Saturday, May 17, 2008

An Article Sistahs Must Read...Metaformia

My Sistahs, I have been getting the constant message lately that WE have the power to make powerful shifts in the "reality" of this planet. I will paraphrase a quote from Cree Summer that said, "...the only way to get on this planet is between a woman's legs.." Now, we know that there has been great efforts to birth babies by c-sections and outside of the "medical" reasons we must ask ourselves why??

Sistahs, what if the very tool of our liberation is produced from our wombs every month? Why would we not use it to our benefit? Why is it never spoken of in a positive light? Why is its very presence frowned upon, referred to as dirty, unclean, taboo...?

My brotha Malcolm X would say, "you been hood winked!"

A Sistah friend who is a doctor sent me an article that shows that recent research indicates that menstrual blood contains stem cells! This means those "unused" eggs from our bodies still have life giving power even if they do not become a baby! I read this morning that some African communities believe that if menstrual blood in kept in a clay pot for 9 months it will become a baby...(I will have to research it more to give you the details...)

It is time my Sistahs to look at our bodies learn more about this life giving power we not just give our power away to old worn out patriarchal philosophies that are a strange mixture of our most ancient beliefs with the beliefs of conquerors and destroyers...

I found this article and really a website that is seeking to open up the conversation around the importance, the sacredness of a woman's cycle called Metaformia...
Read it and give me your thoughts...

Menstruating Women/Menstruating Goddesses: Sites of Sacred Power in Kerala, South India, Sangam Era (100-500 CE) to the Present
by Dianne E. Jenett, Ph. D.

Sistah C


Anonymous said...

Yes! and this is another important point about the traditions in which a cycle "taboo" are practiced. It doesn't signify an uncleanness as you may have been brought up to think. The woman's female organs is her "bosom keseE" her big shrine, through which life and other gifts pour - also. Precisely because of the sheer power of the woman and the power she possesses overall - during the time of her cycle she particularly powerful. Actually she is producing / flowing the thing that feeds the shrines who have the taboo. She is powerful indeed and must be treated as the shrines are - as an active / living shrine. However one must also know that various shrines do not all accompany the same space at the same time. That is also taboo. So the restriction on cycling women is to not infringe on what has been explained to me to be the integrity of the shrine itself - as one can affect change in the other. Also, just as shrines with the wrong intentions are put to sleep - they are powerful but cannot be managed at that time or dealt with directly. The same goes for the woman who when cycling is particularly powerful where she should not even mention the name of the shrine with that taboo - knowing that she could very easily impact the integrity of the shrine itself - I hope that that is clear.... I think that this is a WONDERFUL topic and many need to be enlightened with more knowledge of their ancestral wisdom and the truth being a lot of the masks of improperly coined "male dominated" systems and traditions.