Thursday, May 29, 2008


Last summer I as speaking to my aunt about finding some documentaries on Afrikan traditions and honoring of Ancestors. I had given her a list of films but she could not find any at her university. She did give me a film which starred a friend of hers called Maangamizi. It is an East Afrikan film written by Queenae Taylor Mulvihill.

The story is filmed in Tanzania (one of my favorite places) and tells of two women - one who was born in Tanzania and the other who was born in the rural south in America. Both are brought together by a common Ancestor called Maangamizi - the Ancient One.

The movie stars Barbara O (Yellow Mary in Daughters of the Dust) and Amandina Lihamba (a well known East African Actor/Artist). This film is soooo beautiful and powerful. It gave me a different understanding of our relationship with our Ancestors. It also speaks to the notion that we have a reciprocal relationship with the Ancestor world - the work we do here (prayers, offerings, care of shrines...) helps their world, and their work helps us in our world. I believe it is in the best interest of every Afrikan to learn how to honor and work with your Ancestors. From what I understand not everyone who dies in your family becomes an Ancestor - instead it is a position of honor in the bloodline. Certain traditions even have a process for making sure deceased relatives become Ancestors.

I recommend this film highly. I am not sure how available it is but you can order it from Gris Gris Films

My Birthday Gift To YOU!

For the month of July - my birthday month I plan to do a series of interviews with some powerful SistahGoddesses that I know...It will be my gift to my blog readers (and myself!)...I will interview traditional Priestesses, Mothers, Elders, Midwives, Artists, Writers, Musicians... I am just going to go for it! Also, I will be giving away a Medicine Doll every week in July to one of my blog readers. It is my way of celebrating my life on this planet earth...So, look out for the month of July!!

Sistah C


Ensayn1 said...

I will appreciate this I am a July baby as well, so thank you!

Sistah C said...

We are truly visionaries us July folk! Happy Early Earth Day to You!!!

TruEssence said...

I have been lurking on your site for sometime now. My birthday is in July as well. I look forward to reading your interviews and posts in July!