Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Ruth King Discusses the Wisdom of Rage...

I had an opportunity to interview with Ruth King, MA a couple of weeks ago. In this important interview King discusses how to work with the volatile energy of rage and find the inherent wisdom in healing this misunderstood emotion. To listen to the interview CLICK HERE (a player will be available soon).

I remember meeting Ruth King at an African American Meditation Retreat some years ago. In our conversation Ruth explained to me that she worked with women and rage. I thought it was interesting but I told her, "I don't have rage -anger, yes but not rage..." She encouraged me to give one of her workshops a try and from there I was on a journey to learn how to cultivate and use this often misunderstood emotion.

I have always felt there was a legacy of rage that ran generations deep in both sides of my family. It has lead to addiction, illness and abuse. I think this rage stems from my very first ancestors that were stolen from their land. Not only where they striped from there homeland but their cultural structure, spiritual practices and everyday way of life. I am very proud to be from a people that have survived the greatest attempt of genocide on the planet AND we continue to survive. I do have a concern that we have never fully healed from the crime of nature committed against us...When chattel slavery "ended" there was no time taken to discuss the long term effects of being enslaved - we just continued on AND we had to...so what happens to years - generations of stolen babies, multiple rapes, murders, families broken apart, apartheid - where do those emotions that accompanied those experiences go? Painful legacies need attention, they need to be understood and in that understanding we can gain knowledge and wisdom.

Ruth King's work helps us gain insight to the human condition that is effected by rage. Rage is powerful and like all powerful energies it can be used for good or not - we can use it without understanding or we can find its wisdom and use its energy for our best benefit.

Ruth King, MA, is a respected voice on women and rage and has devoted her life to strategies that transform rage. A July 2007 O Magazine Nugget, King works with negative emotions in positive ways, and author of the best seller Healing Rage—Women Making Inner Peace Possible and the audio CD Soothing the Inner Flames of Rage--Meditations that Educate the Heart & Transform the Mind. King weaves 20+ years in psychology, leadership development, shamanism, metaphysics, systems theory, meditation, and teachings from wisdom traditions to lecture, coach, and facilitate retreats that transform the emotional body and mind. Her website is www.healingrage.com

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Sistah C