Saturday, April 12, 2008

Live Food Recipe: Nut Pate'

Image: not my recipe but click on it to go the site with this recipe.

Slammin' Nut Pate'
If you are like me there are times when you need a little something heavier than veggies and fruit (not while fasting or cleansing). I use to always make this nut pate' when I needed just a little more protein and wanted something savory. Nut pate' is very easy to make, in fact I think this took me 10 minutes tops! I am not including a soaking time, but if you just soak your nuts overnight or in the morning, it all works out. You can use a variety of nuts for pates. I find sunflower seeds and walnuts tend to be less expensive than almonds and other nuts. Always USE RAW UNCOOKED NUTS not cooked or roasted. The MUST DO is SOAKING YOUR NUTS. Imagine the nut is a seed and in order for it to take sprout it must first be activated - this were soaking comes in. If you don't soak your nuts then it simply is not awake and consider a "raw food" but not a "living food". Some people have nut and tree nut allergies so it is best to ask people before you introduce them to this delicious treat. I eat nut pate with my salad (like others would eat a scoop of chicken salad or tuna). You can also eat it with flax seed crackers or wrap it in a huge green cabbage leaf and top with sprouts, ketchup, mustard and you have a raw living veggie burger! There are so many options...from wraps to burgers.

PLEASE NOTE: The big rule for fixing living raw food is hygiene - you must wash your hands well before and during meal prep because you not cooking away any bacteria that is picked up along the way. I would not use a cutting board you have used to prep meat to prep raw veggies - it is best to keep those things separate.

Soak a half cup of sunflower seeds for a couple of hours or overnight.
1/2 cup of walnut (do not soak)
1/4 cup of fine minced purple onion
1/4 cup of fine shredded carrot
1/4 cup celery
pinch of garlic powder
Eden Shake (from Whole Foods - Japanese food section)
pinch of sea salt or noma shoyu
1 teaspoon of lemon juice or more...
sprinkle of paprika
sprinkle of creole seasoning
sprinkle of basil and any other spice you like ie. cayenne, oregano, etc..

Take soaked nuts and walnuts and add them to a food processor. Add spices, noma shoyu or salt and lemon juice. Process on high until you have a nut mixture that has the consistency of pate (or tuna salad look). Place the nut base in a big mixing bowl with enough room to add additional ingredients. Next, take your onion, carrot, and celery and chop them finely. You can use your food processor or use a knife for more larger chopped veggies. The raw onion can be strong so you may want to chop them finely or use less. Add your chopped veggies to the nut base. With your clean hands knead the veggies into the nut base.
You will see this turns into a salad quickly. Take a spoon and taste it. Add more spices to get the taste you want. You can add Eden shake and some dulse flakes (a seaweed) to make it taste more like a veggie tuna or you could add other seasoning the type of taste you want. I have added liquid smoke (just a dash) to make it taste like burgers. You could also add sun dried tomatoes and olives with italian spices for another take on the recipe. Be creative.
Your done! This pate will last a week maybe more in a closed container in the fridge.


Anonymous said...

Great recipe. I've made it 4 times. Even my 3 year old likes it. He thinks its tuna fish.

Sistah Camara said...

Yes, it does taste like a "better" tuna, lol! Children luv raw food! Thanks for your comment!