Sunday, October 5, 2008

Living Fibroid Free!

Living a Fibroid Free Life!

In my work with women and their families, I find that living wholistically is a primary goal for most women for themselves and their families. And women with Fibroids should make this a top priority for their health, especially, if they want to heal naturally. In my work with women with Fibroids, I find that this is a dis-ease of toxins and removing the toxins helps to relieve the symptoms , eventually helping to remove the Fibroids , naturally. It has happened for many, many women. It can happen for you.

Just start. You don’t have to do all of this at once, just do one thing for a week, then add another. There are no failures, because you can always begin again.

10 Womb Tips to Avoid Uterine Fibroids

1.Eat as clean as you can, meaning Organic. The sprays used on fruits & veggies are derived from Petroleum (Gas) and are toxic. Eating organic reduces the load of toxins that are in your body, and that increases the size of the fibroids. If you eat dairy & eggs, they should be free-range or organic.

2. Reduce Stress. Stress also increases the size and number of fibroids.

3.Remove toxic people from your Life. Yes, that could mean your husband, boyfriend, momma or daddy, if they are creating stress for you, which in turn, are growing the fibroids, this is part of your healing. Its’ difficult, but much easier than surgery.

4.Eliminate or reduce meat in your diet. All meat contains growth hormones and this in turn increases the growth of the fibroids. Especially, fast-food meat, the average age of the chickens served at fast-food restaurants is only 28 days old, but has been “Super-sized” with growth hormones. Eating broiled Salmon once a week is fine after you have detoxed your system.

5.Kleanze Your System. Increase your BM’s , to assist in loosening & removing mucus & toxins. Parasite Kleanzing is paramount, because parasites have been a significant problem within the issue of fibroids.

6.Use Affirmations generously. Tell yourself who you really are, regularly.


8.Don’t worry, be Happy! Go ahead & Live Your Life.

9.Use a Womb & Uterine Kleanzing tonic, like The Herb Lady’s Fibroid Free! It is a life-enhancing tonic that reduces the bleeding, restores your nerves and builds your blood & iron reserves, while also kleanzing your womb.

10.Use a support group to keep your healing going strong, like The Fibroid Free! Support Network that meets weekly on the telephone, just call
(724) 444-7444 at 9pm, class code 42692, every Tuesday night.

Herbal Love,
Eshe Riviears
The Herb Lady
“Your Personal Herbalist”