Saturday, May 10, 2008

Giving Myself a Mother's Day Gift

A piece of my work for sale at my new etsy shop!

I decided to take the plunge...Everyday, I have been pushing myself to get my talents "out there". I find that the more I do the art and then I show it and get responses I began to embody this artist inside me. I have been hiding my talents for years because I believed that I was not all that good or other people were better artist. The truth is that I will always like other artist's work BUT they don't do what I do. I don't need to compare - just be in my flow.
Last week, I made a portfolio site for my graphic design work, Just from doing that I already have a client who saw my work randomly on a search site! My friend Mbali told me last year after her trip to South Afrika that she got a message that I should be working with my art. It was like a spark and suddenly I was making all kinds of things.
A few days ago, a Sistah asked me about my medicine dolls and I realized I have to put myself out there. So, I DID IT. I just finished the first phase of my Etsy shop! Please take a visit, I was called StarMedicineWoman some time ago on my first Vision Quest and since then it has defined a lot of my spiritual work around healing. So, this is my mother's day gift to myself - to announce to the world my service of making ART that HEALS.

Much LoVe to the Mother Spirit in Each of Us!
Happi Mamas Day!
Sistah C