really well.
3. Once blended add a cup of ice and blend again.

Drink up! I know it is good because my son (the fast food lovin' teen drank half of mine, the rest in the blender and asked me to make another one!)
Try this instead of coffee at work and see if your co-workers don't get blinded by your light and energy. My camera is on the blink so I am borrowing picture for now but I will start taking some of my own soon. If you are in need of re-evaluating your way of eating - incorporating natural foods into what you do is a good start. I think the more fresh and natural you go the more you crave the good stuff. Lastly, what helps me to eat healthy is to ask myself each time before I eat "Is this Goddess food? Is this food a proud product of Mama Sistah Earth? Is this food from her womb?
Sistah C


SupremeUltimate said...

Sistah, do you drink such smoothies during your cleansing fast?

Sistah C said...

No, I usually just do fresh fruit and veggie juices. Apple, celery and ginger is a favorite. Some people don't mix fruits and veggie juice but I don't find that it bothers me...
i think this smoothie is more of a every day breakfast smoothie but maybe for a cleanse it would not be bad if you dropped the sugar and used a real ripe banana. What's your take?
Sistah C

Ensayn1 said...

Thanks, I think I could use it during a cleansing fast due to the properties in the kale, but I would drop sugar and use the grade be syrup. I don't think mixing fruits and veggies in the forms of juice should be a problem. Howwver, mixing them in the normal state MAY cause problems since fruits contain natural sugars, may stay in the digestive tract a bit longer than veggies and the sugars could cause the veggies to ferment.

Sistah C said...

Thanks Ensayin. I don't use sugar but sometimes I use agave nector (which is a sweetener from cactus). I find it lighter tasting than honey. You know, when I was raw I would mix fruits and veggies and didn't seem to have a problem. I do think some foods digest quicker than other so that is when a lot of digestive problems occur.
Also, you can vary this smoothie with peaches, watermelon, coconut water, and so on...
Let me know how it goes...
Sistah C

Ensayn1 said...

Thank you Sistah C, I will use this smoothie. As far as mixing fruits and veggies I think we all have to do what works for us individually. I saw Agave nector at Savananda this weekend, I will try it. I am in the middle of a cleansing and have about a week to go so when I eat again I will certainly be straight on veggies and fruit for about the cleansing. Any advice bout cleansings? I am a fruit fanatic anyway...LOL

Sistah C said...

Hey Ensayn,
I have learned over the years that it important to drink lots of water while cleansing to move out those impurities. I also do some sort of exercise even if it is just a walk. I also recommend hydro therapy of some sort - colonic or enema. I believe there is a lot of impacted waste in our systems and we may need to help our body along with this process. Some people don't believe in this practice but I in my experience it is essential to the cleansing process. You can seek professional services from a colonic therapist or do it yourself. Lastly, I consider it a sacred time (as all times) - your much more sensitive to your environment because you are not using food to dull your senses. It is a good time to choose your environment wisely, meditate and vision.
Good Luck!
Sistah C

Ensayn1 said...

Thank you for the advice it will be taken...I will let you know how I do...feeling great today!

Anonymous said...

I love your blog! Great music here, too. I was just searching for some smoothie pics to illustrate a livejournal post about making them, and I ended up here, and your page is just shining with positive energy, thanks a lot!
I'm smiling right now :)