Friday, April 4, 2008

"Time To Stand Up and Get Off Our Bended Knees": SistahGoddess Kelly "LOVE" Jones

Hey Yall, I have been a little buzzay but here is another SistahGoddess Songstress that I just love to listen to...Kelly Love Jones. When I first moved to Atlanta, I saw her open for Fertile Ground. She has this natural, organic vibration with true inspiration. Unafraid to carry a message in her music and that is really what we need from each other -INSIGHT, not assistance with pulling the wool over our eyes. She is from NO (New Orleans) and now resides in Atlanta. Check her out - buy her cd - you will luv it. Check her mySpace website You can listen to a few of her songs on that site as well. Below is a video of a clip from Kelly "Where Do We Go From Here?"


SupremeUltimate said...

Hi SistahGoddess, Kelly LoveJones is fyah! I saw her when she opened for Mutabaruka it African Djele (I think thats how its spelled), and she was great!