Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Playing and Loving Summer...

click photo for more info...Trent Chambers/Corbis

I LOVE SUMMER AND SUNSHINE!! It is a time that reminds me to lift my head up out of my work - emerge from my cave and PLAY.

I was one of those kids that was really obedient until I was a teenager and then I went wild. I tried to not let it be a burden on my mother but you know- you slip up when your a teen...I remember my friends and I had IT ALL PLANNED! We loved to go to the club, dance and smoke clove cigarettes - mind you we were only 14 but hey, we thought we were somethang. The "plan" only worked if we could spend the night over a friend's house that had a parent who didn't care what time we got home. I told my mom I was staying at my friend's place overnight and from there we went to the club. See, back in the day, you could go to the club if you were a teen but you just couldn't drink or you were out. I think the laws changed when they started finding teens in situations that were clearly for consenting adults (I won't go into it...). Anyway, we got a ride to the club with an older driving friend and at the end she left us at the club. Guess who was the only one who would answer the phone and come pick us up?? Yes, it was my mother...I must have been on punishment for a while...don't remember clubbing anymore until I was in college...either way I came out ok (I think???)

Playing is not just for kids. Adults need joy, they need to from time to time blurt out something for the heck of it, they need to laugh out loud, kiss someone by surprise (of course someone who wants a kiss from you!) and maybe even tell a joke. Today, make a stranger laugh, smile while your walking down the street, say hello to your neighbor and tell them to have a BEAUTIFUL DAY! Be in your joy with the sun shining in your eyes. Your light could lift someone's mood.
Make sure you play (even if you just skip to the bathroom).
Sistah C
PS. I am thinking of getting a hola hoop...(see video on my blog. If you want to mute my music just go to the bottom and press the stop button)I would love to do this with some Afrikan drum beats...